The Game of Life

Life is what we make it?

Yes and no. Think of it – God knowing you BEFORE you were born. When I was pregnant, I certainly did not know my child at all; what he would look like, his personality. But God knows us BEFORE we were in the womb! How huge is that? So, if He knows us before we were to be, then He has already mapped out what our ministry is for Him. The Bible says that He SANCTIFIED us before we were born! It’s so hard to comprehend. But rest assured, not only does he know who we are and what we will do but he has numbered every hair on our heads. Get this: He knows us and we were meant to be here. GOD DOES NOT MAKE MISTAKES. An occasional surprise, maybe, but no mistakes, I promise.

It’s time to get about the Father’s business!


Study shows high percentage of abortions perfomed on Evangelicals.

From American Family Association website dated July 11, 2001:

A study published by an affiliate (Guttmacher Institute) of Planned Parenthood says almost a quarter-million abortions are performed each year in the United States on women who identify themselves as born-again or evangelical Christians.

Also noted: Approximately 1.37 million abortions (murders) are performed in the United States; 37.4% abortions are performed on Protestant women and half of those (18% total) who profess to be born-again believers.

18% = approximately 246,000 abortions per year.

It is apparent that churches are not teaching on issues that include abstinence and/or pro-life.

This article was dated July 11, 2001 but the numbers are still pretty close. The fact is, there should not be ANY abortions performed at all on anyone that is a professed believer. Now, who dropped the ball?

Denominational churches do acknowledge that life begins on the first day conception but most churches DO NOT TEACH AGAINST ABORTION, FORNICATION OR ADULTERY.

It is imperative that women and young girls understand that having pre-marital sex can/will lead to a myriad of problems including STD’s and pregnancy. But what ends up happening is that instead of understanding and investigation all options, as soon as a clinic gets a hold of these teenage girls and adult women, they are instantly counseled on where the nearest abortion facility is.

Even after all of this, what abortion can do is lead decent Christian women and teenage girls to backsliding into a dark, awful life for years instead of listening to the still, small voice of God.


Just a few minutes ago, I wrote the most amazing post. And when I went to publish it, it disappeared. And it was good, too. The devil is alive and well, I assure you. Hopefully, I’ll remember what I wrote and blog it.

Two Rainbows

Today, it rained pretty hard for about ten minutes, one of those tropical bursts that are kind of exhilarating. Then right after, not one, but TWO rainbows! I instantly knew that God was reminding me of the covenant He has with me and that I am NOT alone.

‘And God said to Noah, “This is the sign of the covenant which I have established between Me and all flesh that is on the earth”. Genesis 9:17

‘Like the appearance of a rainbow in a cloud on a rainy day, so was the appearance of the brightness all around it. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord.’ Ezekiel 1:28

That’s what rainbows are all about! They are a sign of the Covenant He’s had with us since the time of Noah. It sickens me that the Gay Agenda has tried to take that away from us by using the rainbow and their universal symbol. That is the ultimate slap in the face of God.

I love you, Lord. Thanks for showing off today!

Happy New Year 2009

What a treat! Joe and I finally get a day off ON THE SAME DAY. We spent our day cleaning, grocery shopping and visiting a friend in the hospital.

Another year has come and gone with more to follow, God willing. I don’t do resolutions but what I will do is take stock in the disciplines that I have or should have. I have to find more time to study the Word. So, for me anyway, I’ll make a discipline of it at a certain time of day, NO MATTER WHAT, so that I’ll get the quality time with my Bible that I should. Have I made it a law? No. I am easily distracted – I have always been that way. For me, I have to have disciplines in order to do what needs to be done. I have to tell you, it freed me to hear Brother Swaggart and Loren discussing this exact thing on Sonlife a couple of months ago. I know what works for ME.

Along with studying, I need to pray more, alot more. Why I have a problem with that, I have no idea because I understand the value in it.

Then there is my project. I need more time for The Cause for Eva. It’s so important to me to get her story out there. And, I still have to work!

All these things we wrestle with will fall into place, I know it. All we have to do is ask for His help!

Great Blessings in 2009!