The God-INTENDED Feminist, Part 2

Being an ordained minister, I know what a God-intended feminist is, there are so many great women to list in this post. The first obvious God-intended feminist is the Prophetess Deborah who was a leader well before there were suffragettes. The next one that comes 2016-07-21 10.46.41ato mind is Esther, she literally put her life on the line to free her people. This is probably my favorite, Bathsheba. She was an adulterer, repentant, and became the mother of Solomon. Even more notably, The Proverbs 31 Woman. I love her best because she really made a mess of her life, cleaned it up, and through God’s Grace became the benchmark that every woman should aspire to be. And that’s just in the Old Testament.

So when I see the ‘new’ feminism, especially in the prolife movement, as a Christian and minister I am offended that any woman would label themselves a ‘new’ feminist. Never has a so-called movement been so clearly not of God, nor of polite society.

Feminism was not meant to be ugly and mean, but here we are. And the prolife movement is no exception to this ugliness. This ‘new’ feminism is very interesting to me, but even more so are the splinter groups that have formed, both prolife and proabort sides. Just to make this clear, I am NOT surprised that progressive feminists are evil and vile. It’s obvious, kind of like daring people to cross them, or whatever. I find it very cartoony and simple, obnoxious and funny. These ‘women’ really believe they speak for all women.

What is more disturbing and reprehensible are the faux-life feminists. I mean seriously. What really separates them from proaborts? Because if I saw them side by side, I’d have a pretty rough time seeing or hearing the difference, and not because of their appearance, but because of their shaming, shunning, filthy language, lack of sensibilities and basic manners.

The capability to be in polite society should set us apart from the animals, but how would anyone know the difference? My way or the highway, throw friends under the bus, cop a lousy attitude.

Then, what happened to the God-intended feminists? Why is the faux-life movement so offended at the real things of God? Why are prolife Christian women judged as being extreme? To that, I say THANK YOU FOR NOTICING. Being set apart for such a time as this is called MINISTRY. Much like the OT and NT God-intended feminists, I trust God, not feminism, to do what God has called me to do, a task taken seriously without apology.

But why are the ‘new’ feminists so mean to the God-intended feminists? Maybe being a Trump Conservative was just too much to deal with. Are we too old to be ‘relevant’? That’s ageism. No preaching on the sidewalk? That’s persecution. No graphic imagery? That’s not telling the whole truth.

Look, it’s real easy to be the popular one when you go out of your way to look and sound the part. But when you refuse to set yourself apart from the opposition, all you’ve done is a whole bunch of nothing, causing confusion, being part of the problem. And that’s too bad. There is so much more for you.

“And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” [Romans 12:2]


The Prolife Cause of the Proverbs 31 Woman

Being a Proverbs 31 woman, or at least aspiring to be, has it’s responsibilities. So when women that are abortion-minded OR pro-‘choice’ [proaborts] and call themselves Christians or ‘religious’, remind them of what the Proverb actually says:

v8 Open your mouth for the speechless,
In the cause of all who are appointed to die.
v9 Open your mouth, judge righteously,

And plead the cause of the poor and needy.

1. Open your MOUTH [mentioned TWICE]

The word righteous is an adjective: 1) characterized by uprightness or morality, 2) morally right or justifiable, 3) acting in an upright, moral way; virtuous. []

And if you’re a Bible nerd like us, see the origins and meaning of judge and righteous/righteously in the Strong’s. You won’t find what proaborts – Christian or not – accuse us of. And that’s probably because they are not properly taught anything about the Bible.

SO: NO EXCUSES. The Bible is very clear on this, there is no middle ground or gray area. If you do not engage by starting the conversation for those who cannot, and plead their cause before they go to the executioner, YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN…or human, for that matter.

Dear Christian woman, GO TO THE SIDEWALK and plead the cause because the BIBLE says…COMMANDS us to do this wonderful thing for the speechless.

So, get all Picard on ’em and ENGAGE.


YOU can contribute to KeepLifeLegal by simply going to the sidewalk, praying, voting for and supporting prolife candidates & legislation.

Prolife Evangelism or Anti-Abortion Activism? Yes, please.

If you are, at all, a well rounded Christian, you KNOW that both anti-abortion activism and prolife ministry are timely. LIFE is the message of the hour. Without LIFE, there is nothing. Loving your neighbor means even the smallest and most vulnerable who can never say ‘thank you’. Hiding behind credentials and a pulpit does not exempt you from your duty to be Pastor to ALL.

Prolife street ministry is our last defense for the unborn who are within the reach of the abortionist. Give them the Gospel, give them hope, give them LIFE, stand fast in the FAITH, love them both.

But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you…..Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.” [Matthew 5:44, 48].

Love them both, protect them both. Stand in the gap.


EXPOSING THE ABORTION AGENDA FROM THE PULPIT, ON THE SIDEWALK, THE MEDIA & IN THE STATEHOUSE: “Once I realized that my abortion was a tragedy and not an accomplishment, I was able to discern correctly that abortion is, indeed, MURDER.” ~ Rev. Kat, post-abortive minister, counselor, AMERICAN.

YOU can contribute to KeepLifeLegal by simply going to the sidewalk, praying, voting for and supporting anti-abortion candidates.

Mommy Blogs & Abortion

If you are a proabort, do not write a mommy blog or book. It’s just plain embarrassing. I mean, it was hard for us to read and not see what a hypocrite this person is. And call KEEPLIFELEGALyourself a Christian? Let me help you with something:

1. Jesus has never and will never support abortion.
2. Jesus did address abortion in the 10 Commandments.

We see you trying to explain yourself to proaborts, I mean seriously. They wait like vultures for this kind of stuff. You fill their empty bag of nothing they claim to be ‘choice’ with the blood of innocent children.

The Heartbeat Bill is an excellent bit of legislation that will save the lives of innocent children caught up unknowingly in another person’s lousy choices. Why should children die for the sins of another? If this person or any other ‘mommy blogger’ believes abortion is okay, you need to throw your pen and computer away TODAY.

As I pen this, I have my 11th grandchild on my lap punching keys and buttons like a champ, and definitely not in the right order. Every child is wanted by a Holy God you claim to love. This Ordained Minister/Writer suggests you reread your Bible and run as fast as you can to the Alter of Repentance.

This Minister/Writer also suggests that the local mommy blogger get out of her comfy upper-suburban house and come to the sidewalk. She should see for herself what it looks like when 97% or more of the aborting moms are killing healthy babies EVERY DAY.

Today, 60 unborn Ohioans will die from an abortion death.  EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Put THAT on your mommy blog and post it.

“Sing, O barren,
You who have not borne!
Break forth into singing, and cry aloud,
You who have not labored with child!
For more are the children of the desolate
Than the children of the married woman,” says the Lord. [Isaiah 54:1]

EXPOSING THE ABORTION AGENDA FROM THE PULPIT, ON THE SIDEWALK, THE MEDIA & IN THE STATEHOUSE: “Once I realized that my abortion was a tragedy and not an accomplishment, I was able to discern correctly that abortion is, indeed, MURDER.” ~ Rev. Katherine, post-abortive minister, counselor, AMERICAN.

YOU can contribute to KeepLifeLegal by simply going to the sidewalk, praying, voting for and supporting prolife candidates.

If Illegal Abortion Would Be a CRIME, Part 2

The questions was, IF abortion would become illegal, should the abortionist AND the mother be punished – prosecuted – for breaking the law? I am so glad that Trump opened this discussion, it has KEEPLIFELEGALseparated the goats from the sheep…or pro-Gospel life advocates from prolifers? Even I said ‘prolife’ for so long that the meaning of it got lost in the movement. So, Thank YOU Mr. Trump for pointing out that we need to address this. What has been unfortunate is how prolife groups and leaders, most women, have piled on Trump rather than think this through.

Has the prolife movement made women the victim rather than the unborn child? YES.

Dear prolife groups and leaders: STOP MAKING WOMEN VICTIMS. I still can’t believe we have to have this conversation! But most of these groups are ran by people who are not post-abortive and know the truth of the crime of unborn child murder. They advocate, and that’s good. But they do not treat the whole woman or the whole truth because I can assure you that creating victims does not give them victory over the sin of their abortion. If there is no repentance, then there is nothing.

Yes, I do believe there is a thin line between so-called prolife leaders & proaborts & prochoicers because all three make women into weak minded blithering idiots that cannot make a decision on their own and thus should NEVER take responsibility for killing a human being. That is GARBAGE:

I am a proGospel post-abortive Ordained Christian Minister WOMAN who believes women HAVE to take responsibility for taking the life or lives of unborn human children. I do not deserve breakfast in bed or parades, I deserved the very same death as my dead child. I thank GOD because “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness [2Co 12:9]”, & even if I had to spend one day or 100  years in prison for it, I know that my repentance brings about His forgiveness and my PEACE regardless of my punishment. But I will still have consequences because of my sin & my crime. 

SO many prolife ‘leaders’ and groups have caved. AGAIN. Yes, abortion does create victims: DEAD BABIES. So, I’ll speak for myself, but if post-abortive women were honest, they know they are ultimately responsible for their baby’s death, coerced or not. But know this: IF abortion had been illegal at the time, I assure you, I would not be post-abortive today.

In Part 3, we will discuss how the Bible does support forgiveness of sins but we still have consequences because of them.

EXPOSING THE ABORTION AGENDA FROM THE PULPIT, ON THE SIDEWALK, THE MEDIA & IN THE STATEHOUSE. KeepLifeLegal advocates for unborn life on the sidewalks of abortion facilities, the steps of the Statehouse, and the Church with prayer, community outreach, and real LIFE supporting options.