BREAKING NEWS: Texas continues to protect unborn Texans. NOT BREAKING NEWS: Not one piece of prolife legislation passed into law in the last 40+ years is perfect. Not one.

Since the passing of Roe in 1973, prolifers are doing what the abolitionists did in the 1800’s for slavery, untie the knot that the federal government tied up TIGHT. It took a war to dignify and free enslaved people. But today we believe that some of the new abolitionists are not true abolitionists, just anti-incrementalists. It took over 200 years to free the slaves with abolitionism. Remember that slavery AND abortion was alive and well in England before they landed in the New World and was considered ‘common law’.  KEEPLIFELEGAL

Prolife Texas Legislators are trying to untie the knot of abortion in Texas, and they are winning. Texas is one of the few states that will do what they say and stand by it. While in Texas in 2013 during the Wendy Davis debacle, we learned that prolifers in Texas stand tall and fights like a man to end abortion.

While listening to the debate at the Texas statehouse yesterday, we were appalled at the excuses the proabort Democrats give to continue the slaughter. Using pregnant minor girls and judicial bypass was deplorable, at the very least, just to keep abortion legal in the state of Texas. One legislator actually had the guts to say that abortionists and judges have the right to free speech to keep important information about the unborn baby away from these girls so that they will abort. Texas Senator Matt Schaefer [Tyler, R] posted this yesterday about a minor caught up in judicial bypass:

“When I was 17 years old, I found out I was pregnant. I was scared and thought abortion was the only solution. I contacted Planned Parenthood, and they provided me with a lawyer who was so pro-abortion that she frightened me. She told me that keeping the baby would endanger the baby because I am too young to take care of ‘it.’ She gave me a written out speech that she told me to memorize on the way to court and then recite to the judge word for word for him to sign for my abortion…All in all, the abortion through the court was too easy—only one trip to the court, then back to the clinic. No less than 2 hours and one phone call. I want this to be stopped. I want women of all ages to feel that they have a choice to have their baby.” -Current Baylor College Student. 

Did Prolife Texas Legislators restrict teen abortion? NO…instead, legislators gave parenting rights back to the parents and spared the unborn children’s lives at the same time, hundreds of babies per year: “Victoria Republican Rep. Geanie Morrison said her measure is intended to improve protection of the minor girl and ensure that parental rights are protected.” That’s called a win-win.

As parents and grandparents of Texans, a great bigt Thank You to prolife legislators for your continued work to save lives and protect families.

It’s still an incredible thing to hear proabort legislators clearly and methodically throw unborn life under the bus, ‘exceptions’ treated like collateral damage. Thousands of unborn babies are dying EVERY DAY in the United States, proabort legislators are still trying to keep unborn baby killing legal. No dignity or freedom for unborn human life. Changing laws help, but will it take a war to free them?

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