Who really was Nelson Mandela?

Nelson Mandela certainly was NOT a friend to the unborn or to the people he claimed to protect. BUT much is the same with other ‘civil rights’ leaders that like to throw out a life preserver for the agenda but not the person.

“During Mandela’s prosecution for sabotage and treason, prosecutors also produced a document written by the controversial figure in which he actually boasted of being a Communist Party member. On being released from prison, Mandela proclaimed at a rally: “I salute the South African Communist Party for its sterling contribution to the struggle for democracy.” He appeared (and was photographed) at multiple rallies with SACP boss Joe Slovo in front of a giant hammer and sickle.” Read the rest here.


“Still, for 50 years, while admitting that he was influenced by Marx and other communist luminaries, Mandela has denied — in public, at least — that he was an actual member of the Communist Party. But now, documents discovered at the University of Cape Town by Stephen Ellis, a professor based at the Free University of Amsterdam, completely contradict Mandela’s bogus claims.” Read the rest here.

Then, what about apartheid in the womb? Much like in this country, we have a communist/socialist Barack Hussein Obama SELLING the abortion agenda that targets the people that voted for him: New CDC study shows that eugenics are targeting blacks and hispanics through abortion. Read that here. The study confirms 81.9% of babies aborted in New York City and 63.7 percent of babies aborted in Texas were Black or Hispanic.

The Abortion Agenda targets the poor, weak, disenfranchised, deceived, distracted and the desperate. These communist/socialist leaders gains the trust of the weak and go for the literal kill. Mandela and Obama have never been true friends of their supporters and prove this by killing off their unborn, much like Herod murdered children in the times of Christ just to keep his throne.

Mr Mandela has been quoted as saying on abortion: “Women have the right to decide what they want to do with their bodies.” In 1996, Mandela signed into law the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Bill, which permits abortion on demand. Read the rest here.

Just like here in the U.S., Mandela dressed up abortion and communism using his charismatic wiles to continue to keep black South Africans in HIS rule rather than sharing true FREEDOM. Truly, the only Civil Rights leaders that did not have an abortion or eugenic agenda was Rev. Martin Luther King. However, if you take a look at MLK‘s followers today you’ll see that they’ve done the same thing that Obama and Mandela did: SOLD OUT.

I sincerely hope that Mr. Mandela found the LORD before his death, but be very aware he did not protect unborn life, even of the people he claimed to protect. Read the abortion bill Mandela agreed with here.

Eugenics, the New Apartheid

Apartheid is not just a South African tragedy, the term apartheid (a policy or practice to segregate) has a distinct parallel with eugenics (selective segregation through breeding & bioethics), because both seek to segregate what has been deemed to be ‘bad’ from the ‘good’.

Eugenics is in and on the minds of many, particularly over-intellectualized professors, doctors and the like, since the opening of the Paralympic Games recently. Morally charged debates of a life issue that killed millions in the not so distant past are being rehashed at this moment. Is eugenics being reconsidered?

The answer is that eugenics was never NOT considered.

The International Eugenics Congress took place THREE times before Nazi German rose. The first Congress (1912) was attended by Winston Churchill and the son of Charles Darwin. There was an American exhibit sponsored by the American Breeders’ Association (founded 1903), which at the time was about ‘plant breeding’ but subsequently became the American Genetic Association in 1915. Darwin specified that ‘the introduction of principles of better breeding procedures for humans would require moral courage’. American sterilization laws were also discussed.

The second Congress (1921), Alexander Graham Bell was honorary president, discussed elimination of the unfit while the third Congress (1932) emphasized ‘birth selection over birth control as the method to better the offspring’.

As you can see, eugenics is not a new concept. Today, science is going faster than society and scientists are scurrying to keep up with hacking at our population and future population.

Professor John Harris, Lord David Alliance Professor of Bioethics & Director of iSEI at University of Manchester, says, “Because the Nazis embraced eugenics, it must be wrong for us to at least take the idea of improving human beings seriously…..rather silly to think things [eugenics] are wrong if bad people [Nazis] do them…..we don’t want nature to take its course, nature is a killer.” Professor Harris has been noted as saying he may advocate infanticide.

It’s no surprise that evolutionists believe that eugenics validates evolution. What we do know is that evolution is a theory and eugenics is being used to solidify Darwin’s theory; again, while evolution is still theory not yet proven, eugenics is actual and widely heralded as the way to justify the means of depopulation and burying God in a deep, deep grave….all over an unproven philosophy.

The new eugenics uses embryo selection to determine whether or not an unborn child can have Life because of disability, sickness or the wrong sex while birth control is still being used to stop pregnancy all together, and perhaps for future generations. Geoengineering has been and is being used by the government to retard our ability to reproduce via our food, water, toxic contraception, abortion and forced vaccinations on the long term.

Determining to set aside one sect of people from another is still quite relevant today; it’s hiding in plain view. We have accepted these evil practices as ‘scientific advances’ to make our ‘species’ better. The government has secularized Life to further its agenda of making the United States a global super power.

Abortion is our Apartheid, our Holocaust…it’s just hidden as ‘settled law’ and blinds society. Abortion is part of the Nazi’s idea and still being used to further the global agenda of evolutionizing and revolutionizing the human race.

Our eyes are wide shut not seeing the truth because Americans want to trust the government to take care of what they can’t. God has always been there to see what we cannot see, to provide what we can’t and protect us from evil. But people would rather trust in a failed society rather than a perfect God. Darwin is dead but God is ALIVE: ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth,’ Genesis 1:1, from the Bible AKA Creation 101.