Dayton’s Mayor, Nan Whaley, CHOSE to go to a fundraising event that will fund Planned Parenthood in Ohio. She was accompanied by another woman I did not recognize. I mentioned to her that while she attends this event AS Mayor, 72 Ohioans will die an abortion death. It is quite apparent that Nan Whaley does NOT represent ALL Dayton residents…just the wanted ones. Of course, this was a flagrant misuse of her title ‘Mayor’. I would think that after such a debacle, she would step down as Mayor considering she is pushing her personal agenda in public.


The Cincinnati Enquirer reported, “Media representatives could attend – but to do so, they were asked to sign a statement from the Queen City Club promising not to reveal the location of the event. The Enquirer chose not to do that.” Read the rest here.

Cecile Richards crept in unaware into the Queen City Club in downtown Cincinnati, once known as a place for men to drink brandy and smoke cigars. Now it’s been tarnished with the blood money of the abortion giant, Planned Parenthood. Many of the club’s patrons asked us what we were doing and not one of them knew that this fundraiser was going on. Everyone was clearly offended that such a staple in Cincinnati was used for the Walmart of abortion.

Ms. Richards is very aware that Planned Parenthood will not get money from Ohio:

“The Reprioritization of Family Planning Funds will ensure that the first to receive these funds are the 180 Community Health Center clinics throughout the state and that abortion provider Planned Parenthood is last to receive them. The Ohio Parenting and Pregnancy Support Act funds crisis pregnancy centers, reimbursing the centers on a fee-for-service basis for non-medical services. The Strengthening of Abortion Clinic Regulations will ensure that abortion clinics are being held accountable for standards of cleanliness.” Read the rest here

KEEPLIFELEGALAnd in a timely manner, Ms. Richards wrote a note to Governor Kasich via the Cincinnati Enquirer. Apparently…she is watching him. I found this to be quite comical:

“Planned Parenthood Action Fund has launched the Women are Watching campaign to ensure women know exactly where the candidates stand on issues that affect their health and rights. Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio will be working as part of that effort to defeat Kasich and send a women’s health champion to the governor’s mansion.

We know what’s at stake for women this November.

We’ll be working around the clock to defeat opponents of women’s health and help stem the tide of attacks on women’s health that are hurting Ohio women and families.” Read the rest here.

Actually, I’d call this a threat to our legislators and their family’s well being and support. Texas told Cecile to pack it up, and with our recent victories in the Ohio Statehouse, we not only concur but will take KEEPLIFELEGALanother step further to defeat abortion in Ohio and across this great nation.

The REAL threat to women’s health IS Planned Parenthood and Cecile Richards. She is a threat to every unborn baby in this state and across the nation. Richards is a threat to every mom, grandmother, father, grandfather, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin and friend. If there is a ‘war on women’, it’s because women like her demonstrate short-cutting who women truly are by making them subservient to the abortion & reproductive agenda.

Ms. Richards and Ms. Whaley:
WE are watching YOU.

Memorial to the Innocents


Nan Whaley, Mayor of Dayton, is on the Planned Parenthood host committee for a  funding event on May 8th in Cincinnati. This is Cecile Richards ‘Ohio Tour’ to raise funds since the recent law passed to put Planned Parenthood on the bottom of the free money list because they are an abortion ‘provider’.

She is backed by EMILY’s List whose mission statement says: “We elect pro-choice Democratic women to office“. Nan Whaley fails women by purporting cheap birth control and abortion. If there is a ‘war on women’, it’s because women like her demonstrate short-cutting who women truly are by making them subservient to the abortion & reproductive agenda.

Nan  Whaley has no business as Mayor to raise funds for any abortion provider that murders future voters [ironic?]. She is just another proabort who relies on blood money for votes. But she can’t stop there…she has to continue her murderous rampage against unborn Ohioans?

If she can turn her back to the most innocent, vulnerable and underserved of Dayton; how can we possibly trust her to have our back? The answer is that WE CANNOT TRUST NAN WHALEY TO SERVE ALL OF THE PEOPLE.

And interestingly, she hasn’t promoted her date for the Planned Parenthood event on her official Facebook page.

Download the flyer to the Planned Parenthood event here.



The New Prolife Media Sensatìon

If you want to be the new Prolife social media sensation, just mention HATE, BULLY, HYPOCRITE and PROCHOICE in the same sentence. How appropriate that a baby killing society would consider a lowly prolifer to be a threat to their idealistic way of pseudo life. The intimidation is amazing from the social justice lefties. But isn’t it something to see how these self appointeed idols want to save the world but not the tiny life in the womb.


Seemingly, it’s a one hit wonder to them, us prolifers. But the truth is that in the end, which is coming rapidly, will determine who’s right and who’s wrong. Let me be clear: If you do not know Jesus Christ as Savior, you are heading in the wrong direction. Your misdirection can hurt you.


Why hate prolifers and the unborn? Why fight to the bitter end to kill? How are you different than Baby Doc or Idi Amin? You young ones will need to look that up.


I asked a prochoicer what she’ll do for the real women that come and go at the abortion facility. Crickets. That’s right…bully your way through a crowd to be noticed but have no solutions or even substance. You have nothing to fall back on but other bullies that want to torment women with abortion and grief. How typical of prochoicers to believe a lie that makes themselves seem powerful. My power comes from the Holy Spirit, not Wendy Davis or Cecile Richards.

Be inspired today, see that your way is not the way of polite society. No matter how you think you see it, my dear prochoicer, ABORTION KILLS UNBORN CHILDREN. Every time.

Right now, I’m in a coffee shop and a dad brings in his little girl, a toddler, for a daddy-daughter date. They chat and eat their doughnuts, she seems so happy to have his total attention; she giggles and he pretends he understands her baby chatter. It’s beautiful, it’s heartwarming, it’s as if time stood still for just a minute. If her mother was ever abortion minded and you had your way, this moment would not be happening right now.

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WOMEN: Giver of LIFE or Assassin?

In these great United States of America, I have seen much in my 50+ years. But this insane appeal from all four corners to keep hatchet wielding butchers in business without being properly licensed or inspected as much as these same states do for NAIL SALONS is beyond me. And just to let you know, in nail salons NO ONE DIES. standwithunborntexaswomen

States needed to man-up and make better laws to truly protect a women in crisis and/or in a botched abortion. There is NOT ONE REASON that any anti-life person can give that should keep these storefront butchers free from the law. It is hypocritical to say this is not for “women’s health”. There is no excuse or justification to be against these new laws or their reasoning is what we’ve said all along…it’s all about being able to kill an unborn child for any reason at any time regardless of the safety of the mother.

Texas is a hotbed right now, and should be. Planned Parenthood and NARAL have PAID thousands of ‘people’ to chant, hate, debase, spit on and terrorize peaceful prolifers. It is these PAID SATANIC TERRORISTS that want abortion law so lax that pedophiles and pimps will not be reported or jailed. These are the same folks that protect identities of rapists of minors for the sake of legal baby killing AND THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR.

Think of it this way…it’s sort of like an abortion mafia and old Cecile is the mob boss with the government in her pocket. But every boss has their Eliot Ness 🙂

From the Columbus Dispatch: Abortion opponents have secured wins in at least five states besides Ohio so far this year:

• In Indiana, Republican Gov. Mike Pence signed a law in May requiring doctors to perform an ultrasound before an abortion. Wisconsin state lawmakers are considering similar legislation.

• In Alabama, a law takes effect Monday requiring patients to undergo an examination before prescribing pills to end a pregnancy. It also requires physicians to ask minors for the name and age of a fetus’s father before performing an abortion, although the patient can decline.

• A Kansas law signed in April protects certain doctors from malpractice suits, even if they withhold information about birth defects that might have led the patient to choose an abortion. It also bars abortion providers from participating in public-school sex education.

• Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant, a Republican, signed a bill in April requiring doctors to conduct pre- and post-examinations for women seeking abortion pills. Previously, women were allowed to get the pills via telemedicine.

• In South Dakota, a bill signed in March requires women to wait three days to make a decision after consulting with an abortion doctor, not including weekends or holidays.

See y’all in Austin! 

The Gosnell Tipping Scale of Polite Society

Are you offended yet? Has abortion finally sunk in as a heinous crime that systematically attacks and kills the unborn, just born and aborting mothers? Do you see how the abortion agenda is promoted within the high minority areas of neighborhoods, towns and cities to at least 80% of all abortion facilities? Does the death of innocents ignored in the mainstream media enrage you? Has the Gosnell trial shown you what abortion ACTUALLY is and that he targeted scared, poor minority girls and women? Because if it has not then you are either Cecile Richards or the devil himself.

If this ‘sighting’ is true, Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood, is in Philadelphia on a train with some of the stalwarts of the prolife movement to attend the Kermitt Gosnell Trial along with other pro-abortion ghouls and life-minded prolifers. It is incredibly interesting to see the pro-aborts come out of the woodwork to defend a man and an agenda that murdered born children in his ‘clinic’ dubbed, and rightly so, A HOUSE OF HORRORS.

When the mainstream media finally picked up on the Gosnell trial, it went into defense mode to curtail any misgivings and black eyes this lunatic gave the abortion agenda. This is no surprise – since the 1973 decision to kill unborn children on demand and without apology has made LIFE a political issue and squarely set the Supreme Court in our homes, bedrooms, relationships and marriages making parenting our daughters nearly illegal.

“Gosnell does not represent the average abortion provider.” That is an oxymoron…Gosnell killed, Gosnell is an abortionist, and abortionists kill unborn and just born babies…and sometimes their mothers. Initially, Gosnell’s facility got raided for prescription drugs, not illegal abortions…I’d say there’s a disconnect there.

SIDE NOTE: Abortion ‘doctors’ are not the antiseptic white coat cladded smiling jack-o-lanterns that they have actors portray in their brochures and the mainstream media. Planned Parenthood is the worst for this, trying to soften the blow of baby killing with smooth talk and a smile. Abortion doctors ARE Kermitt Gosnell.

The rabid anti-choice crowd fails to mention the fact that those things [born baby killing] do not typically happen at Planned Parenthood or other reputable abortion facilities. They won’t let the facts get in the way of their typically hysterical propaganda.” Actually, who Gosnell is and what he did is just the tip of the abortion iceberg and it’s not about restrictive laws – it is to make a lot of money without the constraint of law. Gosnell did what he did to be a multi-millionaire, not a humanitarian. Further, Planned Parenthood practices EXACTLY what Gosnell did…putting the lives of women in danger daily and has made women unable to have children or women that die during an abortion.

OBSERVATION: ‘REPUTABLE ABORTION FACILITIES’? If there is such a thing, then why aren’t abortionists and their workers publishing their telephone numbers and addresses? Abortionists like Warren Hern has taxpayer paid federal protection….and they call abortion reputable?

Anna Breslaw, Cosmopolitan: “Anti-choice politicians who are now acting outraged about Gosnell need to realize that their legislature is primarily to blame for these tragedies.” If this is actually about LAW, then how was this facility NOT inspected by the state? I’d bet the farm that the nail salon that Anna goes to has been inspected at least once in the last year. The obvious bias that the abortion agenda is privileged to have is one bought and paid for by women exactly like her. Women like Anna Breslaw is why this tragedy happened and why abortion is legal in the first place….just like Helen Gurley Brown, her former editor-in-chief of Cosmo, she and women like them are responsible for a sexual revolution that has killed OVER 55 MILLION.

Today in Philadelphia, the abortion agenda, Planned Parenthood and Cecile Richards is shamelessly wielding their propaganda axe in the face of a dead immigrant and several born babied killed after they had the audacity to be born alive….besides the other MILLIONS of unborn children killed and left on the road of Roe v. Wade.