So here’s the thing about Harry and Meghan

WOW. Everyone is dumping on Meghan, and THEY SHOULD. But what about Harry? This poor guy.

I believe Harry is sincere. He saw how his own father and the media treated his mother, and factored into her death. I see his love for his wife and children, wanting to protect them when no one came to the aid of his mother. Truth be told, I totally blame Charles for being an abysmal husband, cheating with other women, and not standing up for his wife EVER.

But Meghan. COME ON. Does she not have the internet? I mean, who on this planet Earth did not know about how Diana was treated? LITERALLY everyone. But the royals being the royals, no one wanted to own up to it at all, except Harry. Why Harry? Because he would not have ever been King if he stayed in England. Harry could go rogue and do what he pleased. Meghan knew everything.

I suppose actually living it really shocked her into reality. She would never drive a car, go to the park with her children, or eat at a sidewalk cafe without the media up her nose. Being an ‘actress’, you would think that the exposure would please her. But it was BAD press that brought down the hypocritical duchess.

I say FINE, do whatever. Please, get on with your life, Meghan. I promise, we won’t bother you. But did you have to drag the media you hated into this public hatred of the monarchy and then EXPECT respect? Especially with Oprah. I mean seriously, an interesting choice there.

Meghan knew about royal protocol. Do you really think Harry himself did not speak to her about this?

If Meghan is okay with creating this huge rift with her husband’s family, GREAT. But do we really need to see it in real time? Doesn’t she know the royals will write off Harry like yesterday’s trash because of her? I feel bad for Harry.

Well, onward. Let’s find something else to pay attention to rather than a hapless husband, a bad millionaire actress and her billionaire friends.