It sure doesn’t look like there is a two party system anymore. Democrats have evolved into a new monster that eats their own young and kills their seniors while conservatives wonder if there ever was a Republican Party. It is nearly indiscernible. So the next logical step is to create yet another third party. But would it really work?

I think I’d bet all the money that Trump would not start a third party because he knows well enough that it never works. Trump is a business man. Never forget that.

While we agree we have to ‘drain the swamp’, it is also important to remember that it was Ross Perot as a third party who literally handed the election to Bill Clinton WHICH gave us Hillary for the foreseeable future. So the third party did not work then and may never work unless Democrats splinter off into other sects to run for office. It’s not that it isn’t doable, I mean they are that narcissistic. The ‘third party’ scenario can round up real conservatives to primary the swamp dwellers, or Dems can use the same system to force their socialistic agenda away from old line Democrats. It would be quite the chess match.

But can it work? Maybe. Someday. But like Donald Trump said over and over, we have to drain the swamp, primary the OG, making LEGAL voting great again and NOT stack the deck for stealing elections. At one time we would have said that’s what happened in ’08 and ’12, but the truth is that the very worst of swamp dwellers won the Republican Party in those years which put us in the situation we are in NOW.

There is nothing wrong with starting up the Patriot Party, but we would suggest to them and any leftover Tea Partyers to HELP US PRIMARY WITH REAL CONSERVATIVES for Republican nominations in all races and stand behind them. THEN you will see if elections have been bought and paid for.

Dan Bongino gave these five points to consider:

  1. If you can’t take over the GOP, what makes you think you can successfully build a new party?
  2. you win by ADDING people, not subtracting them
  3. What make you think the party will stay pure?
  4. It all revolves around Trump
  5. It means giving the Democrats complete control for YEARS.

RIGHT NOW Big Tech is ruling WHO you see and hear, how you react, IF you can react. We were kept from just commenting on ANY news source until after the inauguration. But what big tech didn’t realize is they told us with their little blackout that what we say MATTERS and INFLUENCES others. I don’t know about you, but it made us ever STRONGER.

Stop pretending there is no deep state. In fact I would submit that there is more behind even that. Do your due diligence. Do NOT trust everything you see. 2022 is not that far away. Some are predicting a LANDSLIDE to stand up to the fake president, his handlers, and the swamp.

And by the way, there is NO provision in the 25th Amendment for senile or ‘sick’ presidents to forcibly step down. But you have to wonder if that might change soon? Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein, Biden and the rest of the octogenarian Trump haters may not be well enough to serve for even the next four years. The so-called ‘squad’ may just make that happen.

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