Some of the best sales people I’ve ever seen are proaborts. And by the way, I used to sell cars.

I mean SERIOUSLY….a ‘clump of cells’? But it still works, moms going into abortion mills still bark that back to sidewalk counselors. SO SAD.

Actually, what’s so sad and pitiful is the ignorance and utter stupidity of people with pink hats and a heart of hate to make asinine statements that are total LIES.

So, when NARAL denies science to promote lies about what real health centers are, they have thoroughly embarrassed themselves. Literally EVERYBODY knows that abortion is NOT healthcare, that prolife health centers SAVES LIVES, so science WINS.

And what’s really pretty funny about NARAL’s little tantrum about prolife health centers is that CPC’s NEVER pretended to be abortion mills or abortion minded. BUT abortion mills typically use generic terms to blend into the community and the medical community. So then…WHO’S THE LIAR?

Proaborts think they choose their words wisely, but the truth is everyone is onto them. EVERYONE knows the abortion INDUSTRY kills unborn children for lots of MONEY, tosses the pieces of dead children into biohazard tubs that ends up in a landfill…or their freezer…or their trunk.

Expose TRUTH, Abortion KILLS. Every single time.

Dear Proabort Advocacy: Your war on words is ‘deplorable’.




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