Babies thrown out with the trash.

In a story originally dated March 10th of 2008, WDIV of Detroit reported a police raid on an abortion clinic in Oakland County at Women’s Care Clinic. Reports say, “This is a response to a citizen’s complaint that the personnel at this clinic may have been improperly disposing of medical waste and hazardous materials,” said one investigator. According to police, investigators are looking for discarded fetuses and patient information, says the original report. They found what they were looking for.

The dumpster is used by Dr. Alberto Hodari who performs abortions at the clinic. The doctor owns Womancare, Inc., a chain of abortion clinics. He not only throws away babies, but the patient abortion records, allegedly of minors, victims of statutory rape.

Jennifer McCoy, was 16 years old in 1988 when she discovered that she was pregnant. According to an Operation Rescue press release, Hodari knew of the illegal relationship between McCoy and her teacher, but instead of reporting the statutory rape, he took her teacher’s money and performed the abortion instead. Her teacher took her to the clinic under the guise of getting prenatal care. “I tried to get up from the table. I actually tried to sit up, and he (Dr. Hodari) pushed me back down on the table and told me if I moved I could die. It would be over in five minutes and I could go on with my life. I was scared to death at that point that what he said was true, and so all I could do is lay there and cry.”

Also know that four of Dr. Hodari’s patients died due to abortions he performed. For now Hodari has only been sentenced to six months of probation on one count of illegally disposing abortion records. Hodari has admitted he does not wash his hands between abortions.

I lived in the Detroit area and this story was kind of an ‘urban legend’ 15 years ago of Hodari throwing out aborted babies in his dumpster. I am ecstatic to see Hodari will be shut down – it’s just a matter of time and due process. Your sin will ALWAYS find you out.


Making abortion even EASIER.

The RU-486, the ‘abortion pill’ (medical abortion), is chosen for nearly 15% of all abortions and the numbers are increasing. Family practice doctors, gynecologists and other physicians are beginning to prescribe it to their patients instead of sending them to an abortionist. Keeping the ‘business’ close to home, I’d say. This way, women wouldn’t have to be subjected with pro-lifers protesting – we’re quite a nuisance, you know. Mothers want ‘privacy’ when killing their preborn children.

“Fortunately, the abortion pill hasn’t caught on like it could have. The bloody, painful, taxing reality of RU486/PG abortions has been too big of an elephant to hide in the living room of the abortion industry’s makeover campaign. Despite the new packaging, the product is still the same old death and danger that they’ve been peddling since 1973,” in an article according to National Right to Life. Read it here.

Using the RU-486 is just as deadly to the mother as vacuum abortion – 1 in 200,000 – except for the nearly 4,000 children that die as a result of the abortion.

The God-less liberal media has turned sex into a lifestyle instead of an act between a husband and wife. Women all over the world opt to have sex and worry about it later.


Keep Infants with Down Syndrome is a work led by Eileen Haupt and Leticia Velasquez, who both have daughters with Down syndrome. Calling their endeavor “KIDS”–for Keep Infants with Down Syndrome–they organized a group of more than 40 family members and friends of children with Down syndrome to attend this year’s annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. As Haupt said, “The one thing that prenatal testing cannot tell you is the unspeakable joy that your child with Down syndrome will give you.” Read the entire article here.

Incredibly, 84 – 94% of babies that are diagnosed in utero with Down Syndrome will be aborted. These tests are typically about 90% accurate. And, 70% of all pregnant women will have prenatal screening tests including amniocentesis and/or chorionic villus sampling which can harm the child; either with handicaps or death.

Women get prenatal tests to determine if the preborn child is perfect enough for them. In other words, not too much trouble to deal with or care for. ‘Perfect’ children are born everyday that will grow up to be President OR serial killers, or child rapists, or makers of meth labs, etc. ‘Perfect’ children can grow up to know cancer, AIDS, Parkinson’s, etc.

Most handicapped preborn children will never be born because of the mother and father’s selfishness and the advent of prenatal testing. But, I’ll bet they’d adopt a dog with three legs.

Facts and Figures

Today is February 13, 2009. This day, In the United States alone, approximately 3,700 people lost their lives; 115,000 people total, lost their lives worldwide – 83% of all abortions are obtained in developing countries and 17% occur in developed countries, such as the U.S.

An estimated 43% of all women would have at least one abortion by the time she is 45 years old.

These numbers do NOT reflect the use of abortifacients; birth control pills, Norplant, IUD, RU-486 or the morning after pill.

One in five pregnancies end in abortion death.

BHO has signed away millions more lives overseas and is about to end the lives of more U.S. citizens with the Freedom of Choice Act.

Math doesn’t lie. Stop the killing – keep life legal.

Throw me somethin’, mister!

Yeah, like throw me a bone, Mr. Prez! Give me ONE GOOD REASON to trust you.

“However, it has become apparent during this process that this will not work for me as I have found that on issues such as the stimulus package and the Census there are irresolvable conflicts for me. Prior to accepting this post, we had discussed these and other potential differences, but unfortunately we did not adequately focus on these concerns. We are functioning from a different set of views on many critical items of policy,” says Senator Gregg in an article from the Drudge Report. Read it here.

“At this particular moment, with the private sector so weakened by this recession, the federal government is the only entity left with the resources to jolt our economy back to life….”, says Mr. Prez in a CNN article. The commentator replies, “I ask, what resources does the federal government have? We are broke, too!” Resources…that’s just plain funny. Does he know who pays his salary?? Anyway, read it here.

BHO knows that he has to deal with Republicans but he’s finding that no one wants to come outside and play. Any reasonable person can see right through BHO’s rhetoric. And now he’s picking out his personal Press list so he won’t be asked questions that confuse or confront an actual issue:

“The President was running down a list of reporters preselected to ask questions. The White House had decided in advance who would be allowed to question the President and who was left out,”…..”Mr. Obama can more than handle his own, so our guess is that this is an attempt to discipline reporters who aren’t White House favorites,” says the Wall Street Journal. Read it here.

Apparently some of these reporters made him look bad which I find interesting because it would be merely an assumption that the President of the United States would actually know the answer!

And my personal favorite: “I screwed up”, Mr. Prez says in a MSNBC article. Read it here.