Well, Democracy was fun.

Where does the blame go? Who put Obama in office? Who is going to try to keep him in office? WOMEN. Liberal women that really believe in the SO-CALLED war on women. What a JOKE…and a CRIME called Obamacare. WELCOME TO THE OBAMA STATES OF AMERICA – where Obamacare won’t pay for life saving drugs and surgeries, but pays for ABORTION.

I am still trying to wrap my mind around how something like Obamacare was made constitutional in the first place when it clearly was not….then taking it back to SCOTUS to have it tossed back in our faces with their seal of approval. I’d like to say that we are no longer a democracy, but in truth America been running on socialism sweat for quite some time. We get a brief break now and then we can elect someone other than a Democrat.

How do you unwind a Supreme Court ruling? Ask Obama. He seems to be able to do what no other President could ever do…usurp Congress, Senate, and SCOTUS. And when that doesn’t work, he threatens them. I am very unclear how this person has gotten this far. He has never held a real job or owned a business. Obama runs on the sweat of his ‘followers’ much like Reverend Moon. Maybe Obama will hold mass weddings as well?

Much like the movie Logan’s Run, we will all have to succumb to the wiles of this thing called Obama-ism and Obamacare. We will have outlined lives, procreate when we are told to, and executed at the appointed time. And just like any other cult leader, he is exempt from his own capitulations…and kool-aid.

Our next step as Conservatives is to get this clown out of the White House and send him back to where ever he came from.

I’m Reverend Katherine Marple…and I approved this message.