Yes. Because prolife is not anti-abortion. If you ask churches and their pastors they will say they are prolife because they help feed the poor, give aid the homeless, helps with foster kids and adoptions, helps in times of natural disasters, ALL OF WHICH they say is ‘prolife’, and it is. However, those same churches are never anti-abortion. Ever. It is their opinion that they care about born people while all we care about is the unborn, which is not true, but their narrative is being heard from the pulpit of evangelical churches. Anti-abortion must be pretty scary stuff for the pastorate and congregation when you so glibly admonish the works of people saving innocent people from murder. Born people used to be unborn, so the stupidity that keeping people from being born for other born people is insanity.

Confusing? Then, is the Church prolife or anti-abortion? What about the pastor? Do you really know where he or she stands on a topic that can purposely put another person’s life in crosshairs? Is abortion murder every time? Do pastors justify murder to placate their own miserable decisions? Some self-proclaimed ‘prolife’ pastors says abortion is murder except when the mother’s life is in danger. Then the abortion wouldn’t be murder if you believe it saved the life of the mom? Abortion isn’t murder when it offends your personal sensibilities and life? Some same pastors would also say that abortion ‘at will’ is evil. Huh.

Pretty typical of the Church, though. Prolife until it gets personal, never anti-abortion. Do as I say, not as I do. If they take the Bible out of context to protect baby killing, then do they do the same with the Gospel? Search the Scriptures, you will know them by their works [Matthew 7:15-20]. How can you trust a church that does not protect the most innocent?

Any Pastor or Christian that believes in any exceptions are acting AS God. They stray from any biblical truth which is dangerous and prideful, even if without proper teaching, “…although I was formerly a blasphemer, a persecutor, and an insolent man; but I obtained mercy because I did it ignorantly in unbelief,” [1Tim 1:13]. Of course we want to let the Pastor/Church/Christian know that even in their ignorance of anything, the scriptures should always be searched diligently to have the correct answer to any question. It is quite clear that this Pastor is protecting the sin of abortion because of an abortion he has intimate knowledge of. No one can be that vehement of something without being privy to it. 

First, any doctor making a woman choose between her child and her life is NOT a doctor at all AND cannot be proven to save the mom’s life anyway. Second, there is literally no way to prove it. The child always dies in that scenario because they have the choice to kill. So take abortion off the table, pretend it never existed. Your pregnant wife cannot be told to choose her life over her child’s; rather, the doctor would go to work saving the life of the mom AND child. Period. Because there wasn’t any other CHOICE.

But now the Church is involved. And just one Pastor can use the exceptions excuse to kill and suddenly the door is open wide to his congregation that abortion is okay. Any exception to any rule leads people in the direction of the exception. And lest we forget, exceptions make that person and pastor AS God, rather than letting God BE God. 

Pastors should remember that a child martyred for the mother’s life – or anyone else – still goes through a heinous death of their skull being crushed, arms and legs being torn off, and their tiny, beating heart left to stop beating on a cold stainless steel table…and their final resting place in an incinerator or being dumped in a landfill. 

One thought on “Are Prolife Pastors Prolife?

  1. That type of wrong think began under Cardinal Bernadin and his social justice ‘seamless garment’ nonsense. Unfortunately the Catholic church has led the way on this rubbish. The Catholic Church has been infiltrated by deep state socialists, commies, and NWO globalists.

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