FYI – Kentucky Abortion Bypass Law

Rev. K.H. says, “Essentially, an out-of-state minor girl does NOT have to give her real name while seeking abortion in Kentucky, some just give her initials. What happened to crossing the state line while seeking what is illegal in your own state? There was a day that when you crossed the state line, you were in worse trouble. Now it’s meaningless. So, the Great Commonwealth of Kentucky gets to foot the bill for an attorney, time in court, and cost of the abortion FOR A MINOR.”

Keep in mind that this opens up the reasoning that if there is federal law, it will probably (most likely!) supersede state law – the ACLU is always looking for cases that will shut down state law regarding abortion, gay marriage and other Liberal issues.

Kentucky abortion bypass law

Kentucky’s abortion bypass law allows a judge to waive the requirement for parental consent after hearing evidence on the “emotional development, maturity, intellect and understanding” on the minor, as well as “the nature, possible consequences, and alternatives to the abortion” and any other evidence that would show the abortion is in the minor’s best interests.

The law says if a minor is denied a bypass, she shall have the right of anonymous and expedited appeal to the Court of Appeals, which the court must give precedence over other pending matters.

* Your federal constitutional rights aren’t abandoned when you travel into another state, they come with you. (Bebe Anderson, senior counsel for the New York-based Center for Reproductive Rights)

* We feel regardless of residency all teenagers should be able to use the court system in Kentucky to access judicial bypass. (Derek Selznick, director of the Reproductive Freedom Project at the ACLU of Kentucky)

The state Court of Appeals decision was issued confidentially under a portion of the state’s bypass laws that guarantees minors a right to an “anonymous” appeal of adverse decisions. A state Supreme Court special rule also says that appeals are to be handled in a confidential manner.

* It was a difficult decision in part because they knew it would invite “forum shopping,” in which a girl who is refused by a judge to get an abortion in her home state need only cross state lines to try to obtain permission in Kentucky. (Chief Judge Jeff Taylor of Owensboro and Judge Michelle Keller of Covington)

Taylor noted that appellate courts elsewhere have ruled that non-resident minors have a right to such hearings in other states. For example, a federal appeals court in 1983 struck down Indiana’s law because it allowed only Hoosiers to petition the courts there, therefore violating the constitutional right to travel. (Chief Jeff Taylor of Owensboro)

* Kentucky judges have no “business making any decisions regarding a minor from another state seeking an abortion without parental consent.” She said the ruling was “particularly troubling” in light of the fact that Indiana has a nearly identical bypass procedure, and no reason was given why the girl did not use it instead of traveling to Kentucky. (Judge Joy Moore of Burlington) Perhaps Indiana said NO.

* This will pass the cost of an attorney and other fees of non-residents (Kentucky) to tax payers that are residents.

Kentucky’s abortion laws say in general that “it is in the interest of the people of the commonwealth that every precaution be taken to insure the protection of every viable unborn child being aborted.

The Catholic Abortion Debate – in the ER while you’re out COLD.

TODAY the door to abortion is open WIDE in Faith-Based hospitals.

Emergency only, life of the mother…really? And whose opinion would it be to make a decision to destroy a life in an emergency situation? Doctor Somebody, Sister So-and-so, Mister Boyfriend? If I have understood this correctly, a pregnant woman can be unconscious in the ER of a faith-based hospital and a decision of aborting her unborn child is now not a decision for her to make? But Sister Whoever from the ‘ethics’ committee can make it for you.

Last MAY, wrote:

“…According to the medical directives that the hospital follows, abortion is defined as the directly intended termination of pregnancy, and it is not permitted under any circumstances – even to save the life of the mother…..On the other hand, a second directive says that “operations, treatments and medications that have as their direct purpose the cure of a proportionately serious pathological condition of a pregnant woman are permitted . . . even if they will result in the death of the unborn child.”

Did you know there is a little known ism in some Catholic ran hospitals regarding abortion that says IF the unborn child dies as a RESULT of an emergency surgery or procedure, it is not an abortion, just an unfortunate incident?

“The Catholic Church forbids abortion in all circumstances and allows the termination of a pregnancy only as a secondary effect of other treatments…”

Right now these hospitals say abortion is a last resort, on an emergency basis only – but how much longer before abortion is on-demand in faith-based hospitals? Remember, 70%ish of women that abort claim to be Christian, a lot of them Catholic. Would a woman in crisis rather go to a big Catholic hospital she trusts or a sleazy clinic?

The government, since 2008 of course, has been trying to force faith-based hospitals to perform abortions. I think that since all of the brouhaha of forced health care we have also forgotten the Freedom of Choice Act would have opened that door quite wide to forcing abortion on all faith- based hospitals and their staff, regardless of affiliation or faith of the staff member.

So while prolifers pray and council in front of sleazy abortion clinics, I see now we have to focus on hospitals.

As I have said multiple times in the past, it took only ONE woman to change what has happened to this particular ‘Catholic’ hospital. ONE.

Changing the Law of Abortion

The democrats see abortion as a social issue and republicans see it as a political issue. Since abortion became law in 1973, it became political which means we have to deal with law, not moral objection. Prolifers have a harder road ahead of them because of implications we have to deal with while democrats just take our tax money to pay for what we abhor. I wonder how much longer abortion clinics would stay open if there was no tax money to pay for it. I’m still baffled how Planned Parenthood is a nonprofit that makes a lot of money from killing American children. PP’s president makes just under 400K per year that taxes help pay for! Could you imagine if the government had cancer clinics all over the United States funded by tax dollars to defeat and treat people with cancer? But it’s cheaper to kill our kids instead of treating cancer.

Out of political correctness we are changing abortion law one teeny step at a time; ultrasound law, parental notification law, etc. And as important as these steps are, we are forgetting that we are only holding back what might be inevitable: the killing of unborn Americans. We need to change the WHOLE law of abortion and the hearts of Americans. For as purposeful as a prolifer’s heart is, there is always the prochoicer that will be there to stop it. There are states that have current antiabortion laws but the ACLU continues in the appeals process to stop what has been voted upon.

Do you really believe that Prolifers are not noticing how prochoicers have to make a patchwork quilt out of Roe v Wade? Do you understand that millions a millions of dollars are at the ready to stop Prolifers? When you have people like Bill & Melinda Gates with an open check book with multi-millions at the ready, how do we abolish this law? One precious Life at a time, one woman at a time, one beating heart at a time. Money can’t buy that. This nation has to come back to God and the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ to change the evil heart of Man.

After Roe v Wade, we as a nation have seen the bruised eye of the Supreme Court even though they can’t seem to understand why their face hurts. Abortion law has taken America to a level of low that even the entire world has noticed and is mimicking: prochoicers will and can kill our unborn children, because they can.


Right to Life is Life on the Right…Rightfully.

KeepLifeLegal is all about lifting up the Post Abortive Woman and Unborn Civil Liberties. But the issue of Life is far more than that. Our civil liberties and right to a Life that is godly and protected is on the hinge. We have somehow become the minority because of TOLERANCE.

A friend of mine reminded me of this: while talking with someone, are their eyes looking to the left or right? Left is creative (lying) and right is memory (truth). Well anyway, I found it interesting that it coincides with how CREATIVE Democrats try to be with our money, our families, our children and our way of life. Recently while watching television and researching on the web I’ve observed subliminal ‘rainbows’ are showing up a lot in advertisements and noticeably. Intent and perception is far and above truth and reality.

Americans consider themselves either religious or spiritual. A recent article poses that it’s the spiritual Americans that are tolerant of any wind of doctrine and as a result, the traditional family is taking a back seat to the Gay Agenda. Religious Americans regard Life as sacred and marriage as a covenant while spiritual people are being pulled around by the nose via the Progessive Left.

This past election has been very interesting, particularly in California where most people consider themselves spiritual, not religious. An article depicts how Barbara Boxer won the election – money and lots of it. She had the money to buy more air time and thus, was able to reach more people. What does this tell you? It says that people that believe themselves to be tolerant spiritual people are wagging their tails to anything that seems…progressive. Spirituals believe we are still evolving into some kind of asexual super race.

Accepting the evolution of same sex marriage is against God and against biblical procreation. Our civil liberties are slowly being taken away and replaced with TOLERANCE. Incredibly, if we were to accept this then the population of the entire world would slowly kill itself off…same sex unions cannot procreate and liberal women abort their unborn children. Think of it…if the entire world became TOLERANT right now, in less than 100 years there would be no humans left in the world.

Now isn’t that CREATIVE.

Get off the couch and stand up for LIFE. If the religious right doesn’t, then no one will.

No parental consent regarding abortion and underage girls? NOPE.

Or, The Church, Public School & Abortion

….The mother of a 15-year old girl recently discovered that Ballard High School (Seattle, WA) helped her daughter get an abortion and never informed her…..when the 15-year old girl’s pregnancy was confirmed, they counseled her on the options. The mother says they encouraged her to have an abortion and not tell her parents. She claims her daughter was told that if she informed her parents they would have to pay for the abortion, otherwise it’s free….. the girl was called a taxi and transported by herself to a clinic to have her abortion then driven back to finish her school day, officials say that’s not unusual. Read the entire story here.

The ACLU, Planned Parenthood, NARAL and the like believe that it is the right of a MINOR CHILD to have an abortion. Your minor child, my minor child can walk into an abortion clinic and get an abortion without a parent’s consent or knowledge. And let me enlighten you…there are laws in every state that mandate certain attributes to abortion law, such as waiting periods BUT everyone of those fought-for-laws can be overturned on a case by case basis. Do not be deceived: a minor can get an abortion at anytime at any age in any state and you would never ever know.

If this isn’t heinous enough, a person that is a priest of the Episcopal Church has personally helped minor girls to get birth control and abortions without their parent’s knowledge and considers herself a SAVIOR of sorts! Read on:

Katherine Hancock Ragsdale is an Episcopal Priest, an OUTLOUD lesbian and pro-abortion card carrying feminist who served for 17 years (8 as chair) on the national board of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. She also serves on the board of NARAL: Pro-Choice America, The White House Project and the Progressive Religious Partnership. She has testified before the United States Congress as well as numerous state legislatures, and is a widely sought speaker on public policy issues affecting women, professional ethics, and lesbian/gay rights. She serves as Vicar of St. David’s Church in Pepperell, MA; and is the editor of Boundary Wars: Intimacy and Distance in Healing Relationships.”

From her own testimony to the Senate Committee June 3, 2004:  “I recall vividly a day when I left my home near Cambridge, Massachusetts, and drove to one of the economically challenged cities to the north of me to pick up a fifteen-year-old girl and drive her to Boston for an 8 a.m. appointment for an abortion. I didn’t know the girl – I knew her school nurse. The nurse had called me a few days earlier to see if I knew where she might find money to give the girl for bus fare to and cab fare home from the hospital. I was stunned – a fifteen-year-old girl was going to have to get up at the crack of dawn and take multiple buses to the hospital alone? The nurse shared my concern but explained that the girl had no one to turn to. She feared for her safety if her father found out and there was no other relative close enough to help. There was no one to be with her. So I went….Then I took her inside and turned her over to some very kind nurses. I went downstairs to get a couple of prescriptions filled for her. I paid for the prescriptions after I was informed that they’d either need the girl’s father’s signature in order to charge them to his insurance, or the completion of a pile of forms that looked far too complex for any fifteen-year-old to have to deal with.”

If that were my daughter, she’d find herself in prison meeting new and interesting friends.

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