Proabort “Clergy” is Targeting Christian Church Services

And they aren’t even hiding it: “I have to confess, as I watched via livestream the interruption of the end of Bishop Robert Brennan’s homily during the anti-abortion mass at St. Joseph’s Cathedral on January 22nd, my first feeling was of sorrow.” Did it? Did it really? Mr. Clergy’s so-called sorrow seems to be a bit two-faced calling for more of the same.

Mr. Clergy has upped the ante calling a challenge to disrupt church services, particularity prolife churches. They aren’t sorry about it. Mr. Clergy did not apologize or denounce what they did. In fact, he called it a HOLY OBLIGATION.

So you have to ask yourself, “What am I going to do about it?”

First, protect yourself and your family. This is why open carry and concealed carry in churches is essential. Very few churches can afford to hire security guards to keep you safe. These proaborts terrorized a church service on Respect Life Day with children present. And they have said they will do it again.

Second, call the police and demand an arrest. These proaborts purposely do not carry identification or park close enough for anyone to see their license plates, you know, like criminals. They have also gone to most of the BLM insurgency and know how to escape arrests and bring syringes of milk in case they are teargassed. They know HOW to break the law.

Third, what Mr. Clergy failed to tell you in his diatribe is that doxxing is their practice, they want you fired from your job and humiliated for PROTECTING UNBORN LIFE. Always take video and photos, broadcast live if you can.

Mr. Clergy, it is our HOLY OBLIGATION to protect unborn life while YOU instigate proborts to terrorize peaceful prolifers in church and on the sidewalk. We also have the entire video of the siege on the church, it looked eerily like what happened at the Capitol. Isn’t that…interesting.

And Mr. Clergy, challenge accepted.

Proabort Terrorists Dox Prolifers at DC Rally

Just to be clear, you do know that about half a million people was at the DC rally? You do also know that NOT EVERYONE stormed the bastille. Okay good. Read on.

A network of professional proabort doxxing extremists put out TWO headlines:

THE ROLE ANTI-ABORTION EXTREMISTS PLAYED IN THE TERRORISM ON OUR NATION’S CAPITOL and “How Anti-Abortion Terrorism Fuelled The MAGA Attack On The Capitol” [spelled fueled wrong]. Apparently Refinery29 can’t spell, either. We suppose that while they were dancing on the dead bodies of aborted children, their misspelling was overlooked.

The terrorism group called Abortion Access Front has published a doxxing list of prolifers seen at the rally in DC. Kat Green of AAF created their doxxing database.

Now, we do find it pretty amazing that there were enough of them at the rally to look through half a million people to make their little list. Or were they sitting in their basements stalking them on Facebook? Guess we’ll never know.

We wonder if they know that publishing a doxxing list, publicly threatening prolife groups with “turning in information they have on you” over to the FBI in the hope that you will be prosecuted and imprisoned may turn on them in a BIG way. Stalking prolifers is pitiful and illegal.

Their assumption is that the FBI has nothing else better to do than listen to whiny baby killers. All they want is to freely terrorize every abortion mill across the country.

THAT’S a lot of hate. But try as you might, YOU CANNOT CANCEL US.

Good thing we have a copy of their little list. This so-called DATABASE consists of 23 prolifers, 3 of which were not there BUT COULD HAVE BEEN.

It’s like herding toddlers. Unreal.