Tim Hortons & Planned Parenthood?

In Columbus, OPPTimHortons1hio, today Tim Hortons sponsored a Planned Parenthood/Ohio Democratic Women’s Caucus event called “When Women Succeed, America Succeeds” with Nancy Pelosi. This is a ‘bus tour’ for Democrat women up for election/re-election. If you have a Facebook account, you can see a photo here and here; you’ll notice a graphic aborted sign as well…they must have missed it.


If you knew your favorite restaurant, hotel, mall store or vacation spot supported Planned Parenthood and the abortion agenda, would you spend your money with them? Principled stewardship of your money is quite important and can change the minds of vendors, businesses and corporations.

I was as shocked as anyone when I heard Tim Hortons was a sponsor. It was heard from the podium, too. It was noted that a Tim Hortons food truck was there as well.

We spend a lot of money at our local Tim Hortons. However, in light of this, we will no longer spend our money with them. When they stop supporting abortion, abortion facilities and abortion purveyors we will come back.

You may tweet Tim Hortons at @TimHortons AND @TimHortonsUS, also email them here.

Their response to me via email said:

“Our Coffee Truck was at an event in Columbus that supported women in business. During this event there happened to be pro-life protestors on the site at the same time. I would like to stress that these two events are unrelated and that Tim Hortons has no direct involvement in this event.”

Tim Hortons is distancing themselves from Prolifers rather than Planned Parenthood?


#TellTheTruth about #Tolerance & Forced #Segregation

or…fun with #hashtags? NO, this post is about INTOLERANCE of SIN; or perhaps the nonsensical and ungodly tolerances of our society today? The Bible and the Constitution were never meant to ‘evolve’; these are sacred texts that are being beaten up to sidle up to an agenda…AN AGENDA. America is quickly reverting back to what it was before the first pilgrim stepped foot on New World soil.

#tellthetruth: Abortion re-teaches segregation to a so-called ‘tolerant’ society. Abortion is perhaps the greatest loophole maker since 1776. We have to save the planet for people that died an abortion death? For as idiotic as that sounds, think about it for a minute: WHO will be left to absorb any leftover environmental resources they will ALLOW us to use? 60+ MILLION are dead while the ‘tolerant’ and ‘diverse’ are creating a pseudo race of people that hate anything of God or that is Godly.

Because of the loophole called the ‘exception case’ we have gone back in time to a segregated society that kills the weak, the sick, the unplanned, the unwanted, the poor, and targets minorities. If that ain’t SEGREGATION, then what is?

#tellthetruth: Loopholes force our hand at thinning the herd, thanks to the Democrat/Liberal agenda. Yesterday was World Down Syndrome Day to not only show that these wonderful complete human beings are straight from the heart of God but also to remind the American public that for every ONE Down Syndrome child or adult you see, NINE OTHERS DIED FROM ABORTION.

ChevyGayWedding2014#tellthetruth: Huge corporations are trying to snag THREE PERCENT OF THE POPULATION to gain ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’ points of the LGBT agenda. Remember, boycotting goes both ways – the more we ignore the problem, the better their foothold. For instance, during the Olympics we saw Visa, Chevrolet and Nabisco [that’s just the tip of the LGBT iceberg] glorifying sin by subjecting themselves to an AGENDA rather than just selling their product or service. As I said, boycotting and proper stewardship goes both ways.

#tellthetruth: Major corporations are forcing their employees to take ‘diversity training’ or lose their jobs and franchises REGARDLESS of their first amendment right of FREE SPEECH and FREEDOM OF RELIGION. The diversity agenda makes no sense because I assure you – and I used to be in sales – salespeople WANT to sell their product/service so they can pay their bills. But now this sick agenda is creeping into private businesses to force feed ‘diversity’ and ‘tolerance’: “It shows that tolerance is one way,” he said, referring to the militant gay protests. “Those who trumpet the message of tolerance have no tolerance for people who disagree with them.” Read the rest here.

#tellthetruth: People will trip over their own kids to rescue a puppy, then why are we so surprised that unborn babies are murdered every 24 seconds? We are force-fed LGBT agenda with a great big helping of ‘save the planet’ and global warming…this government is making zombies of the American public and WE ARE LETTING THEM.

God says to repent, not to forsake Him: “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land,” [2Chon 7:14]

“When anyone sins against his neighbor, and is forced to take an oath, and comes and takes an oath before Your altar in this temple, then hear in heaven, and act, and judge Your servants, condemning the wicked, bringing his way on his head, and justifying the righteous by giving him according to his righteousness.”

Read the rest of Solomon’s Dedication Prayer here

Principled Stewardship: Where does YOUR money go?

Being in prolife ministry we try to follow the money trail of what and who monetarily supports or votes for the gay agenda, abortion agenda or against our Constitutional freedoms. It’s no simple task but one that is worthy of your time.

If you knew your favorite restaurant, hotel, mall store or vacation spot supported these liberal agendas that are against your Christian or moral beliefs, would you spend your money with them?

A great resource of who follows the abortion money trail is Life Decisions, click here to find out a partial list of offenders.

ChevyGayWedding2014To follow who funds the gay agenda, quite honestly…it’s nearly everyone. Apple supports them, Microsoft supports them, DISNEY supports them, Chevrolet, Subaru, Kroger…the list goes on and on. Here is a partial list. I know how hard it is to find companies and corporations that do not succumb to worldly affiliations and agenda. To that we say to choose your fight wisely, boycott properly, be Godly and always do what gives Him Glory.

Then…what if this is going on under the radar? This takes real detective work OR dumb luck.

A locally known gay-affirming church affiliated with the United Church of Christ has partnered with WAFFLE HOUSE – two locations in our town – for a fundraiser. However, when you click here and here you’ll see that Waffle House is in the top 4 restaurants that DO NOT support the gay agenda.

“Wednesday, June 12th, is Waffle House day and evening from 2pm-9pm. Come anytime to the one across from the Greene and meet new friends and old friends. Just tell the waitress that you are there for Spirit Night and if we have enough the church will get a portion of all the receipts from everyone that is there from 2-9 (not just church people). Make sure the waitress gets the number of diners paid for on your bill.” [here – here]

Then the question is, DOES Waffle House know what kind of ‘church’ this is? At this particular ‘church’, the pastor is partnered to a man and together they parent two little boys. 

Personally, I can do two things regarding this example; I can go to the business in question and ask some hard questions and/or don’t eat at their restaurants anymore.

Of course this isn’t a real church…because if it were the pastor would be preaching the ENTIRE word of God rather than just bits of it. It is associated with the ‘Alliance of Baptists‘ who have essentially departed from the truth of the Gospel and have gone their own way.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Christians are turning to a social gospel rather than THE Gospel; if a Christian isn’t doing the ‘uncomfortable’, you’re doing it wrong. We are called to be separate from the lethargy of the world and the lie from the enemy.

This Waffle House debacle is certainly not unique but it should be. Do your due diligence and find out what’s going on in YOUR neighborhood, follow the money trail, listen to the elected officials. You’ll easily be able to take the agenda temperature so that you can be properly principled in your stewardship.

EQUALITY? I think the Constitution is about to be confetti….AGAIN.

Since the Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments regarding same-sex marriage, it should be important to Mr. & Mrs. American what is at stake and why this has gotten this far. If same-sex marriage becomes federal law, we will be forced to accept anything LGBT related regardless of our moral or Christian conscience and rights.

God HATES pride.This precious creation that God designed from His own image is being lambasted and forsaken as ‘equality’ in the Supreme Court. Here at KeepLifeLegal, we are have been busy promoting Life…Life that has been ordained and created by a Holy God that has a distinct plan for it. But Life cannot continue nor procreate if homosexual marriage becomes the law of the land.

Life began with one man and one woman, “So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. Then God blessed them, and God said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth’,” Genesis 1:27-28.

Dear Mr. & Mrs. American, where do you think your money goes? Do you know the money trail of the companies you frequent? It should be NO surprise that public and private businesses/corporations give money to or espouse the LGBT lifestyle and abortion rights. The one in the news today is Starbucks – they have said out loud that your business is not wanted unless you agree with the LGBT Agenda. And of course that’s the tip of the iceberg. You’ll be shocked at the local companies you’ve trusted for years that have been supporting the LGBT Agenda while acting like a traditional family-friendly business.

The actual community of LGBT is about 3-4% of the American population…but it’s their family, friends, co-workers, and local government that makes up far more of whom actually vote for gay rights. Simply said, just one LGBT family member can sway hundreds of people just in friends and family alone and their VOTE even if they do not personally agree with the gay lifestyle or agenda. They are more concerned about offending one homosexual but not concerned at all of what that one act of affirmation can do to the population as a whole.

Mr. & Mrs. American, you are about to lose your rights within traditional marriage.

But don’t look so surprised – you should have seen this coming with the gay agenda infecting public schools and the Church. Did you really believe that affirming the homosexual lifestyle will go without consequence? Right now, they are on the steps of the Supreme Court to make gay marriage federal law. AND much like Roe v. Wade, people will accept gay marriage just like they did with abortion because it won’t personally affect them – or at least they think it won’t.

Let’s revisit the Chick-fil-A boycott…clearly the LGBT took a potshot at a Christian corporation to try to change their philosophy and business practices. The LGBT is OFFENDED by ANYONE taking a moral or Christian stance against their agenda. Is boycotting the answer? That is up to you. But I will tell you that we do our best to NOT to buy products or services from companies that have turned away from traditional natural family values. Intolerance of moral, Christian values is NOT protected by law. This is a list of corporations and business that readily support the LGBT, not traditional moral or Christian values:

Forcing Godly, moral people to accept this agenda is yet another way to take God out of our lives and replace Him with moral evolution. God has not changed nor will He. It is up to Christian America to take our country back:

  1. The world is assumed to have evolved to not just allow but force the Gay Agenda – which is only 3-4% of the population – to make everyone else, regardless of our Godly morality, accept a lifestyle and choice to the point of changing federal laws.
  2. It is assumed that if your Godly conscience does not agree with the Gay Agenda, then you have committed a hate crime. Read that here.
  3. When gay marriage is finally federal law, we will be forced to ‘accept’ what is not of God and is against our moral compass that WAS the law of the land since time began (get your Bible and read GENESIS). It will also be indoctrinated in public schools so that children will be taught what is not only morally wrong but against your conscience as a parent.
  4. You will be forced to accept the Gay Agenda in the workplace to the point of being forced to take classes or workshops. These tests and classes will make the workforce learn how to speak to gay people differently so that they are not offended, which is what Ford and Chevrolet are already putting in place in management and sales within dealerships nationwide regardless of YOUR morality. A lot of Corporate America has succumbed already. A moral person exercising their conscience will be fired for not bending to the Gay Agenda. Don’t pass? NO JOB.
  5. The Gay Agenda has forced most states to allow homosexuals to adopt and foster children. Most times these kids are too young to know that they have a choice to be brought up in a Godless home or in a Godly home that has one man and one woman as parents. Do you think that a gay couple will take their adopted child to a ‘pride’ event or church? Which lifestyle do you think will be tolerated in their home.

What say you, Mr. & Mrs. American?