BREAKING: State Budget Passed with New #Prolife Provisions in Ohio

From the Columbus Dispatch: “The [Ohio] Senate tonight passed a two-year, $71.3 billion budget that would cut income taxes by $1.7 billion, freeze tuition at state universities and implement language that could make it difficult for some abortion clinics in Ohio to stay open.”

The car belongs to the anesthesiologist on late-term day.
The car belongs to the anesthesiologist on late-term day.

Currently, Martin Haskell, owner and abortionist at Women’s Med in Kettering, is killing with a variance, not an actual transfer agreement. His variance is with doctors at Wright State Physicians who have their own transfer agreement with local private hospitals. Local activists and advocates have been fervently educating the public concerning physicians and hospitals that cover for Haskell, the self proclaimed pioneer of the late-term abortion. With this new provision, Haskell’s unapproved ‘variance’ may come to an end soon:

“Under state law, abortion providers are required to have a patient-transfer agreement with a private hospital. A budget amendment this week would require that a variance to that transfer agreement, such as one that has been pending for a Dayton clinic for about two years, must be approved by the Ohio Department of Health within 60 days, or it is denied.

“A second provision that would have required a transferring hospital be within 30 miles of the clinic was pulled from the bill at the request of Sen. Sandra Williams, D-Williams, who got two multi-faceted amendments approved and then agreed to be the only Democrat to vote for the bill….Sen. Kris Jordan, R-Powell, was the lone Republican “no” vote.”

Now, with variances being under the gun for approval, these illegal abortuaries can be shut down permanently until they can attain their own transfer agreement.

Women in Ohio, specifically in the Dayton/Miami Valley area, will be safe from unsavory conditions at Martin Haskell’s facility. Botched abortions are not new at Haskell’s abortuary; there has been THREE ambulances called to the facility in the last six months; TWO in one day last December. The abortionist on duty was Roslyn Kade. All three emergencies were on ‘late-term’ days. Read about that here.

Thanks to Created Equal for their diligence here in the Dayton area, educating the public about Martin Haskell, the Women’s Med and Wright State Physicians.

Created Equal Truth Truck June 2015

BREAKING: Ambulance at Haskell’s Abortuary AGAIN

At Martin Haskell’s Dayton [Ohio] abortuary, Wednesday and Thursday are ‘late-term‘ abortion days, at least two day procedures. Roslyn Kade was the abortionist yesterday; she was also the abortionist on duty last December when TWO ambulances were called on the same day. An ambulance and fire truck came; men with medical bags entered the abortuary and the woman was taken out by stretcher.

On June 11, 2015, an eyewitness account says a woman from Indiana had been to the abortuary June 10 and did not ‘appear well’. The woman was ‘wobbly’, appeared to be ‘drugged up’ when she walked into the abortuary. Shortly after this, 911 was called. Hear that 911 call here as well as others through the years at the Dayton abortuary.


Abortion is NOT safe for women and never safe for the innocent child targeted to die.

Currently, Martin Haskell’s Women’s Med is working with a variance which means he cannot get his own hospital admitting privileges and uses another doctor who does. The Wright State Physicians is being used by Haskell to remain ‘legal’ while legislators are working on stopping this debacle with Haskell. The self professed ‘pioneer’ of the partial birth abortion  rests easy in his home reaping the financial benefits of his abortion business while women are seriously injured during botched abortions.

Recently, the prolife group Created Equal has made it a priority to show Daytonians, Haskell’s abortuary, local hospitals and Wright State Phyisicans the truth about abortion with their ‘Truth Truck’. The Truth Truck features the truth about abortion with aborted children and the names and photos of the ‘physicians’ who conspire with the abortion business at 1401 east Stroop Road in Kettering, a suburb of Dayton. We continue to pray that this endeavor will cut to the heart and soul of those who allow abortion in the Miami Valley, particularly Martin Haskell and Roslyn Kade, for their despicable career of child killing.

We are asking everyone to pray for the young woman taken by ambulance yesterday. Also pray that Martin Haskell, Roslyn Kade, Wright State Physicians, Ohio pro-abortions groups, voters and the local community to see what abortion truly is: MURDER.

Thank you to all who pray and counsel pre-abortive women and men, and bring these truths to the public.

Created Equal Truth Truck June 2015