Proabort “Clergy” is Targeting Christian Church Services

And they aren’t even hiding it: “I have to confess, as I watched via livestream the interruption of the end of Bishop Robert Brennan’s homily during the anti-abortion mass at St. Joseph’s Cathedral on January 22nd, my first feeling was of sorrow.” Did it? Did it really? Mr. Clergy’s so-called sorrow seems to be a bit two-faced calling for more of the same.

Mr. Clergy has upped the ante calling a challenge to disrupt church services, particularity prolife churches. They aren’t sorry about it. Mr. Clergy did not apologize or denounce what they did. In fact, he called it a HOLY OBLIGATION.

So you have to ask yourself, “What am I going to do about it?”

First, protect yourself and your family. This is why open carry and concealed carry in churches is essential. Very few churches can afford to hire security guards to keep you safe. These proaborts terrorized a church service on Respect Life Day with children present. And they have said they will do it again.

Second, call the police and demand an arrest. These proaborts purposely do not carry identification or park close enough for anyone to see their license plates, you know, like criminals. They have also gone to most of the BLM insurgency and know how to escape arrests and bring syringes of milk in case they are teargassed. They know HOW to break the law.

Third, what Mr. Clergy failed to tell you in his diatribe is that doxxing is their practice, they want you fired from your job and humiliated for PROTECTING UNBORN LIFE. Always take video and photos, broadcast live if you can.

Mr. Clergy, it is our HOLY OBLIGATION to protect unborn life while YOU instigate proborts to terrorize peaceful prolifers in church and on the sidewalk. We also have the entire video of the siege on the church, it looked eerily like what happened at the Capitol. Isn’t that…interesting.

And Mr. Clergy, challenge accepted.

Understanding the Hypocritical Prochoice Bully

True enough, prochoice and hypocrite and bully go hand in hand. Let me explain.

KeepLifeLegal has been targeted [along with others] by hypocritical prochoice/proabort drones. They try to locate peaceful prolifers to intimidate them to stop professing LIFE and Jesus Christ. These people are God-hating racist liars. Below is an excerpt from their site:

By providing addresses and telephone numbers, they are asking people to intimidate and attack peaceful prolifers at their own homes, whether knocking on their doors or calling them. But let me go through their own bullet points, one by one, to let everyone know exactly who the haters and bullies are:

1. Intolerance: Prochoicers and proaborts are completely intolerant of anyone that does not agree with their agenda. They have this unbending will to extract people from the general public who pose a threat to them politically.

2. Discrimination: Prochoicers and proaborts single out, segregate AND victimize Christians for every reason why their agenda fails.

3. Hatred: Prochoicers and Proaborts drive by a bunch of women on the sidewalk – prolifers that are peacefully praying – to tell us to “Get a job”, “F*** you”, (and my personal fave) “F*** yourselves, you f***ing c***”, and that’s not counting the one finger wave. Who’s the haters?

4. Violence: Every day in the United States over 4000 babies die from abortion, that we know about. They are sucked out of the womb by a shopvac sounding machine OR torn apart with surgical instruments LITERALLY until the baby is a pile of limbs, a head and torso. I’d call that VIOLENT….I’d call that MURDER.

But the violence doesn’t stop there, we’ve been physically attacked in the street while peacefully praying and offering life-affirming options to the moms that come to the killing facilities. Studies show that most post abortive women wanted someone to tell them that they have other options besides abortion.

5. Bigotry: Dear prochoicer/proabort…did you know that over 75% of all abortion facilities – particularly Planned Parenthood facilities – are placed BY DESIGN in minority or poverty stricken neighborhoods? Planned Parenthood was birthed [pun intended] by eugenicist Margaret Sanger, and her agenda is as alive today as it was 100 years ago. In fact, Ruth Bader Ginsberg has said, “Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.” The sad fact is that Black women  make up about 8% of the population and have 40% of all abortions. At that rate, they cannot repopulate. Seems rather obvious that they, other minorities, AND the poverty stricken have been TARGETED. I do believe that is called BIGOTRY.

 6. Extremism :

  • At least 1/3 of women are post-abortive: EXTREME.
  • Over 55+ MILLION babies aborted: EXTREME.
  • In some states, women can abort up to term: EXTREME.
  • Baby girls and the disabled are targeted by abortion: EXTREME.
  • Minors can abort without a parent’s consent: EXTREME.

DEAR PROCHOICE/PROABORT BULLY: You hate and you spew; you grind your teeth in disgust of the prolifer. And why? Because we have dared to demonized what you have made holy: ABORTION. There is never a right time to abort nor is there ever a right reason to abort. But somehow you have made this your life’s work and religion, to take life from unborn babies. Why does that make you happy? How does the death of innocent babies make your world brighter? WHY DO YOU HATE GOD?

And here’s the irony of the story: I was once YOU. I hated anything good or decent or holy. My life, just like yours, was filled with sin and overflowed with EVIL. I laughed in the face of it, I shook my fist at God. And by the way…God doesn’t like that.

But let me tell you why I’m here, on the sidewalk, waiting for pre-abortive women. I was once pre-abortive. I was pregnant at a time that I shouldn’t have been, but none the less, I was pregnant. My baby deserved to live despite my lousy life choices. Most pre-abortive moms think they are doing this great service to sacrifice their baby’s life so that he/she will not know pain and disappointment or even more horrible, so that you can continue in a lifestyle that will bring you right back to the abortion facility.

Yes, I was you. But THANK GOD that I am now the peaceful Prolife Christian that you HATE.

Here on the sidewalk, we want to save all the babies, not just the blonde/blue eyed ones. ALL life is sacred and deserves to be lived to his/her fullest potential and set on the path God has for him/her.

My dearest prochoice/proabort bully….you cannot stop what God has started. We are not leaving the sidewalk. But while you’re there trying to bully us to stop, let me tell you about Jesus…

Who is Amanda Todd?

The answer to that question years from now will probably be, “Who?” Exactly my point.

Amanda Todd was cyber-bullied and blackmailed, and subsequently bullied at her school. She changed schools – and with the miracle of the internet, she was greeted with the same bullying. Just like most bullied kids, she fought with suicidal thoughts. But Amanda succeeded. says: Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people, resulting in about 4,400 deaths per year, according to the CDC. For every suicide among young people, there are at least 100 suicide attempts. Over 14 percent of high school students have considered suicide, and almost 7 percent have attempted it…..Bully victims are between 2 to 9 times more likely to consider suicide than non-victims, according to studies by Yale University.

Although every bullying situation is different, there is one common denominator: ORGANIZED HATE.

Most of these bullied kids are not a minority or homosexual like the media lets you believe, neither are they always ‘outsiders’ that bring weapons to schools. They are unobserved and disqualified. They disguise themselves as somewhat normal to ‘fit in’. Their parents tell them to get over it. Ignored. Like me, they were middle class white kids.

Being a bullied kid, I was subjected to always being not good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, not quite ANYTHING. Suicidal thoughts were NORMAL. Bullied kids plotted their own demise and departure every day.

I can’t articulate well enough just how it feels to be in everyone’s way.

Did you really think that bullied kids had a peaceful sanctuary at home to go to and regroup? Not true. Bullied kids are bullied at home by their siblings, parents, cousins.

Bullies are terrorists.

Bullied kids are scared of everyone and try to trust everyone. I know that sounds contradictory, but being a bullied kid I can tell you that this is true. We want to be accepted, not homecoming queen or king. We want to participate.

Bullying never goes completely away. It finds you at work, with your (ex) spouse, sometimes your own children.

I thank God for many things but I am so glad that I did not grow up in the cyber world. For as bad as I had it when I was a kid, I cannot imagine what it is like to have people know everything in SECONDS over [anti] social media and texting. People love gossip to fulfill their otherwise empty day – but you should know that thousands of kids RIGHT THIS MINUTE are suicidal because of what others say and do. Do they realize the blood on their hands?

Interestingly, my bullied past has somewhat benefitted what I do in our Prolife Ministry. But what I do now precipitates a new kind of bully…one which I encourage because it will cause you to think about the ultimate bully….abortion and abortionists killing innocent LIFE about 4000 time per day in the U.S.

God. Yes, God helped me with my fears and how I was wronged. He is the one that kept me from suicide and a life of being unknown. GOD knows me, since the beginning of the WORLD! I was created in HIS image, not the world’s view. GLORY TO GOD He has set me free from the condemnation that the world gave me through His Son Jesus Christ.

I can’t say it loud enough or often enough…if it were not for the love of GOD I would be dead.

Who is Amanda Todd? I am, and so are millions of others. Words hurt.