DESPICABLE. For a bit I couldn’t speak or think. But this. How underhanded and disgusting that the left wing conspirators would tell people that “…a new push to ‘Save the Children’ isn’t as innocent as it sounds.” So now finding abducted children is bad? Protecting our kids from traffickers is BAD???

What we are seeing here is the left and their cowering pet, the media, has decided that Save the Children rallies is now a ploy by ‘Trumpsters’ to push conspiracy theories? WHY DO THEY WANT YOU to take your eyes off child sex trafficking? A recent sting found 39 missing and exploited children. Should the police just hand back those kids because of conspiracy theories? Should we overlook the obvious, that right now hundreds of children are missing in my state RIGHT NOW? But don’t have those rallies to bring awareness of this, it might be a QAnon conspiracy. Unreal.

Brandy Zachariah, director of sex trafficking prevention nonprofit Out of Darkness Ohio…..said she has taken a guarded approach to the events, though, many of which have been planned and orchestrated by QAnon supporters or sympathizers. As a result, the rallies have served as fertile ground for jumping the far-right conspiracy theory, which is built around the false premise that President Donald Trump is pitched in a secret battle against a shadowy cabal of Democratic pedophiles, from the internet into the real world.

The media believes YOU ARE STUPID. Just to give you an idea of who is protecting pedophiles, the ‘writer’ of the article writes for Columbus Alive, a well known pro-abortion anti-Christian Trump hating rag. It is unsettling that the Columbus Dispatch would knowingly allow this type of ‘journalism’. See a mix of it here.

The timing is suspicious, at the very least, with Epstein’s death and Maxwell’s arrest opening up what all elitists knew, the ‘island’ was a place for the rich and rampant pedophilia. And is the ‘island’ the tip of the child trafficking iceberg?

“Advocating for children is obviously not a bad thing … but the unexpected downstream consequences can be pretty dire if you have people who are suddenly inclined to be sympathetic to the most dangerous, destructive, anti-science information that circulates within these same QAnon circles,” said Phillips, pointing to COVID-19 denials and deep, violent strains of anti-Semitism that are baked into the conspiracy. “It’s sort of ‘buy one get the rest.’ You don’t just engage with one element of the QAnon narrative; it’s an overarching, sort of wraparound way of seeing the world. So if you’re inclined to think, ‘Well, this piece of the narrative makes sense,’ it’s not unreasonable to think that some people might be more inclined to take seriously the other elements that are demonstrably dangerous.” Read the rest here.

The media is telling YOU to NOT support finding children held against their will. Just let that sink in for a bit.

NBC boasts: “The scene in Spokane was just one of many rallies planned on Facebook by QAnon supporters or sympathizers that have brought the conspiracy theory offline and into the town squares of dozens of cities in recent weeks. On Saturday, more than 200 “Save the Children” events are scheduled to take place across the country, organized by a constellation of individuals and newly formed groups, according to an NBC News analysis of Facebook events.” Read the rest here.

DEAR MAINSTREAM MEDIA: You are literally telling people to not care about abducted exploited children. You will be held accountable for protecting their captors and rapists because of your hatred of President Trump. Your so-called ‘fact checkers’ are derailing a surge in finding our kids and putting their kidnappers in prison for their crimes. Now, we all know that doesn’t fit your HATE TRUMP narrative, but those of us with a brain and heart and love will not rest until criminals LIKE YOU are bound and thrown in prison with their captors and the johns that paid for them, regardless of who they are. Remember, pedophiles keep abortionists in business.

Will this pathetic Trump hating rhetoric keep YOU from saving exploited children from their captors?

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