This time, Trump has it right. If Roe was struck down and brought back to the states – and it should – abortionists and women who abort could be criminals, depending on the law of that state, subject to whatever penalties are in place. And I, a post-abortive Christian woman, completely AGREES with this. Aren’t all other criminals subject to the law?

KEEPLIFELEGALreceiptTed Cruz said, “prolife…not simply about the unborn child; it’s also about the mother — and creating a culture that respects her and embraces life.” Mr. Cruz, Roe and politicians are loving her all the way to the abortionist. The culture of death has been cultivated with the manure of exceptions and elitism since the 1960’s. Our desire, as women, is to be respected and loved before pregnancy which would prevent abortion rather than regulate it. On the sidewalk we can respect the person but not the crime. True prolifers do not respect a person’s choice to kill another human at any stage of life. Abortion is murder. We respect the life in the womb who has no voice, we respect wounded women – but women should be better than abortion and it’s agenda. 

Should the punishment fit the crime? When the law changes and abortion is made illegal, all parties involved with an abortion death should be prosecuted as any other criminal would for their crime. 

Abortionists, women and men and every coercer should be held responsible for the premeditated murder of the unborn child, otherwise we have to apologize to every murderer in every prison across the United States. Regulating abortion hurts women, kills the unborn, creates a crime that goes unpunished and ignored…for now.

This time, Trump got it right. If the punishment fit the crime, abortion would end TODAY.

EXPOSING THE ABORTION AGENDA FROM THE PULPIT, ON THE SIDEWALK, THE MEDIA & IN THE STATEHOUSE. KeepLifeLegal advocates for unborn life on the sidewalks of abortion facilities, the steps of the Statehouse, and the Church with prayer, community outreach, and real LIFE supporting options. 

3 thoughts on “If Illegal Abortion Would Be a CRIME, Part 1

  1. If something is “illegal” and you do it anyway it becomes a crime and it is punishable by US Law

  2. An analogy here could be that of illegal drugs being sold and used in the US. The drug pusher gets a more severe punishment in court than the individual drug user that was not selling drugs. The abortionist ought to get a more serious punishment than a woman having an abortion. But, the woman ought to have some penalty imposed upon her.

    Who is more guilty – the one who gives the order to murder or the one who carries out the murder? In war, when war crimes are committed, there are those who ordered such crimes to be committed and there are those who committed them (following immoral orders). Both are guilty.

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