The song says “It is well with my soul”. It is sung by a dying woman. She may have only days or hours to live because of cancer. She is a mother, a wife, a woman of God. And yet, she is dying. I wonder what she would do for one more day.

Maybe just one more surgery would be the cure. Or just one more chemo. Pray. And pray some more.

One more day. JUST ONE MORE DAY, imagine struggling for just one more day. Every day in America, the unborn struggle for just one more day.

Is cancer just a part of life? NO. Neither is abortion. Both are a scourge, both takes a life, but one mother didn’t bother to give life a chance while the other mother would give the entire world for just one more day of LIFE.

Imagine being that tiny baby not knowing that any day, any HOUR, your life will be over. The only thing that can save this tiny life is changing the mind of the mother. If that tiny baby can’t change the mother’s mind, then…who can?

We advocate for unborn children, much like how a court gives children an advocate for them, to be their voice. Prolife sidewalk counselors and advocates speak for the innocent voiceless children who were not given the choice of life or death.

If I could give just one more day for a dying mom, I would. And if I can give an unborn child just one more day, I will.

Be an advocate for the unborn. You may be the only voice that can save their lives.

EXPOSING THE ABORTION AGENDA FROM THE PULPIT, ON THE SIDEWALK & IN THE STATEHOUSE. KeepLifeLegal advocates for unborn life on the sidewalks of abortion facilities, the steps of the Statehouse, and the Church with prayer, community outreach, and real LIFE supporting options. 

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