Just the impression that Russians are crowdfunding war makes the implication far more insidious than we can imagine; we have to wonder if this could happen to fund war crimes against Americans. Now, back in the day, ‘crowdfunding’ was called ‘militia’ and helped to separate us from Britain rule:

“These organizations are part of an online campaign that is brazenly raising money for the war in eastern Ukraine, using common tactics that have at least tacit support from the government of President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia.” Read the rest here.

KEEPLIFELEGALIs radical Islam crowdfunding here in the United States to continue persecution, beheadings, and other terrorist activities? Considering much of what happened on September 11th was planned and executed here, we have to wonder with the insurgence of ‘refugees’ just how much is going on right now to continue terrorism in America.

Crowdfunding for abortions is our own homegrown terrorism targeting the weakest and most innocent of our population. Then, should crowdfunding for abortions during the abortion wars any lesser a crime than radical Islam and Nazi Germany’s own war crimes?

Although, our taxes do pay for targeting a certain sect of people, unborn people, to be euthanized, targeted those considered less than worthy and much less important than their own mothers.

When a government or sect of people determines who is worthy of life and who isn’t, that is not democracy in action or choice – it is terrorism. A new militia called the prolife movement, who is not funded by the government or crowdsourcing, is the new 3%. The new prolife militia doesn’t have guns, we are armed with the TRUTH.

The abortion wars are funded by Americans and the government, much like other military conflicts, whether we like it or not. Our greatest failure as the greatest country is silently murdering the unborn here and around the world.

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