Podcast: 12 Assumptions of Fetal Cell Line Vaccines, or Gestational Morality

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DAYS OF MOLECH: Child Sacrifice at University of Michigan

I’m certainly not a doctor, but I’m finding it awfully hard to digest this propaganda PUKE. How can any mother sacrifice her own children to further own agenda…let me ask you this: Would you hand over your born children to be dissected to further science? I mean, are they your children even as embryos or just disposable imperfect trash?

“It was just the responsible, right thing to do,” she said of the donation she and husband, Stephen, made to the University of Michigan. “The idea of being able to help (researchers) get just a little bit closer to a cure is a good feeling.” Read the rest here.

At one time, I bled MICHIGAN MAIZE & BLUE until I found out the truth of the University of Michigan and their hand in furthering the abortion agenda and culture of death.

In a previous post, it is clear that the University of Michigan is in the abortion business; UM dissects embryos for stem cells and other so-called ‘research’, UM trains future abortionists which means UM performs abortions, and until recently was used gladly by a former Ohio abortionist for a transfer agreement ACROSS STATE LINES to stay in ‘business’. I’d say UM is all in, eh?

Then should this story surprise me? NO. But it grieves me to see the UM continuing in child sacrifice to further their ‘research’ and abortion agenda: The family depicted in this story HAD 12 embryos for IVF, one child was born while NINE others were ‘donated’, or sacrificed, because science called them imperfect:

“Kendrick’s story highlights a second frontier in embryonic stem cell science at U-M. Six years after voters approved the creation of such lines, researchers have refined the processes for them — perfecting the temperature, oxygen levels, timing and the protein cocktails that make them grow…..In just under three years, the National Institutes of Health has approved two dozen embryonic stem cell lines at U-M — a sizable chunk of the 303 lines shared in federally funded research across the nation.” Read the rest here.

But being an alum of UM, she gave away her own live children, while still embryos, to be mutilated by a school who was supposed to educate her, not set agenda.

Then, how many more of her own children will die? ANSWER: “I want to have a big family,” said Kendrick, one of five siblings. If the couple ends up with more embryos they won’t use, those, too, will be donated, she said. Read the rest here

All of this because her brother was sick: “The Kendricks learned that by conceiving through in vitro fertilization, they could have any embryos tested to make sure their children didn’t carry the disease.”

Eugenics? Looks like this ‘family’ is creating their own not so private holocaust. Eugenics always validates evolution which validates splicing embryos for ‘research’. Even Hitler called it ‘research’. Taking God out of the situation makes one as God. And so far that hasn’t worked out real well for anyone.

IVF takes God out of the situation and puts the Godless in the lab to create a perfect race for themselves. This is junk science which uses human lives to, ironically, ‘survive’. The parents of these imperfect embyros…their OWN CHILDREN…do not believe they are still the parents, but owners. IVF has never been a good ‘idea’ because it causes exactly this, dead mutilated children to further someone else’s agenda.

I believe a commenter summed it up: “There are laws in Michigan concerning humane production of veal from calves but human babies are raw material for cheap, incompetent evil scientist wannabe’s.”

And that’s how you smack-down a Wolverine. 


Team Spirit?

I WAS a die-hard University of Michigan fan…basketball, hockey, football. Not anymore after I learned what they do under the radar. But now I have to wonder if all universities and colleges are doing the same thing: SUPPORTING & PROVIDING ABORTION.

A lot of what you’ll hear about the abortion ties to major universities isn’t advertised. Regardless of how these universities and colleges feel about so-called ‘reproductive freedom’, you won’t see advertisements for donations to train abortionists or embryo mutilators.

For instance, embryonic stem cell research is lauded and applauded at the University of Michigan. Also, an abortion facility in Toledo has a transfer agreement with UofM which is being reviewed as I write this. Local prayer warriors reported this:

The local leaders were horrified by a taxpayer-funded celebration of abortion called “4,000 Years of Choice” – an exhibit that was hosted by the public university in Ann Arbor. I also learned that three doctors who are associated with the university perform abortions at the Planned Parenthood facility.

So, at the exalted UofM, they have doctors that are local abortionists, dissect embryos for ‘research’, offer their facility to an Ohio abortionist to keep them IN business, and allow a rabid feminazi to show off her so-called 4000 Years of Choice exhibit.

Donors to most universities give so that abortionists and sciences that support abortion can learn and earn. Another case in point is in New Mexico:

“UNM’s dirty little secret is their free standing abortion clinic in Albuquerque, the UNM Center for Reproductive Health. Abortions are performed up to 22 weeks gestation and research with regard to abortion, contraception and sterilization is conducted. For these reasons this “prestigious” institution falls short in its lifesaving efforts, because not all lives are being saved. In fact, 911 emergency records recently revealed that three women have been seriously injured as the result of abortion complications at the UNMCRH.” Read the rest here.

TO WIT: Medical Student for CHOICE. And in Michigan alone, there are four participating schools; click here to see all schools and this:  “MSFC’s Training to Competence program provides residents with financial and logistical support for receiving clinical abortion training outside of their program’s standard curriculum.”

Point made?

Then the moral of the story is this: When you support a university or college in any way [team shirts, game tickets, donations] you might be [most likely] supporting abortion. Do your due diligence, find out before you give.

Life without a Womb

While reading an article in the NY Post about embryonic stem cell therapy, I’m in a quandary of emotions. This story is about a blind child that doctors think will benefit from an injection of embryonic stem cells in his eyes. While that is blatantly WRONG because of the obvious implications of destroying life to maintain another, but has anyone thought of how this child will react when he is old enough to understand that a child or children DIED for his recovery? Will his parents keep him under a cloud lies of what life is – something to use if you need it and destroy if you don’t?

While people are reading this article and MFing President Bush for putting a stop to the carnage of embryonic stem cell research and therapy, their awareness of LIFE is only on the ones living outside the womb and is sadly misinformed.

Understand, these ‘trials’ are just that, trials – not proven. Unborn children are dying because of a huge ‘maybe’ and a hope that it MIGHT work; but even if it were true that embryonic stem cells cure, it’s still an atrocity, evil and most importantly, MURDER.

Again, just because the federal government approves it or passes laws for it, it does not mean it is correct or right. And like abortion, this is a brutal attack on LIFE of the unborn. Think of it way they do: the embryos they are abusing are ‘donated’ (really??) and without a womb so that must mean that it’s a fair ball. But like abortion, it is an attempt to rid the world of babies that aren’t important; this is clearly eugenic in nature.

LIFE isn’t without a price – to God and the biotechs that push embryonic stem cell research and therapy.

The audacity of a life less worthy

A life worthy is in the eye of the beholder…who’s the ‘beholder’? Clearly not the preborn child.

It’s the opinion of MILLIONS that children that have resulted in rape and incest should not be born. How could a child ever be loved that was conceived in a way that they had nothing to do with?

It is the opinion of MILLIONS that children that have Down syndrome should be aborted because they would have to be cared for by someone else and/or the government anyway.

It is the opinion of MILLIONS that surplus children conceived in petri dishes by greedy self absorbed ‘parents’, sometimes frozen for years, should be used for heinous science experiments instead of just thrown away as trash.

I knew a woman that had an adulterous affair with a policeman. She got pregnant and it was the decision of the woman AND her husband to abort the innocent child. After all, what would their neighbors and friends think?

The reason why we don’t see as many Down syndrome children as there used to be is because of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (if IVF is used)and amniocentesis. This does not just pick on Down syndrome; if you’ve ever known a pregnant woman over 35, they will tell you that their doctor offered testing for all abnormalities to the unborn fetus (I hate that word). I was pregnant at 36 and declined the test. It wasn’t for me to know, it was for God to determine.

I have seen strands and strands of comments on embryonic stem cell research from the University of Michigan Facebook page that would horrify anyone that is slightly prolife. Incredibly, at least 90% of the commenters (and there were hundreds) were decidedly for the chance that one adult may live or be able to walk while it might have taken thousands of preborn children’s lives to pay for it.

A life less worthy is a life easier to murder and the audacity of it is in the hands of the world.