Victims of Abortion is a series of articles targeting the reasons why women kill their unborn children, the lie of ‘reproductive justice’, and post-abortive reflection. Abortion is not healthcare -abortion kills unborn children.

[Part 1] The Sacrificial Lamb

On occasion, a note will be left at the sidewalk by proaborts telling us how awful we are for respecting and protecting the lives of the unborn scheduled to die. But once in a great while we will see one left by a mom. It was written on half a page of notebook paper, it read:

[Name of her aborted child*], noteatthedeathpit

I came here today to remember you. Your [sic] almost 2! I love and miss you everyday ❤ Your [sic] now my angel. Please watch over your brother & I, today I take my final exam so be w/me! It took alot to be here but I miss you dearly. I’ll never forget you baby!

Mommy & [name of born child*]
Love you

When I first read this, I thought about how many of us go to cemeteries to be alone with a loved one who has died, leaving notes, flowers and little gifts. You get the feeling of being somewhat ethereal, alone with God where you think you can’t be judged or scorned or hated. We use our dead loved ones as a shoulder to cry on. However, cemeteries are just a resting place that the dead go to after our eternal home has whisked us away. No one is really there, just memories of a former time, good or bad.

When women are post-abortive, they go back to the scene of the crime, where a murder took place. The dead are not in marked graves but were whisked away in red bio-hazard tubs for incineration. Our need to be accepted is greater than the choices we make. We want fulfillment and achievement, participation trophies and public accolades, Instagram and Facebook likes. But even that only goes so far. And many times, an unborn child has to suffer the consequences of his/her own mother’s life. This note never said she was sorry for killing her unborn child, written haphazardly on a scrap of paper.

Abortion is a crime against humanity. Abortion took the life of a human being. And every abortion is a sacrificial lamb, a person slain for another’s agenda, a life not worthy of living.

*Names intentionally left blank by this writer.

EXPOSING THE ABORTION AGENDA FROM THE PULPIT, ON THE SIDEWALK, THE MEDIA & IN THE STATEHOUSE: “Once I realized that my abortion was a tragedy and not an accomplishment, I was able to discern correctly that abortion is, indeed, MURDER.” ~ Rev. Katherine, post-abortive minister, counselor, AMERICAN.

YOU can contribute to KeepLifeLegal by simply going to the sidewalk, praying, voting for and supporting prolife candidates.

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