Civil Rights “leader” John Lewis did not believe in civil rights for unborn people. Since his civil rights “legacy”, nearly 20 MILLION unborn black people were not protected from abortionists. If civil rights leaders won’t protect the rights of the smallest of us, how can we trust them to protect the rights rest of us? Because according to civil rights history, they will not.

Who are these hypocritical African-American elites, professors, actors, celebrities, personalities, rappers, “mega-”preachers, and activists? They see “institutional racism,” “systemic oppression,” and now “micro-aggression” in everything and everyone, yet refuse to see the calculated, systematic, and industrial scale genocide underway against their kin and kind?” Read the rest HERE.

THIRTY times John Lewis voted against the unborn, here is partial list:

  • 1993 he voted FOR the Fetal Tissue Research bill and the Hyde Amendment
  • 1995 & 1996 & 1997 & 2000 he voted AGAINST the Partial Birth Abortion Ban
  • 2015 he voted AGAINST Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

You can see John Lewis’s voting record HERE.

Rep. Lewis is idolized as a social justice icon. The height of hypocrisy is a man who built his iconic image on social justice but willfully aids and abets the genocidal campaign of abortion against his people. Rep. John Lewis is willing to get arrested to stop atrocities thousands of miles away yet shows no interest in stopping the wholesale slaughter of Black babies in his community. Read the rest HERE.

We can’t see how Rep. Lewis did not know that black women abort their children 4 times more than caucasian women, many times multiple abortive. The hypocrisy of it all is overwhelming.

The most dangerous place in America is in the womb.



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