We saw a post yesterday regarding ministry leaders taking the covid vaccine. Also note they do preach a prolife message at their church. In part, their post regarding the vax said: “…the choice as to whether or not to take the vaccine is personal. If you decide not to take it because of concerns about how the vaccine was produced or how quickly it was made available, that decision is yours to make.”

WOW. It did not sound like it made one bit of difference to them if aborted people are involved in “how the vaccine was produced.”

Why would anyone claiming to be PROLIFE take a vaccine that has or may have aborted fetal cell lines in it or used to test it? One argument says that the aborted person was from the 70’s or 80’s. THAT is NOT an argument but a justification.

So ask yourself, if you believe in the argument above, if the aborted person were 50 years old or 5 minutes old, is that a reasonable justification for the vaccine and using cells derived from an aborted person AT ALL? If the vaccine was using aborted fetal cell lines for any reason, they are creating NEW CELLS from an aborted person from decades ago. Does that sound reasonable to you?

It is saddening and maddening that anyone would say they are prolife [and particularly in ministry] would justify this inane argument.

There isn’t any conundrum. If you are anti-abortion and/or prolife, using the cells from any aborted person is wrong. Period.

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2 thoughts on “Prolife Conundrum of Covid (and other) Vaccines

  1. I’ve had this same discussion with one ‘prolife’ person I know. She used the same horrible excuse that the abortion happened so long ago. As if that negates the fact that that little human being was murdered. You’re right – it’s a weak, twisted justification not an argument. This woman also said that the Church (Catholic) gave ‘permission’ to take the vaccine for the ‘greater good.’ Disgusting. All this for a virus with over a 99% survival rate. What’s the real agenda here?

  2. The Pope did say that which upset my catholic prolife friends greatly. They won’t be taking the vax, either. My opinion is that the agenda is to keep us in submission until at least 2024. Scared, quiet, compliant…NOT.

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