Everyone can heal.

Isaiah 49:1 says …’The LORD has called Me from the womb; From the womb of My mother He has made mention of My name.’ We are all known since the beginning of time. No one is a mistake, there are no unwanted children. God knows them all.

There are times in my activist way of thinking that I forget Who I look to for strength and reason – Jesus Christ.

Luke 18:27 says …’The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.’ Theses are the words spoken by Jesus himself. Only He can fix what’s broken inside of you and me. Just when I feel completely lost and alone in the sins I have committed, I remember that Jesus died for me and Eva. If it weren’t for the Lord’s tender mercies, I don’t know how I wold have gotten through my transgressions – ONLY BY HIS GRACE AND MERCY.

Jesus loves ALL the children regardless if anyone else does.

No means NO

I’m in my office listening to AFR radio (on the internet) and a question was asked about being completely against abortion. The caller that was asked this question is a professed minister. The minister said that abortion is only okay in the instance of rape, incest, blah blah. The host said, then you are not against abortion.

THANK YOU! Someone finally said it. Under NO circumstances can abortion be legal or performed regardless of the reason.

Rape is heinous. Incest is even worse. But MURDER is not acceptable.

Because of the rape and incest excuse, Roe v. Wade made it possible and legal to kill children up to full term pregnancy – and not just because of rape or incest, but mostly because the parent(s) learns of a disability such as Down Syndrome. I mean, can you imagine giving birth to a child, the doctor taking the baby out of your arms and killing it? Of course not, but it happens every day – it’s called partial birth abortion. And in some instances, the child is still alive (once out of the womb) and the parent(s) and doctor wait until the baby dies on it’s own. But that’s for another post.

The Game of Life

Life is what we make it?

Yes and no. Think of it – God knowing you BEFORE you were born. When I was pregnant, I certainly did not know my child at all; what he would look like, his personality. But God knows us BEFORE we were in the womb! How huge is that? So, if He knows us before we were to be, then He has already mapped out what our ministry is for Him. The Bible says that He SANCTIFIED us before we were born! It’s so hard to comprehend. But rest assured, not only does he know who we are and what we will do but he has numbered every hair on our heads. Get this: He knows us and we were meant to be here. GOD DOES NOT MAKE MISTAKES. An occasional surprise, maybe, but no mistakes, I promise.

It’s time to get about the Father’s business!

Study shows high percentage of abortions perfomed on Evangelicals.

From American Family Association website dated July 11, 2001:

A study published by an affiliate (Guttmacher Institute) of Planned Parenthood says almost a quarter-million abortions are performed each year in the United States on women who identify themselves as born-again or evangelical Christians.

Also noted: Approximately 1.37 million abortions (murders) are performed in the United States; 37.4% abortions are performed on Protestant women and half of those (18% total) who profess to be born-again believers.

18% = approximately 246,000 abortions per year.

It is apparent that churches are not teaching on issues that include abstinence and/or pro-life.

This article was dated July 11, 2001 but the numbers are still pretty close. The fact is, there should not be ANY abortions performed at all on anyone that is a professed believer. Now, who dropped the ball?

Denominational churches do acknowledge that life begins on the first day conception but most churches DO NOT TEACH AGAINST ABORTION, FORNICATION OR ADULTERY.

It is imperative that women and young girls understand that having pre-marital sex can/will lead to a myriad of problems including STD’s and pregnancy. But what ends up happening is that instead of understanding and investigation all options, as soon as a clinic gets a hold of these teenage girls and adult women, they are instantly counseled on where the nearest abortion facility is.

Even after all of this, what abortion can do is lead decent Christian women and teenage girls to backsliding into a dark, awful life for years instead of listening to the still, small voice of God.


Just a few minutes ago, I wrote the most amazing post. And when I went to publish it, it disappeared. And it was good, too. The devil is alive and well, I assure you. Hopefully, I’ll remember what I wrote and blog it.

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