Embryonic stem cell show down – Some states say NO

cartoonsmall031209From AP:   A showdown is shaping up in some of the nation’s most conservative states over embryonic stem cell research, as opponents draw language and tactics from the battle over abortion to counter President Barack Obama‘s plan to ease research restrictions.

“If you are someone who believes that a single cell embryo is a person then you are looking for any opportunity you can to make that argument. But as a country, legally, we’ve never accepted that,” said Michael Werner of the Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research. “The legislative tactics are the same.”

“No ones right for a cure supersedes someone elses right to life,” said Dan Becker, president of Georgia Right to Life.

True enough. Life begins at conception, not when it’s viable enough, according to the Freedom of Choice Act. Since an embryo, or a preborn American citizen, is only a few cells – it’s not a human YET which somehow makes it okay.

“This sets the stage for an attack on the Dickey-Wicker law, which since 1995 has been a provision of the annual appropriations bills for federal health programs.  This law prohibits federal funding of ‘the creation of a human embryo or embryos for research purposes; or research in which a human embryo or embryos are destroyed, discarded, or knowingly subjected to risk of injury or death . . .’  Any member of Congress who votes for legislation to repeal this law is voting to allow federal funding of human embryo farms, created through the use of human cloning”, says Douglas Johnson, a spokesman for the National Right to Life Committee.

With all of this said and done so far, few have mentioned the fact that cloning for research purposes does occur more than most people think, but with the new legislation, it will be much more prevelent and all in the name of science.

In Georgia, a measure that would ban some forms of stem cell research on fertilized embryos is moving quickly through the state Senate. The bill would outlaw the destruction of fertilized embryos, which the legislation defines as a person. It is expected to face a vote in the full state Senate on Thursday.

Similar “personhood” measures have cleared one chamber each in Montana and North Dakota. These states view that life begins at conception and is a person that has all rights that any other person does, including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The liberal media finds these moms with disabled or sick children saying that they are ecstatic that embryonic stem cell research will go ahead ‘because as a mom, you want to do everything for your sick child’. Yes, at the expense of another child or children to MAYBE find a cure for whatever is ailing the child. For one thing, embryonic stem cell research has been going on behind closed doors, privately funded and somewhat publicly funded, for quite some time. So, go ahead with your ‘Hip Hip Hurray Obama’ for now – all he did is look as if he came just in the nick of time to save the day when in reality it’s been here the entire time.

Can you live with yourself knowing that you have seen the demise of who knows how many children to justify curing one?


Life as we know it is over…

embryo-brochureFrom TheHill.com:  Groups that oppose federal funding for stem cell research say an executive order President Obama signed Monday lifting the ban on such funding could pave the way for some forms of human cloning.

“President Obama’s policy change is especially troubling given the significant adult stem cell advances that are being used to treat patients now without harming or destroying human embryos,” said Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, in a statement released as word of the pending executive order leaked Friday.

According to articles and interviews, embryonic stem cells can cure EVERYTHING – paralysis,  Alzheimer’s, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, maybe even the common cold. Interestingly enough, it always seems to be celebrities campaigning for it. Are we taking their word for it because Michael J. Fox says so? When does the unborn child get a say in the matter? Do these people realize that they are asking SCIENCE to kill unborn children for their own benefit? Of course not. The Godless have no fear of anything much less a defenseless child that will be murdered for their own agenda.

“I’m saddened that President Obama has chosen to set aside the views of so many Americans and reversed these restrictions that were put in place to protect these valuable human embryos, especially when our most promising scientific potential has been seen in adult stem cell research,” added Sen. David Vitter (R-La.).

Cloning is still an issue because, as usual, the Democratic agenda want SCIENCE – not reality.  Science has no God, therefore no responsibility. The loop holes are massive and will open this up to research so unnatural and inhuman – and this is only the beginning.

AND – when they start cloning embryos…then scientists can have their stem cells and maximize clone research at the same time, all for YOUR tax dollars! Understand, this ban lifted was for federally funded research, this does not include the countless millions that has been privately spent thus far.

It has also been reported today that the University of Michigan is expected to begin research in the spring and has already received $2 million in funding… The Consortium for Stem Cell Therapies will use surplus embryos from fertility centers.  More…

As I said, it’s just the beginning.

Human embryo experimentation.

In a recent article in foxnews.com: Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., accused Obama of launching two attacks on pro-life measures. In addition to lifting President Bush’s stem cell restrictions, Obama intends to lift regulations from the Bush administration that allow health care providers and institutions to refuse to participate in abortions on grounds of conscience.

“Why does the president persist in the dehumanizing of nascent human life when better alternatives exist? Human embryo-destroying stem cell research is not only unethical, unworkable and unreliable- it is now, demonstrably unnecessary,” Smith said.

The research is controversial because days-old embryos must be destroyed to obtain the cells. They typically are culled from fertility-clinic leftovers otherwise destined to be thrown away.

Embryonic stem cell research heats up again.


President Barack Obama plans to sign an executive order Monday reversing an 8-year-old restriction on the federal funding of stem-cell research, a congressional source said today.

A Denver Post source, who asked not to be named because they were unauthorized to speak on the topic by the White House, said an announcement will be made in Washington on Monday. The White House ceremony, which is expected to take place just after mid-day, will reverse a directive signed by President George W. Bush in 2001. That directive was followed by a dramatic fall off in stem-cell research in the United States.

How many embryos have to die to get the cure for your disease?? NONE. Read on:

Embryonic Stem Cell Advantages:
1. Flexible—appear to have the potential to make any cell to clone?
2. Immortal—one ES cell line can potentially provide an endless supply of cells with defined characteristics designer babies without defects
3. Availability—embryos from in vitro fertilization clinics
that potential parents throw away 

Adult Stem Cell Advantages
1. Special adult-type stem cells from bone marrow and from umbilical cord have been isolated recently which appear to be as flexible as the embryonic type
2. Already somewhat specialized—inducement may be simpler
3. Not immunogenic—recipients who receive the products of their own stem cells will not experience immune rejection
rejection is not something that has been addressed
4. Relative ease of procurement—some adult stem cells are easy to harvest (skin, muscle, marrow, fat), while others may be more difficult to obtain (brain stem cells). Umbilical and placental stem cells are likely to be readily available
5. Non-tumorigenic—tend not to form tumors
6. No harm done to the donor
did not have to die to contribute

Here’s the problem with stem cell research – cloning. And a bigger problem – embryonic cells come from EMBRYOS, which are human beings. So, researchers are cloning stem cells to make more embryos for research while other ‘scientists’ are CLONING.


We need to stop jumpstarting God and stop killing the children for RESEARCH.

Designer Babies

Since the advent of in vitro fertilization and upscale fertility clinics, it has finally gotten to the point that all pro-lifers suspected would eventually happen – designer children. The technology is here to test each embryo for eye color, hair color, sex, disabilities – the ‘science’ is based on a lab technique called preimplantation genetic diagnosis, or PGD.

Doctors then select an embryo free from ‘rogue’ genes – or in this case an embryo with the desired physical traits such as blonde hair and blue eyes – to continue the pregnancy, and discard any others. This involves testing a cell taken from a very early embryo before it is put into the mother’s womb.

def: DISCARD dis-card -verb [v. di-skahrd] to cast aside or dispose of; get rid of.

The unused, or unwanted preborn children are thrown away while still in the lab. These children are not conceived, they are manipulated to make a child. And, if that child is not up to par, they are quietly tossed out as trash. The super race that Hitler was trying to create is now quite possible and without genetic disabilities or disease.

It is not out of the realm of reality that the public will be able to ‘purchase’ a preborn perfect child to be implanted in the woman at her convenience, with or without a husband.

New legislation in the UK, due to come in April, will allow IVF mothers to name anyone as “father” on the birth certificate – even another woman.