Emergency Contraception as BAIT?

[OXYMORON EXAMPLE: ‘LIBERAL LOGIC’] The ‘morning-after pill’ for little girls redefines the ‘Liberal Logic’ of the SO-CALLED ‘war on women’ to a hostile hand-to-hand combat for parental rights of our precious little daughters.

Some things the Left does is just plain stupid and laughable…but putting emergency contraception, the ‘morning after pill’, in the hands of children legally has to be the most ignorant, disturbing and harmful thing they have done since Roe v. Wade. I’m nearly speechless…nearly.

Our figure heads at-large have determined that children are grown up enough to buy and take a pill that will kill a developing unborn child – but expand your mind for just a second, because if you do you will GET that an underage child had sex and might be pregnant which is RAPE and ILLEGAL….for now. You have to look at the implication that statutory rape might not be so illegal soon. With a loophole as big as kids buying the morning-after pill, how much longer will it take to make sex with children legal?

SIDENOTE: Minors cannot smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, vote, gamble or go to war…but they can get abortions and Emergency Contraception (morning-after pill) without a parents knowledge or consent.

Which brings me to my LIES PROCHOICERS SAY QUOTE OF THE WEEK: ‘Teens who sought emergency contraception generally resorted to it because of a failure of condoms, the pediatric academy reported.’ Read the rest here. Seriously, ‘failure of condoms’??? Incredible.

I can go through all the moral and Christian implications (and I just may…) but the fact remains that children have been put up for sale by the government to every predator, pedophile, pimp and pervert to defile our young girls LEGALLY, not to mention the innumerable amount of unborn children that will die as a result of it. How can any one person wrap their mind around that? Will you, Mr. and Mrs. Public, take that kind of responsibility of our young girls? If you voted for Obama, you just did.

Then you also need to look at the religious liberty implications…considering that these pills kill unborn children is just another way for the Left to take away your ability to parent and teach your child Christian and moral responsibilities regarding their body, their choices and being accountable to parents and God. Too many people think that if the government says so, it’s so….and it is not…the tail is wagging the dog. Parents have the right to parent their children – FOR NOW – and parents should consider that there will be a day when that privilege can be taken away.

This so-called Liberal ‘War on Women’ is beyond what any of us would have thought possible. Our bodies have been a public nuisance and a public whipping post since the 60’s. We’ve been used by the media as sex objects with no morals or scruples for over 50 years. But now the Liberals are attacking our daughters AGAIN? Haven’t our daughters been indoctrinated enough with everything else the government and the media throws at them?

The Liberal Logic of ‘get a stick and kill it’ mentality is beyond evil. Since we are the child-bearers we are targeted for aborting our unborn girls to curtail what the masses consider to be MORE child-bearers that might subject our government for healthcare, food and shelter.

Our self-created ‘culture’ is dressing up our daughters for streetwalking; if you don’t think that’s true, go to your local mall and department stores and look at the short shorts, teeny skirts, half tops, strappy sandals and tiny bikinis….all in the kid’s section. And don’t get me started on the Junior’s section. And I’d bet the farm you don’t see that in the boy’s section.

The ‘war on women’ is a hostile take-over of parental rights of our precious little daughters and their rights as a parent, some day.

The Myth of Abortion Rights by an abortion rights guy, part 6 of 10.

6. “Emergency contraception causes abortions.”

He said False…“Emergency contraception prevents pregnancy from occurring in the first place by blocking fertilization of the egg and subsequent implantation in the uterus; it does not, and cannot, induce abortions. If your objective is to reduce the number of abortions, then the single most effective thing you can do to achieve that goal is to help make emergency contraception universally available over the counter.”

MYTH BUSTED: Planned Parenthood says, “The morning-after pill can also thin the lining of the uterus. In theory, this could prevent pregnancy by keeping a fertilized egg from attaching to the uterus.”

IN THEORY? By using the same basic ingredients that is in birth control pills, it will make the lining of your womb a hostile environment to a brand new unborn baby so that he/she cannot attach to the womb…which expels the unborn child, thus an abortion.

Which, by the way, is also explained on PP’s site saying to take extra doses of birth control pills to have the same effect as the ‘morning after pill’.

As bad as ‘emergency contraception’ is, this is probably the most heinous thing I have ever heard: Planned Parenthood also says that inserting an IUD within 5 days of unprotected sex can be used as emergency contraception (have you noticed how the IUD kinda looks like a hanger…just a thought…) BUT PLANNED PARENTHOOD FINALLY ADMITTED IT….the IUD does NOT keep sperm and egg from meeting, it makes the inside of the womb too hard for the unborn baby to attach, so it dies and aborts. It’s like putting a lion in a room alone with a puppy….the puppy won’t be coming out alive.

The abortion rights guy is delusional…you give abortion-inducing drugs to girls and women to force the brand new life to abort and say this is to reduce abortions? Just how ignorant does this guy think we are? Women know that the IUD, birth control pills and the morning after pill induce abortions but because they did not have to go to a ‘clinic’ to surgically remove their unborn child, it somehow isn’t the same? HUH?

I think the abortion rights guy is on a planet way too close to the sun.

The revolving door of Abortion

A recent article today said: “Millions of women stand to gain free access to a broad menu of birth-control methods, thanks to a recommendation yesterday by health experts advising the government.” You may read the article here.

As I read this thing that should be in an outhouse, it became so evident of the revolving door the government has put on abortion. Young women and girls are told its okay to have sex without consequence as long as you come to the ‘clinic’ and pick up your FREE birth control that every taxpayer will pay for.

Now, for those of you that don’t think this is a big deal, think beyond the next five minutes for once: By allowing the distribution of FREE government birth control, you have given your stamp of approval for immorality, a step in the direction of the deterioration of their moral character and their eventual abortion when their FREE government birth control FAILS.

“The conservative Family Research Council said the recommendations could lead to a federal “mandate” for abortion coverage, since emergency contraceptives such as Plan B and Ella would be covered.”

Conservatives whole-heartedly agree with the FRC’s comment, including KeepLifeLegal. This is the revolving door of abortion…when you take every step toward it; it is an eventuality, not a probability. Americans are being lured into the web of government paid abortion. Once you give a teen free birth control, you’ve given her a loaded gun to use whenever she wants to. But just like teens are, they don’t know how to be grown-up enough to take care of a huge responsibility like pre-marital sex.

The article also said ‘Unintended pregnancies carry health consequences for the mother – psychological, emotional and physical – and also consequences for the newborn’…an outright LIE. A nice scare tactic, though. Scaring a sexually active teen is pathetic at best. Teens can’t be responsible enough to clean their room.

The claim that there is evidence strongly supportive of the health benefit of contraceptives is lunacy. The hormones in the pill alone will make you body think it is always pregnant (bloating, headaches, sore breasts, nausea, vomiting, acne); besides the chance that there is breakthrough ovulation, subsequent pregnancy and probable abortion of the days old unborn child all before you know it. Is that something that the government will tell young women and girls?

“A half-century after the introduction of the birth-control pill, the panel’s recommendations may help to usher in another revolution. Medical experts said easier access could start a shift to more-reliable forms of long-acting birth control, such as implants or IUDs, which are gaining acceptance in other economically developed countries. Emergency contraception, known as the morning-after pill, also would be covered.”

I still haven’t quite figured out how the United States thought it was our DUTY to go into all the world to spread FREE birth control and abortion. (…yes, that was a dig)

Spread the truth – contraception leads to immorality and the revolving door of abortion.