Ms. Ragsdale has not been quiet about her beliefs, particularly “abortion is a blessing” and has been actively supporting abortionists for over 35 years. She has driven minor girls to abortion appointments behind their parent’s back and without apology. We wonder how many pedophiles and child sex traffickers she has enabled in her many years of abortion philanthropy.

And this is a Christian? How can one discern a Christian woman any longer when the benchmark this low? This is a social justice gospel, and would be apparent that Jesus was not needed as a sacrifice for sins, just a prop to soothe the sensitive seeker into the grand doors.

While researching this project, we could not find any Position Papers or the like regarding abortion and the Episcopal Church, but we did find this: “In 1994, the 71st General Convention of the Episcopal Church reaffirmed that all human life is sacred from its inception until death and that all abortion is regarded as having a tragic dimension. “While we acknowledge that in this country it is the legal right of every woman to have a medically safe abortion,” the resolution stated, “as Christians we believe strongly that if this right is exercised, it should be used only in extreme situations. We emphatically oppose abortion as a means of birth control, family planning, sex selection, or any reason of mere convenience.” Please refer to the first paragraph.

Emphatically oppose abortion? Have they met Ms. Ragsdale? The “extreme situation” is their true stance on abortion – even to minor girls – and the Episcopal priest herself:

“The Rev. Katherine Ragsdale, a member of RCRC’s (Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice) Council of Governors, welcomed the gathering with assurances that the religious community is behind them. “You can’t sustain a movement on outrage,” she said. “We are here to support the [abortion] providers, politicians, women and activists, and let them know that we respect them for their work and their commitment.” Ragsdale, an Episcopal priest, added that a punk rock concert was held in Washington April 24 to enlist young people in the movement.”

Since our original research regarding Abortion and the Church, Ms. Ragsdale went on to bigger and better things with the blessing of her denomination:

The “Very” Rev. Dr. Katherine Hancock Ragsdale, an Episcopal priest, is the President & CEO of the National Abortion Federation (NAF). Rev. Ragsdale was the Interim President and CEO of NAF from September 2018 – October 2019. Prior to joining NAF, she was the President and Dean of Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, MA, and Senior Fellow at the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations. Prior to assuming the presidency of EDS, Ragsdale was Executive Director of Political Research associates and Vicar of St. David’s Episcopal Church in Pepperell, MA. After leaving EDS, Ragsdale served as Managing Partner at RNL Associates LLC. [NAF]

“Using the word ‘baby’ is a manipulative lie…..a fetus is not a baby”, and she goes on to call the baby a ‘proleptic hope’. See the rest in the video below.

Friends, the Episcopal Church has not denounced Ms. Ragsdale’s unhinged, radical abortion stance. How much more can the Church endure when there is no Jesus, no accountability, no love for all human people? 

Words are important. Manipulation of them when discussing the humanity of unborn life is criminal. 

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