The local abortion mill got a new abortionist recently. His ‘clinical expertise’ is Complex/Advanced Family Planning, Race and Gender-based Healthcare, and of course LGBTQ Health. Keith Reisinger-Kindle is also on faculty at Wright State University. The reason why that is important is because Martin Haskell [Women’s Med] needs the variance through Wright State Physicians for hospital admitting privileges. None of the abortionists at this mill can get privileges and has to use this ‘variance’ in order to stay in business. Dirty politics, I know.

Reisinger-Kindle has been at Martin Haskell’s late term mill since mid October. Interestingly, last week he was diagnosed with COVID which means that all of the women getting abortions AND the staff was in contact with him while infected. The mill DID NOT close for disinfection.

SHUT DOWN THIS MILL. It has broken all protocols, laws, and mandates for years. And now a covid infected abortionist isn’t enough to shut this mill down for AT LEAST disinfection and deep cleaning? Restaurants CLOSE when a worker is infected. WalMart CLOSES when employees are infected. Why does abortion get a pass during a pandemic when CLEARLY unborn people killing is not essential or morally acceptable?

Abortion is never essential. Covid breeding abortion mills, NOT essential. Abortion is an evil soulless monster that has ZERO interest in the health of others.

Abortion gets a pass. But not for long.

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