I already knew this, it’s common knowledge. You see, where I’m from, Illinois is referredpexels-photo-327415.jpeg to as the ‘east side’. In the 70’s when Roe was just a youngster, it was Illinois that killed bigger babies further into the pregnancy. I remember my mother threatening me with the ‘Hope’ Clinic for Women. HCW was then, and is now, a butcher shop. Also noted that Illinois Medicaid will pay for your late-term abortion which means tax payers PAY, not the mom.

A December state report says more than 4,500 women crossed into Illinois to terminate a pregnancy in 2016. The report shows that’s an increase from just over 3,200 abortions provided to out-of-state women in the previous year. [read the rest here]

Illinois has been an abortion destination for the last 45 years because adjoining states have better laws protecting unborn children. And now it’s suddenly news. This has abortion agenda all over it.

Nice going, Illinois. Besides having to ‘own’ the Obama debacle, home to RABID liberal progressives, Chicago a murder capital, over 38K abortions in the latest IDPH  report, and now an abortion destination.

Next door in Missouri, St. Louis has tried to make the city an abortion sanctuary city. Read more about that here.


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