New Orleans Prolife Missionary Trip

NOLA Vision HouseIn 2009, just before Joe and I left Baton Rouge to come back up north, I had a vision given to me in a dream regarding the city New Orleans and KeepLifeLegal. It was a vision that had depth, intrinsic details and ministry. But we were essentially packed and ready to go back up north and decided to not listen to God which is always a huge mistake, however we did much here regarding prolife issues, the political process and ministry to prepare us for what God has for us in the future. Should we have stayed in Louisiana? YES….but we did not and for that we have to make up for three years of being in Babylon (Jer 29:4:14), but God is good and will always be glorified no matter what I don’t do.

Recently, Planned Parenthood has bought property on Claiborne Avenue in New Orleans to build a 7K sqft abortion facility. Louisiana reports fewer than 9K abortion per year without a PP facility performing abortions which is still too many. With Mississippi nearly being abortion facility free [one left], PP is marketing abortion to the state of MS to bring in more money from abortions from out of state which will bring abortions numbers in LA through the roof. The irony is that PP hasn’t performed abortions in LA in 30 years but has somehow gotten property in a residential neighborhood, next to a Catholic Church and a Salvation Army, to do this evil thing. Read more information about this here.

Ohio StatehouseToday, I am asking God for provision and leading and His divine assistance. I will be going to Louisiana next month to take preliminary steps and see for myself where this is and what I can do to stop Planned Parenthood or make it miserable for them. I will also go to the other abortion facilities in NOLA and BRLA for prayer and Holy Spirit inspiration for my next steps. I am primarily going to finalize a future move to Louisiana to make this last half of my life to save as many unborn lives as possible and help post-abortive moms.

The Vision I had is becoming clearer and I sincerely hope that you pray and seek God to consider helping us to see the evil of abortion eradicated in LA, the post abortive ministered to and give these moms a hope and a future [Jer 29:11], and to plant a life-minded Church to educate, encourage and edify through Jesus Christ, our LORD.


  • Laptop computer small enough to carry in a backpack
  • Backpack
  • Bibles, primarily New Testaments (easier to carry)
  • Monetary for fuel, food, essentials


  • Mom basics, new or used
  • Baby items, new or used
  • Gift cards for grocery items for moms and babies
  • And most of all, lift us up in prayer!

PRAY: If you can help us, thanks in advance!

Thanks for your prayer and help!
Rev. Joe & Katherine Marple
40 Days for Life Fall 2011 Closing Rally