Why make me mad??

Fresh from the Guttmacher Institute:

“Abstinence-only-until-marriage education is a key component of social conservatives’ global moral and religious agenda, and the cornerstone of the Bush administration’s approach to reducing U.S. teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection (STI) rates. Since 1996, when a major overhaul of the nation’s welfare policy prompted a massive escalation of funding in this area, the federal government, with mandatory matching grants from the states, has spent well over one billion dollars to promote premarital abstinence among young Americans, through highly restrictive programs that ignore or often actively denigrate the effectiveness of contraceptives and safer-sex behaviors.”

Let’s review – there is no moral agenda or religious agenda. Clearly, anyone that says yes to premarital sex takes the chance of contracting STD’s and/or pregnancy. More often than not, it is usually the unchurched that has issue with keeping their pants on because they are not taught otherwise. There is not a reason in the world that public school should teach sex education to any child; that is up to the parents. Children do not need to know how to prevent pregnancy, they should know how to say NO.



Monday, Monday

Monday seems like such a LONG day. Business has been so slow lately. However, it does give me a bit of time to…blog. Little by little Joe and I get a bit more settled here in Baton Rouge. Although, it’s only for a short bit of time, until we feel the release from here to start our church. We’ve made the mistake of leaving here twice and each time we did, the Lord chastised us for being disobedient. So, this time we are taking our time and using the patience He gave us to wait on Him. I actually find a great peace with that. I know we are supposed to be here since we are FOUGHT so hard to stay. Besides, I love my church here. Leaving here will be a painful but I know that we have to fulfill what has been laid before us by God. I’m excited!

My prayer today is to learn to be a better pray-er.

December 27, 2008

What a journey so far. Joe and I have been trying to decide how to map out our Ministry that the Lord has given us. We feel our burden will be back home in Ohio but for now we are going to absorb every bit of teaching that Family Worship Center has to offer. It seem as though the more we are fought being here, the bigger the next blessing is. We do understand, FINALLY, that we are bound here until the Lord releases us to begin what he has for us.