Check your parental rights at the door, please


Here we go again with the ACLU – The Vista Unified School District board voted unanimously Thursday to change its existing policy that allowed students to be excused for confidential appointments — including abortions — without notifying parents, according to the North County Times (California).

Several parents addressed the board saying under no circumstances would they want their children leaving school without their knowledge, especially to seek medical procedures that could include an abortion, the Times reported.

According to lawyers, California allows young people to leave school without parental consent to deal with sexual, mental, substance abuse or reproductive health issues, the station reported.

And the ACLU is ready to pounce if some kid (minor) is ready to make this molehill into a mountain.

This is exactly why kids are getting pregnant, STD’s…because this world in which we live has given them authority to do anything they want and thumb their noses to their parents.

I am really getting why parents are home-schooling more than ever before. We are not parents anymore – we are some kind of slum lord that is under the scrutiny of the government and the ACLU.

A minor cannot own a gun, vote, gamble, drink, buy a house or car – but they can have sex and kill a child without the knowledge of a parent or guardian as long as they can pay for it and if PPFAhas their way, that’ll be taken care of, too. After all, minors are people, subject to the rights of adults.

In my house, it becomes a democracy when you move out. Until then, this is my world subject to my rules as a PARENT.

We need to stand up, open the Bible and be a parent again.


Evangelical political wannabees drop the ball; RNC Steele says abortion okay


In an article from the Associated Press:  Conservative evangelical and Catholic leaders who went out on a political limb by aligning themselves with the Obama administration are expressing feelings ranging from disappointment to optimism in their reaction to the president’s decisions so far on culture war issues. Conservative evangelical and Catholic leaders who went out on a political limb by aligning themselves with the Obama administration are expressing feelings ranging from disappointment to optimism in their reaction to the president’s decisions so far on culture war issues.

This I find quite interesting since there is video all over the web with Obama speaking at Planned Parenthood claiming that the very first thing he will do in office is sign the Freedom of Choice Act, an act that has loop holes  bigger than the Rocky Mountains that disregard life at all costs. Did these evangelicals really think that they could change Obama’s mind? No, he has bigger things to do – he has to be the golden child for the Democratic party like they tried to do with JFK.

These evangelical leaders that ‘aligned’ themselves with Obama, said with their actions that politics were more important than standing in the place of an American citizen that will not be born as the result of abortion or research. Obama quickly signed away the lives of of children overseas with the UNFPA and then signed away the rights of embryos for research purposes. These evangelical leaders SOLD OUT.  The very elect among you…

And then there’s Michael Steele, the new chairman of the National Republican Party who said that women should have the right to decide whether to have an abortion. “I think that’s an individual choice,” he said.  He quickly recanted saying that abortion policy should be decided by the states. He then issued a statement to make clear that he is an opponent of abortion rights.

Social conservatives like Mike Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas, were particularly critical of Steele, “For Chairman Steele to even infer that taking a life is totally left up to the individual is not only a reversal of Republican policy and principle, but it’s a violation of the most basic of human rights — the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” Mr. Huckabee said.

Mr. Steele needs to get back to Republican Basics 101 – I personally wanted Ken Blackwell to get the position, anyway. Mr. Blackwell understands the basics of the Constitution and protecting life.

Funny haha or funny ohoh…

2ndcomingThis is what our new administration has come to – complete faith in a creator – Barack Hussein Obama.

Pro-life groups not invited to the party

With no pro-life groups invited to respond, the president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, promoted abortion at a White House-sponsored health care summit on Thursday. Ms. Richards called for including access to abortion in any health care reform package President Barack Obama may put forward.aobamaabortion

No leading pro-life medical groups or top pro-life organizations were invited or allowed to attend the health care event.

Richards wants abortion included as part of the mandatory coverage package that could also force health insurance companies to include abortion in their plans. That would pass on abortion costs to all people who are insured under their health care plans to fund abortions for those that cannot afford them.

This is called ‘preventative health care’…preventing those that are poor to be born as a burden to the system.

With pro-life advocates worried about the attempt to expand abortion by either making taxpayers fund abortions in a national health care plan or requiring insurance companies to pay for them, pro-life groups have a key interest in the outcome of the debate.

In effect, Obama has said out loud that life has no place in the new administration. The Freedom of Choice Act is still hovering and will be introduced at anytime. Many more American citizens stand to lose their lives. I’ve seen some articles criticizing the war in Iraq for the loss of life because we are sending in troops that put them in harms way and could lose their lives and these critics think that it parallels abortion death. Here’s the difference – those that go to Iraq go knowing they could die for their country. These heroic men and women made a CHOICE to go. Those that die from abortion or embryonic stem cell research had no choice, no voice.

Embryonic stem cell show down – Some states say NO

cartoonsmall031209From AP:   A showdown is shaping up in some of the nation’s most conservative states over embryonic stem cell research, as opponents draw language and tactics from the battle over abortion to counter President Barack Obama‘s plan to ease research restrictions.

“If you are someone who believes that a single cell embryo is a person then you are looking for any opportunity you can to make that argument. But as a country, legally, we’ve never accepted that,” said Michael Werner of the Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research. “The legislative tactics are the same.”

“No ones right for a cure supersedes someone elses right to life,” said Dan Becker, president of Georgia Right to Life.

True enough. Life begins at conception, not when it’s viable enough, according to the Freedom of Choice Act. Since an embryo, or a preborn American citizen, is only a few cells – it’s not a human YET which somehow makes it okay.

“This sets the stage for an attack on the Dickey-Wicker law, which since 1995 has been a provision of the annual appropriations bills for federal health programs.  This law prohibits federal funding of ‘the creation of a human embryo or embryos for research purposes; or research in which a human embryo or embryos are destroyed, discarded, or knowingly subjected to risk of injury or death . . .’  Any member of Congress who votes for legislation to repeal this law is voting to allow federal funding of human embryo farms, created through the use of human cloning”, says Douglas Johnson, a spokesman for the National Right to Life Committee.

With all of this said and done so far, few have mentioned the fact that cloning for research purposes does occur more than most people think, but with the new legislation, it will be much more prevelent and all in the name of science.

In Georgia, a measure that would ban some forms of stem cell research on fertilized embryos is moving quickly through the state Senate. The bill would outlaw the destruction of fertilized embryos, which the legislation defines as a person. It is expected to face a vote in the full state Senate on Thursday.

Similar “personhood” measures have cleared one chamber each in Montana and North Dakota. These states view that life begins at conception and is a person that has all rights that any other person does, including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The liberal media finds these moms with disabled or sick children saying that they are ecstatic that embryonic stem cell research will go ahead ‘because as a mom, you want to do everything for your sick child’. Yes, at the expense of another child or children to MAYBE find a cure for whatever is ailing the child. For one thing, embryonic stem cell research has been going on behind closed doors, privately funded and somewhat publicly funded, for quite some time. So, go ahead with your ‘Hip Hip Hurray Obama’ for now – all he did is look as if he came just in the nick of time to save the day when in reality it’s been here the entire time.

Can you live with yourself knowing that you have seen the demise of who knows how many children to justify curing one?