Spinning the Abortion Fable, or Who Hid the Due Process?

Abortion is a fable without a moral outcome. Prolife – life at conception – is science, truth, and without agenda. Abortion is nothing but secular agenda which can only benefit the agenda, not the mother or child. 2016-11-10-13-53-40

Wish I could take credit for this bit of TRUTH: “Being pro choice is not refraining from imposing your judgment on others. It is allowing a death sentence to be imposed on an innocent human being without any semblance of due process.”

You would think – as a moral, secular, social justice pink hat wearing minion – that DUE PROCESS would appeal to you, much like how you lean hard on the ACLU (et al) to force fit your agenda into society. But, alas, it cannot, when it does not benefit YOU. Then, who exactly does DUE PROCESS benefit?

Definition of due process

1 a course of formal proceedings (such as legal proceedings) carried out regularly and in accordance with established rules and principles  called also procedural due process
2:  a judicial requirement that enacted laws may not contain provisions that result in the unfair, arbitrary, or unreasonable treatment of an individual  called also substantive due process.

The 14th Amendment of the Constitution says: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, WITHOUT DUE PROCESS OF LAWnor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

Then, my dear misanthropist, where does it say anywhere that ONLY YOU get due process? Anyone?

Interestingly, if a proabort actually allows a ‘wanted’ pregnancy, it should be considered that even their own ‘wanted’ child has no hope for any of his/her own due process, basic human rights, or 100% chance of being BORN. If in fact proaborts hold their own truths to be ‘self evident’, then they have to give ALL unborn children the exact same DUE PROCESS and scrutiny.

Dear death loving proabort: Due Process. If, in fact, you are all about justice for everyone, remember who you throw under the bus for your convenience and enjoyment. If you do not, then you are a LIAR.

Proabort Logic, because p*ssy power is more important than unborn human life.

A Call to Mobilize the Church: Preaching An Election Message, Engage Prayer Watches & Fasting

This is the Friday before the greatest and most important election of our time, perhap2014-04-11 08.23.36s of all time. We choose between establishment and anti-establishment, proabort and prolife, anti-constitutionalist and a defender of the Constitution, a liar and a successful
businessman. Any other ‘choice’ is without merit and will only hold value to the anti-voter, and such is incredibly selfish and prideful. If you write in a candidate, you might as well jot down Mickey Mouse because he has a better chance than Hoefling and Johnson, et al.

The Supreme Court is the most important reason you would vote one way or the other. The second most important is upholding what makes America Great and the envy of the world: KEEPLIFELEGALThe Constitution. ‘Women’ like Hillary want to mold America into a nanny state, Trump wants the Tenth Amendment to be what it was meant to be. He is right to bring federal wrongs back to the voters, not a group of black robes who don’t have a dog in the fight. States DID decide on abortion, gun rights, traditional marriage, restroom assignments, voting laws and ‘refugees’.

Trump promising to repeal the Johnson Amendment is one of the greatest campaign pledges that would stop muzzling the Church in regard to political issues. Hillary wants to tax the Church: “…the Johnson amendment has proven to be a dangerous tool, allowing political appointees at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to determine when moral issues become political issues — and effectively censor churches and religious organizations with the threat of crippling penalties and loss of tax exempt status.” The Bible clearly teaches against murder, child sacrifice, homosexuality – Hillary wants to force the Church to teach social justice, not  what the Bible teaches. Preachers, Ministers and Pastors could see prison time for ‘hate crimes’. And if this woman and her agenda is elected, Freedom of Speech and Religious Freedom will be a distant memory.

As Ministers and Pastors, we cannot be muzzled or silenced for fear of prison or fines. At this point, not having tax exempt status allows some of us to have our opinion out loud without fear from the pulpit. And as Ministers and Pastors, we are called preach  the Word, in its fullness without apology in the pulpit, in the public square, and on the sidewalk.

This Sunday, PREACH an election message, with prayer and fasting, without apology. This may be the last time you can if a heretic is elected. In summary, don’t be stupid, don’t be prideful. Your imaginary election will not survive, but Hillary and Trump will. Get over it. Vote. Vote to uphold the Constitution. Vote to make the Church great again.

EXPOSING THE ABORTION AGENDA FROM THE PULPIT, ON THE SIDEWALK, THE MEDIA & IN THE STATEHOUSE: “Once I realized that my abortion was a tragedy and not an accomplishment, I was able to discern correctly that abortion is, indeed, MURDER.” ~ Rev. Katherine, post-abortive minister, counselor, AMERICAN.

YOU can contribute to KeepLifeLegal by simply going to the sidewalk, praying, voting for and supporting prolife candidates.

Abortion in DC: Planned Parenthood Nestled Between TWO Public Schools

On our recent Washington DC Outreach, we witnessed the outrage of neighborhood residents angered by the hypocrisy of local government allowing Planned Parenthood to center itself between schools. A reasonable person would think that in a city a large as our Nation’s Capital, a new Planned Parenthood killing facility with a roof parking deck would find plenty of real estate away from schools near real medical facilities. But, that wasn’t their plan, was it?

Since the proposed DC Planned Parenthood was ‘birthed’, ardent prolife advocates began an active outreach to move the scourge

Left: Elementary School, PP next to it  Right: Middle School
Left: Elementary School, PP next to it
Right: Middle School

from an elementary and middle school. As we walked the neighborhood, a father of five and school bus driver came to speak to us. He is appalled and concerned, as well are other neighbors. They wanted to know why no one asked them if it was alright to put the abortion giant next to schools and their homes. I know the answer, concerned parents and residents see it too many times. City councils with power outside of the state can secretly implement ordinances to move money and power around to get what they want. And in this instance, it’s the Walmart of abortion.

Can you imagine for a moment that your children are dropped off for school witnessing women going into Planned Parenthood to KILL KEEPLIFELEGALchildren? Now, while we are aware abortion is taught in schools, it is curious that Planned Parenthood and the schools would balk at victim imagery that actually depicts what they teach and do for profit. Concerned residents using their First Amendment rights to rid the neighborhood of this cancer may be in jeopardy, although to what extent, we do not know, read more about that here. It is always the plan of PP to pick the prolifer’s pockets to keep them away. And since prolifers have scared PP, they have reacted typically with an injunction that tries to usurp an American’s right to free speech on a public walkway. It is also known that Planned Parenthood named ‘unnamed’ prolifers in the suit, and of course we do wonder at the legality of it.

Look, if Planned Parenthood has no problem killing innocent children right in front of children, then why be so offended by victim imagery and a positive prolife presence that saves lives, offers hope and real choices? Does the truth hurt their killing business? Can a penniless prolifer really put the screws to the abortion giant? Obviously, a resounding YES and OH YES.

Concerned residents need to call City Hall at 202-724-8072 TODAY.

EXPOSING THE ABORTION AGENDA FROM THE PULPIT, ON THE SIDEWALK, THE MEDIA & IN THE STATEHOUSE: “Once I realized that my abortion was a tragedy and not an accomplishment, I was able to discern correctly that abortion is, indeed, MURDER.” ~ Rev. Katherine, post-abortive minister, counselor, AMERICAN.

#SCOTUS: The Battle is NOT Yours, God Said it’s HIS.

Oh, the dreadful spin the liberal abortion agenda puts on the SCOTUS ‘decision’. Seriously. Did these rabid proabort Life Hypocrites believe that prolifers were going to run home and hide? HARDLY. We are just getting STARTED.

KEEPLIFELEGALreceiptSo, drink your champagne, put on your pink shoes. Your so-called baby hating ‘victory’ isn’t even trending anymore. You’ve blown all you have on people that will be replaced to reverse this debacle. You Life Hypocrites will soon understand how real grass roots evangelism and real life advocacy works at every city council meeting, at every statehouse, and on every public sidewalk and right-of-way all across America.

Regardless of what the Supreme Court IMAGINES it can do, they cannot undo the United States Constitution. OR you will have to apologize to every soldier that ever fought and died in every war and battle for your so-called ‘right’ to murder unborn children, without apology. However, it will be our fundamental right to free speech, religious freedom, the right to carry firearms, the ability to be sovereign, the right to assemble, and our RIGHT TO LIFE is what will ultimately overcome all things Life Hypocrites HATE and fight against.

So, as the prolife movement takes back that obnoxious pink color KEEPLIFELEGALthat even I abhor, we will use it to provide real solutions to real women in real crisis. After all, if all you offer her is to KILL HER UNBORN CHILD, then you’ve got NOTHING but DEATH.

Oh, and good luck getting new licenses; Life Hypocrites know how much Texas loves proaborts!

“Thus says the Lord to you: ‘Do not be afraid nor dismayed because of this great multitude, for the battle is not yours, but God’s,” 2Chronicles 20:15.

EXPOSING THE ABORTION AGENDA FROM THE PULPIT, ON THE SIDEWALK, THE MEDIA & IN THE STATEHOUSE: “Once I realized that my abortion was a tragedy and not an accomplishment, I was able to discern correctly that abortion is, indeed, MURDER.” ~ Rev. Katherine, post-abortive minister, counselor, AMERICAN.


UPDATE: Columbus City Council Passes Anti-Life Buffer Zone Ordinance

UPDATE: [June 21, 2016]   Columbus City Council passed the freedom despising “buffer zone ordinance” which targeted peaceful prolifers on the public sidewalk. Even though there are ‘public disorder’ laws in place, Elizabeth Brown targeted only two places in the city of Columbus to reflect her liberal bias against Christians who pray and counsel at abortion businesses within the city limits. Elizabeth brown is NOT protecting women using abortion ‘services’, she is protecting ultra liberal voters who work at these baby killing facilities. Miss Brown apparently has not taken into consideration that peaceful prolifers have had a hand in shutting down many killing mills in the Columbus area.

Miss Brown said, “There is no other medical situation where strangers feel entitled to impose their will on someone else,” but fails to remember that no other ‘medical situation’ kills their patients. If Miss Brown fails to represent ALL Columbus residents, that is her CHOICE, but does she wonder if her unborn residents would be concerned with her ability to show so much hate to the most vulnerable? Certainly these precious children cannot come to her orchestrated city council sideshows to voice their opinions on staying alive within the Columbus city limits.

“This is nothing more than a redundancy and is unnecessary because of this amendment,” Seth Drayer [Created Equal] said. “What I am concerned about is when we’re submitting legislation that is targeting one group: a group that opposes abortion.” Read the rest here.

Miss Brown, you allowed abortion agenda driven proabort feminists to skew your view of what life is, because I assure you, life is on the sidewalk, not in the places you protect. Making so-called ‘abortion rights’ more important than our freedom of speech and religion is abhorrent and just plain evil. Your agenda is clear, and everyone is watching.

While this debacle is being addressed in court, we suggest beginning a ‘movement’ ‪#‎allbabieslivesmatter‬ and have ‘prolife free speech safe space’ on EVERY sidewalk ALL ACROSS AMERICA.

[June 15, 2016] City Council of Columbus, Ohio, is indeed trying to legislate the abortion agenda from the sidewalk. They do this by legislating away the public’s freedom of speech and religious freedom while on the sidewalk of abortion businesses. Clearly, proaborts, so-called ‘escorts’, and a police officer was bought and paid for. This was all agenda driven, no one could produce evidence that a crime was ever committed. From the pathetic venue to the outright lies, this was sewn up from the very beginning. Essentially, the usual suspects are still using the abortion agenda to undo the Constitution. After all, it is the Constitution, not prolifers, that stands in their way.

SO….you must be asking how this can happen? A state representative said: “In [the] Ohio constitution it provides cities with home rule which gives them certain powers, including things like this.” Powers, such as usurping the United States Constitution?

A better synopsis is from Greater Columbus Right to Life:

  1. Teeny Room: Seriously, did they look for the smallest room possible? There was room in the hearing, counting standing room, for maybe 60 people.
  2. Dozens Locked Out: Because City Council choose such a small location, dozens who wanted to attend were locked out of the building.
  3. City Police Officer Lied: Columbus police officer Nicole, who occasionally worked as a private duty police officer at Founder’s, told city council members of her experiences with volunteers. One anecdote that she shared was that volunteers would lie to women by telling them that the abortion clinic had employed a known sex offender, when that was not true. Except, it was true. Read all about it here: http://www.gcrtl.org/blog/abortion-provider-indicted-on-child-pornography-charges
  4. Public Testimony Limited: Although billed as a public hearing which would allow proponents and opponents of the proposal to testify for/against the law in 3-minute, alternating witness statements, City Council filled the time with member statements, a presentation from their attorney, and the statements of one officer mentioned above. In total, only about fifteen minutes of the 5:30-7:00pm hearing were allotted to opponent speakers.
  5. It Was All A Farce: It was all a farce anyway, and it was obvious that this was little more than for-show hearing. City Council already showed its hand that it intends to act on this proposal next Monday. [Sign the petition here]

Elizabeth Brown, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown’s daughter, shows her allegiance to her liberal roots with their rhetorical anti-freedom agenda as a council person for Columbus and outright lied on Twitter saying “We’ve seen 170% more police calls to health clinics. Now’s the time to stand for women & pass our anti-harassment law.” She has spearheaded this debacle with the help of anti-life proabort groups using hearsay rather than truth and actual evidence.

And while these anti-life groups whined about ‘out-of-towners’ being at the meeting, they didn’t mind using ‘testimony’ regarding the Dayton area abortion business, which had absolutely nothing to do with Columbus nor did it coincide with the proposed buffer zone rule.

So, to sum this debacle up, prolifers will lose on the sidewalk in Columbus. I’m surprised it took this long for them to do this, however, the Constitution is still on the side of FREEDOM, even when tyranny rears its ugly head. It is apparent that by the look and type of the council members, this deck has been stacked in a way that only a Supreme Court fight can undo. Lies and rhetoric, no evidence, will make their abortion agenda prevail. Just as the Orlando shooter’s wife will answer for knowing he would target and murder so many people, so will every council member, proabort, and deathscorts that ‘testified’ last evening and does the work of inequity EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I propose an entity start looking into suing the Columbus council AND beginning a ‘movement’ ‪#‎allbabieslivesmatter‬ and have ‘prolife free speech safe space’ on EVERY sidewalk ALL ACROSS AMERICA.

EXPOSING THE ABORTION AGENDA FROM THE PULPIT, ON THE SIDEWALK, THE MEDIA & IN THE STATEHOUSE. KeepLifeLegal advocates for unborn life on the sidewalks of abortion facilities, the steps of the Statehouse, and the Church with prayer, community outreach, and real LIFE supporting options.