DNC in search of Moderate LIFE settles for rogue nuns on a bus

Dirty pool…looks like Obama will do anything for the Catholic vote, which explains the Joe Biden debacle. It’s just like the Liberals to scrape up any bit of semi-conscious fringe group to make them look…..moderate, at least enough to scoop up the curious and limp of mind.

While Obama is the business end of a horse, he is smart enough to know he needs the Catholic vote….again. More than half of Catholics that voted in 2008 voted for Obama. What does that say about the state of the Church when rogue nuns give speeches in favor of healthcare reform that includes abortion and contraceptives at the Democratic National Convention?

“Democratic leaders announced the plans for a speech by Sister Campbell on August 28, the same day that saw the announcement that Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York will deliver the convention’s closing prayer. While Cardinal Dolan has stressed that he will only offer a prayer – acting as a pastor rather than a partisan – Sister Campbell will deliver a political address.” (catholicculture.org)

Campbell, a self-proclaimed progressive Catholic and executive director of Network [a liberal Catholic lobbying group in Washington] and the Network lobby are OUTLOUD with their support of liberal social programs, including Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act. These rogue nuns are very aware that the Affordable Healthcare Act supports abortion on demand and contraceptives which forces all businesses to comply regardless of their religious affiliation and convictions, a clear violation of their Constitutional right of Freedom OF Religion.

Chief rogue nun Campbell exposed the fact that she is uncomfortable describing herself as prolife, probably because she is not prolife at all. The moral law of the Catechism clearly says that abortion is gravely contrary to moral law AND formal cooperation in an abortion also constitutes a grave offense.

And interestingly, she did not sway Paul Ryan to her way of thinking, although she tried in a recent meeting. It takes a lot of guts to proselyte the VP-in-waiting about the most basic of church teachings. SHAME ON YOU! How do you reconcile murdering children in the womb while calling yourself Catholic and saying you’re doing the work of Jesus?

Campbell – get a clue or get a new habit.

Yes, rape is rape…but murder is MURDER.

Yes, I know…it’s election year…isn’t it always? This is that special time of year when we get to hear [nearly all of] the candidates evolve their reproductive/abortion rights way of thinking out loud to gain the most moderates. Moderates seems to be a larger demographic this election and you can thank Obama for that. He brings out the worst in his own party and the rats are jumping ship looking or a LIFE preserver [PUN INTENDED].

A fellow blogger wrote: ‘Most anti-abortion candidates for high office would allow abortions under certain circumstances. This is bad logic, but good politics.’ (petermaize.wordpress.com)

I know I tend to be a very black-and-white thinker, no such thing as ‘gray’ nor should there ever be. However, wishy-washy fence-settin’ DemoPublicans are just sitting out there waiting to vote for whoever appeases their sloshy-ness. It is a nasty mess that’s hard to manage mostly because the moderate can’t be pinned down….too many issues, too many choices. Even the Bible has addressed the moderate:

“But let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’ For whatever is more than these is from the evil one,” (Matthew 5:37).

Democrats have schooled moderates to exchange their views on reproductive/abortion rights by using rape [AKA the ‘exception clause’] as the #1 excuse to murder unborn children….hence my title to this article is my answer to their inability to choose a side: Yes, rape is rape…but murder is MURDER.

An anonymous commenter to the Port Huron Times Herald said, “I was 12 years old when I was raped, and I had my child who now is the light of my life. A previous caller who said she was in similar circumstances said these babies are ‘innocent offspring.’ I completely agree. I have compassion for her. What I went through was very painful. But my son was the gift of my life, and is a successful man this day.” (thetimesherald.com)

“If I have despised the cause of my male or female servant when they complained against me, what then shall I do when God rises up? When He punishes, how shall I answer Him? Did not He who made me in the womb make them? Did not the same One fashion us in the womb?” Job 31:13-15

SIDE NOTE: Don’t you find it interesting that Democrats/moderates say abortion is permissibleIn the event of rape or incest’? Do Democrats NOT think incest TO BE rape? But I digress…should be a matter for another post…

To summarize: Abortion kills an unborn child every time. Even if the child’s mom was raped. Period.

The ‘Unborn’ Vote.

During election time, the opposition focuses on fragmented bits of society to descend upon and exploit their sensibilities to fear. They dangle the socialistic carrot on a stick to steer seniors in fear of losing Medicare and now women fearing to lose their ‘right’ to free contraception and abortion.

Democrats want a socialist government with little actual benefits while gaining brutal taxes to fund it. But they decry foul to those that enjoy doing things on their own like planning their own families, operating their own businesses and shopping for their own health insurance. The ‘Land of the Free’ is becoming a land of Stepford-Wife-like soylent-green-eating manikins. No one has value, only pockets that hold tax money.

Demonizing and dehumanizing unborn human life is not new to the Obamanation. The current federal government is aware of its true weakness – the ‘Unborn’ vote.

Being female myself, I find it embarrassing that so many ignorant and just plain stupid women have believed that abortion does not kill a human child. Liberals have talked these semi-conscious women into supporting Planned Parenthood and abortion ‘rights’ even to the point of dressing up like giant vaginas at the Republican National Convention. Does that seem ‘normal’ to you? Does that show intelligence at all? Did it require brain cells? No.

An embarrassment, that’s what these idiot women are…and embarrassment to the gender that was designated by God to give LIFE not take it.

I know it seems so, but our unborn children is not a forgotten demographic in Liberaldom…they take this quite seriously. It’s obvious…they have turned women against their own bodies to reject their unborn and a deceived sense of empowerment that only they have that power. These stupid women have no clue that the government is actually controlling the population through their uterus and calling it ‘choice’ and a ‘right’.

Vote for Medicare. Vote for Social Security. Go ahead and vote for fake ‘free’ healthcare. Vote for an Obama-made recession that he says will magically disappear.

Instead, vote for those that have absolutely NO opinion of Social Security, Medicare, health insurance, the economy OR Obama.

Vote for those that only know the voice of God and his/her mother.

Vote for those that have no voice.

Vote like a baby….VOTE PROLIFE.

Claptrap, so on and so forth…until November and BEYOND.

Reproductive rights….really. A ‘right’ to reproduce or not? If you have sex, there’s a real good chance that you may reproduce…because that’s what causes PREGNANCY.

It is MY RIGHT to tell you that you are being LIED TO. The government wants to control you and your body with FREE healthcare, FREE contraception, FREE abortion and a FREE ride to vote. If it were not true, the government would be TEACHING you rather than giving this crap away FREE without explanation (psssst….the answer is socialism).

Here’s some other stupidity seen and heard about the SO-CALLED ‘war on women’:

Contraception solves hunger? Can a hungry person EAT contraception? NO, but keeping someone from being born solves the hunger he/she will never have which is the government’s plan.

Watch this – ‘Eat the Birth control!’

You say the government is not allowed in your bedroom but you want it funded? Isn’t that….PIMPING? Interesting, eh? It would behoove those that think they have a right to contraception and abortion to understand what the result can be with having sex either before or outside of marriage.

How is abortion safe and rare? Abortion always kills the unborn child…’NOT SAFE’!! And since at least 1.5 million unborn babies will die from abortion this year, I’d hardly call that RARE.

And how, EXACTLY, has your access to adequate health care been compromised? No, tell me EXACTLY how. I really want to know! Do you mean you don’t have a ride to get there or are you just stirring the Liberal Agenda pot to socialize your WAR ON CONSERVATISM? I keep hearing about this malady called the ‘war on women’, so please be very explicit and precise in your answer so that us real-life taxpaying Americans can understand how you’ve been duped this bad.

Planned Parenthood says that ‘birth control is basic preventive health care for women’. Yes, birth control does prevent the health and life of an unwanted child but how does that help the health of a woman? Birth control pills can cause heart attacks, stroke, blood clots, headaches, dizziness, mood swings…sounds like health care, alright.

Ignorance is no excuse…find out the real answers to the questions instead of being led around on the government leash.

Toppling the other Hussein.

Do you really think that EVERY Democrat is enamored with Obama? Of course not. But they will vote for him this November because they are party driven and agenda driven.

What is interesting to me is the absolute ignorance of people comes out when major political decisions are made, whether good and bad. Don’t get me wrong – I can be the chief offender – but before I put my offended self out there for everyone else to persecute, I try to reel it in and be a grown-up about it.

Let me explain. When Mitt Romney secured the Republican nomination, many Conservatives said that they were so insulted by this that they just won’t vote in November. Or even worse, Conservative and Tea Party contenders are publically voicing their disdain for Romney. This is dangerous ground to tread. You cannot ‘divide and conquer’ and expect a better outcome this November.

Even ardent public prolifers have said out loud that they will not vote at all because of Romney’s stance on prolife issues. NOT voting only makes you look like some kind of martyr instead of a responsible American that exercises their civil right to vote. The right to vote is an individual right that is taken advantage of by groups like ACORN while Conservatives stay home pouting and complaining.

Just because Romney isn’t prolife enough for you doesn’t mean you should pick up your toys and go home…it means to regroup, rethink and unite with other Conservatives, Republicans, Constitutionalists, Tea Partiers, etc. to bring the Constitution back to the White House where it belongs. The Affordable Care Act is just the tip of the iceberg of what Obama’s agenda is: Socialism.

Suck it up, my fellow Conservatives: It’s time to circle the wagons and get Barack HUSSEIN Obama out of the White House.