The Dividing Line with Civil Rights.

First – collective bargaining rights is not a civil right IF it is not available to each and every worker, union or not. Unions are on their way out; it’s an antiquated way of bullying local businesses, management and the worker. I was a union (ex) wife many years ago – in 1985 a union laborer made $18 per hour with benefits and a savings account. Union dues essentially kept stewards in the bar and their bosses holding businesses and towns hostage and workers quiet.

Ohio Representative John Barnes, Jr., a freshman Representative, testified today for Senate Bill 5 after he just voted no for the Heartbeat Bill – a bill that will save many thousands of lives in Ohio.

While listening to his testimony, he first inappropriately brought up Martin Luther King’s name; I’m still not sure how MLK has anything to do with collective bargaining rights in Ohio, but maybe it’ll come to me. I even googled MLK and collective bargaining rights and all that came up was civil rights, which of course I expected….but collective bargaining has something to do with civil rights? Well if that is your argument – civil rights – let me testify:

Sir, if indeed you argue that civil rights has anything to do with collective bargaining rights of state workers, then you should be quite aware that the civil rights of the unborn have been keenly infringed upon when you opted to vote against current anti-abortion legislation. Today, in part, you said that state workers have the civil right to have collective bargaining rights and to organize. You even elaborated by saying state workers have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Okay, then just hours before you said that, you opted not to recognize the civil rights for unborn Ohioans. In fact, took them away today when you voted NO. Unborn Ohioans do not enjoy civil rights such as the right to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You are now just as guilty as the abortionist because you gave him or her the RIGHT to kill unborn Ohioans.

Sir, are you saying that unborn Ohioans have NO CIVIL RIGHTS but your state worker constituents do? Can you look at a pregnant woman and tell her that state workers have civil rights but her own unborn child does not?

Mr. Barnes, you have no empathy or concern for your unborn constituents. And you need to brush up on the definition of ‘civil rights’:

civil rightsplural noun;  ‘rights to personal liberty established by the 13th and 14th Amendments to the U.S. constitution and certain Congressional acts, especially as applied to an individual or a minority group.’ Unabridged. Retrieved March 30, 2011, from website: rights

In these United States

An Associated Press story reads in part:  ‘An obscure part of the law allows states to restrict abortion coverage by private plans operating in new insurance markets. Capitalizing on that language, abortion foes have succeeded in passing bans that, in some cases, go beyond federal statutes…..”We don’t consider elective abortion to be health care, so we don’t think it’s a bad thing for fewer private insurance companies to cover it,” said Mary Harned, attorney for Americans United for Life, a national organization that wrote a model law for the states.’

The Health Care Freedom Act is considered in states as either a bill or a state constitutional amendment – effectively prohibiting the enactment of any new government-run healthcare programs within the state.

At least 29 states are enacting such a law or a close facsimile of. As well, there 20 states on board with the newly adopted ultrasound law(s) with many more states to follow. States are also considering legislation of ‘personhood’ which will give the unborn child ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ instead of impending death. The Tenth Amendment provides that ‘The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.’

It’s about time our votes count.

With all the recent brouhaha regarding the new Arizona immigration law, we see how a single state can pick up the ball and run with getting done what needs to be done, and not in ‘DC time’….”We in Arizona have been more than patient waiting for Washington to act,” Gov. Jan Brewer said after signing the law. “But decades of inaction and misguided policy have created a dangerous and unacceptable situation.”

One voter at a time…one state at a time.

We are trying to ‘form a more perfect union’, not secede from it. However, in order to keep utter chaos from erupting from what seems to be a socialistic plan from the progressive left, we as Americans have to take a moment and study our Constitution and make a concerted effort to keep our country and our states FREE as it was intended by our founding fathers.

We can change the face of abortion ‘one baby at a time, one mom at a time, one heart at a time’

The fight for the unnamed.

Who does abortion affect? Everyone.

A man in Texas found out he was going to be an uncle; he was overjoyed. The thought never crossed his mind that his sister would choose not to have the baby as planned, and would instead choose to have an abortion. He joined the fight against abortion and is working to inform the community about his family’s experience of losing a child.

A man in Ohio found out he was going to be a father…after his girlfriend had an abortion without his knowledge. He won’t have the opportunity to know that child until he goes on to Glory.

Did you know it is mathematically impossible to overpopulate the Earth?

No child should be born that is not wanted. The earth is groaning now from overpopulation. Birth control often fails. Abortion should be free, and yes, paid for by the government. Taxpayers would save money in the long run. As someone has said, if men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.

As I read articles about prolife campaigns and the great work that they do, there is always negative and outright vulgar comments (quoting):

Fight like hell to keep ’em all alive (no problem with that) but once they are born, you better not raise my damn taxes one cent to pay for these deadbeats.

How did the human race learn to hate so vehemently?

A recent letter to the editor in the Dayton Daily News tried to compare abortion with capital punishment. The two are not apples and oranges, but more like elephants and goldfish. When does an innocent baby get a trial of its peers, or an appeal? Capital punishment may be cruel and unusual, but it is a punishment for a crime. Abortion is murder.

We were not made by God to be sexually active before marriage. So, keep your pants on.

Personhood USA says it’s organization’s goal is to amend state constitutions with the declaration that personhood begins at conception. Critics say giving a fertilized egg the status of personhood threatens everything from birth control to in vitro fertilization and stem cell research, but particularly to abolish abortion.

It took over 100 years (counting from 1857) for the civil rights movement to prove the personhood of the black population.

In 1857, the Supreme Court decides that slaves are property and Congress cannot deprive citizens of their property. Slaves are “not citizens of any state” and “have no rights a court must respect.”

Then how much longer will it take for the Supreme Court to validate the personhood of a human embryo at conception?

Life. Personhood. Respect.