Gettin’ All Westboro in Prolife Ministry.

At KeepLifeLegal, we are an Evangelical Christian ministry dedicated to the preservation of LIFE from fertilization to natural death. Within that, we are also dedicated to the traditional natural family and marriage as it is defined in the Bible. We believe that the public sidewalk in front of the abortion facility to be exactly that, PUBLIC, that anyone can come and pray peacefully. The only insults one should be hearing is from prochoice passersby, not other prolifers.

2013-07-25 11.07.19There has been a great tumult within the prolife movement between prolife Catholics and prolife Evangelicals with a calvinist-based abolition movement that goes to abortion facilities to disturb and offend prolifers who pray and counsel at these facilities. We are grateful for everyone that shows up to do this uncomfortable thing that most people won’t do….then why come to the sidewalk to preach to other prolifers?

This group of criticizers also insinuates divisive wedges between themselves, essentially saying “You’re not doing it right” or “You’re not doing it on MY terms”. But interestingly, I have never seen these people on the sidewalk at my community’s abortion facility…not once. They condemn everyone except themselves, making their organization an ‘island’ of sorts; if ANYONE says they are the only ones with the truth and everyone else is wrong…you might just have a CULT314599_1563556704704_1708950431_800800_1643258152_n

Instead of standing on the same common sidewalk to do an uncommon thing – to keep moms from aborting – this tactical Westboro-like teams of people would rather insult and belittle others for not being like-minded – do it my way or no way – rather than the task at hand: SAVING LIVES.

The criticizers are Calvinists, not Evangelical Christians…thusly, they pick on Catholics and other Evangelicals for what they believe to be inconsistencies rather than  look back at their own man-made false religion.They are not evangelists because they are not Evangelical.

I have to wonder what pre-abortive moms and coercers think when they see this debacle.These tactical Westboro-type ‘evangelists’ show up at abortion facilities to ridicule and criticize, they have taken the position of condemnation and finger-pointing. A great Evangelist I know once said ‘Remember that when you point your finger at someone, there are at least three pointing back at you’. TRUTH.

The Killing Place
The Killing Place

The common sidewalk in front of these horrible facilities are for everyone and should be utilized for the task at hand: keeping moms from aborting their baby TODAY.

Pray to end abortion, evangelize to save the lost, teach with the entirety of the Word of GOD:

“For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” Hebrews 4:12

The video below shows the tactic taken at the abortion facility instead of this ‘evangelist’ finding a place on the common PUBLIC sidewalk to pray to end abortion. And for the record, KeepLifeLegal is a strong supporter of 40 Days for Life.

[January 9, 2015] Showing the depravity of this so-called movement of abolitionists, video below was removed sometime after the original post of this article in 3/26/13. In the deleted video, abolitionists came up to Catholics saying a rosary on a public sidewalk in front of an abortion facility DURING 40 Days for Life telling them LOUDLY how wrong they are…for being prolife and Catholic IN FRONT OF women going in and out of the facility.

The Moderate Prolifer, part 2

Does religion or religious affiliation have anything to do with abortion? Yes and No.

Understanding Post Abortive women is an on-the-job learning experience, unfortunately. A Post Abortive woman/counselor wrote, “She said she had supported the right of a woman to obtain an abortion, but had grown up in a Christian family and never thought she would have one herself.” I wish I could say I never heard that song before, but I have – in my own life. Over half of Post Abortive women considered themselves Christian at the time of their abortion, and many more were raised in a ‘Christian’ home (catholic, main-line protestant, evangelical, etc) but had negated or denied their faith:

“Women identifying themselves as Protestants obtain 37.4% of all abortions in the U.S.; Catholic women account for 31.3%, Jewish women account for 1.3%, and women with no religious affiliation obtain 23.7% of all abortions. 18% of all abortions are performed on women who identify themselves as “Born-again/Evangelical” –

Women that abort identify themselves as having a form of religion either in their lives at the time or when they were growing up. Evidently, whatever their affiliation is, their church has not professed what the Bible teaches regarding killing or harming another person, whether that person is born or not yet born. There is a lull and even a complete lax in teachings regarding LIFE – all LIFE. Churches today consider teaching against abortion and homosexuality archaic and even blasphemous. Obviously these new church leaders are reading the newspapers and novels, not the Bible.

Today, what the moderate prolifer needs to remember is what Jesus said near the end of His own life, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself”. The ‘neighbor’ is everyone, born and not yet born – that being said is it okay to abort anyone if you are to love your ‘neighbor’?

God is not a respecter of persons (Acts 10:34); He shows no partiality to anyone; all LIFE is valid and precious.