NOT Breaking News: Violations Found During Inspections at Ohio Abortion ‘Clinics’

SPOILER ALERT: Every abortion mill in Ohio has violations, most of which are the same ones from the last inspection, nothing was done about it, and most operate without a license, transfer agreement, or basic safety protocols. Read more here about the specifics on every one of the eight mills in Ohio.

Last mill in in DaytonAre Ohio’s abortion mill inspections more frequent under Gov. Kasich than Strickland? YES. But a fat lot of good it does.

The Columbus Dispatch says that “Under Strickland, who generally supports abortion rights, nine inspections of the eight current clinics unearthed five violations during his term from Jan. 10, 2007, to Jan. 10, 2011. The clinics seemed almost exempt from state inspections: Four were examined in 2007, one was in 2008 and four were in 2009; none was inspected in 2010.

Abortion clinics are classified as ambulatory surgical facilities and fall under the same laws as aesthetic, dental, ear/nose/throat, eye care, gastrointestinal, general surgery, orthopedic, pain management, podiatric, spine, and urology.

So, the magic question is why do abortion mills get a pass with licenses and procedural issues? Because, women.

Yes, you can thank feminists and other liberals for making the one invasive surgery JUST FOR WOMEN to be the most unregulated, least inspected, third world country inspired, slap on the wrist ‘medical procedure’ EVER. Feminists made sure that you put your body at risk of disease and death just so you can kill you unborn child unchallenged by secular, moral and biblical law.

Inspections? What in the world for? Even though Ohio has half of the mills it had eight years ago – because they couldn’t make enough money with the new laws – the remaining mills are still money makers, not women placators.

HALF of Ohio’s abortion clinics are operating despite having expired licenses.

Instead of getting the normal rhetoric from proaborts, ask them why abortion mills have SO many violations and always get a pass. I’d bet if their doctor or surgeon or dentist or veterinarian or hair dresser had that many violations, they would be first in line at the health department. Being a proabort hypocrite is just plain ugly.

SIDEWALK CHRONICLES: Lies, Lies and more Lies from the Media

The world of late-term abortionist Martin Haskell is crumbling – so much so that he had his other late-term abortionist lie for him in a very recent newspaper article [read here].

KEEPLIFELEGALAnd his other abortionist is concerned about her income as well. Abortion is a BUSINESS that has coerced women and men to fight for the abortionists to have million dollar homes, luxury cars and send their children to expensive universities.

The proof is here, an ad in most large cities in the United States to force the abortion agenda and war-on-women agenda so that the Kades and Haskells of the abortion industry can keep up with the demand they are creating.

Roslyn Kade is not only Haskell’s other late-term abortionist, but is also the medical director at Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio located in Cincinnati. Both Haskell’s Ohio facilities and Planned Parenthood in Cincinnati are on the chopping block. These murdering facilities could not get transfer agreements with any hospitals. They are doomed to close soon and break the curse of abortion in the Cinncinnati/Dayton area in southwest Ohio.

The executive director of Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati said, “All ambulatory surgical facilities in the state are required to have transfer agreements, and the only ones that have ever received a variance are abortion clinics,” she said. “They should follow the guidelines as every other facility does and is require to do.”

Kade actually said,  “one entire floor of the ob-gyn pavilion at University Hospital was constantly full of women sick and dying from illegal abortions.” LIE. And if it is not, I want proof. This urban legend of multitudes of women have back-alley abortions, filling up ER’s is the springboard that these murdering liars use BESIDES throwing rape/incest/disabilities babies under the bus.

Rosyln Kade and Martin Haskell aren’t the warm-hearted women’s activist you believe them to be: they are cold-hearted murderers that flaunt their wealth and inability to admit what they do for a living.

BUT, even if you are still on the fence of prolife or prochoice…or maybe thinking that abortion is okay in certain circumstances – listen to what Martin Haskell says himself. Through this video, Haskell explains exactly what he is doing as he is murdering a late-term baby; and when he is done murdering, other that are observing his handiwork APPLAUD.

And if you really want to know what’s going on at abortion facilities – the TRUTH – just ask the dedicated witnesses on the sidewalk; news reporters aren’t there, prochoice hacks aren’t there, NARAL isn’t there, Obama isn’t there. EVER.