Even so, Abortion Facilities Still CLOSE During the ProChoice Storm.

There are no winners; women are still being held to a lesser standard and babies are still dying. BUT…abortion facilities are STILL CLOSING.

Fight for LIFEThe closure count is continuing to rise even through the vigilant prochoice storm that they create. As mentioned in a recent post, most prolifers understand that we have to work within the law and the Constitution to end abortion. We cannot close all facilities, but we can implement law that will protect women and the unborn. And interestingly, these new laws across the country DO protect abortionists and their workers by holding them to the same standard as  any other physician who performs surgeries.

In Texas, parts of the new prolife laws were thrown out, which is really funny considering it won’t hold up to the impending appeal. However, telling the McAllen and El Paso facilities that they DO NOT have to obtain a transfer agreement is DANGEROUS. In fact, I ENCOURAGE every physician in those regions that are held BY LAW to keep hospital privileges to go straight to the Statehouse in Austin and ask why abortionists get a pass and DEMAND an answer. It is an ABOMINATION of the law to presume the laws are for everyone except baby killers. standwithunborntexaswomen

Even PBS has once again parted with reality and jumped on the radical abortion bandwagon with promoting POV’s ‘After Tiller‘. They see nothing wrong in telling the stories of up-to-term abortionists. You’ll only see what they want you to see, not who really does this evil deed. Women pay 25K and MORE to kill their nearly term infants and call it ‘compassionate‘.

Then, whose fight is it anyway? The resolution the abortion czars use is old, tried and true: The Class War.

Women, POOR women [as depicted by the abortion lobby] are being used and abused by the abortion czars to sell abortion and profit from abortion, especially to women who can come up with 25K to kill their nearly term unborn baby. As prolifers push FORWARD to shut down abortion facilities, poor women are classified as who will be affected by any new abortion or prolife laws. It’s bad enough that government entitlements, a pathetic economy and absent parents are creating this sect of pre-abortive women AND men, but to say it out loud? This is how federal government gets away with calling abortion ‘healthcare’ by creating abortion customers.

My colleagues and I wonder if the term ‘poor women‘ was taken out of every impending prochoice/proabort law, discussion, debate or arbitration, if it would hold water with their contemporaries and peers. And then take out the notion or word ‘minority’ and you’ll see them scramble….because THEN you’ll see them run like a cockroaches after the kitchen light is turned on.

SIDEWALK CHRONICLES: Entitlement and Privilege

A woman I respect said something incredibly profound: ‘We need to bring back SHAME.’ I couldn’t agree more. The pride of entitlement is filthy and crude. We see much of this shamelessness on the sidewalk.

Tuesday is Death Truck day. That is the day when the aborted remains of human babies are picked up by the ‘medical waste’ truck. Even 35 years later I am still shocked, ashamed and grieved when I see a truck that was my aborted baby’s hearse.

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I am one for the ‘shock value’ of things because the attitude of people today is one of disregard and ambivalence. When I was in the secular workplace it’s tough getting anyone’s attention long enough to do my job in sales. And if you can get their attention they don’t want to hear the truth, they want to hear someone agree with them. Entitlement and privilege has replaced TRUTH.

Entitlement and privilege does not recognize shame or the shock of it. I can’t tell you how many times pre-abortive women and men have walked past that truck with complete disregard KNOWING that their unborn child is about to become ‘medical waste’ and that truck about to be the baby’s hearse. No shock, no tears, just ‘entitlement and privilege’.

Now, to be fair (kind of) I was not aware of such things when I had my abortion BECAUSE NO ONE TOLD ME. I had to find out about shame all on my own. The shock of knowing I killed my own unborn baby still resounds in me. But today on the sidewalk, there is only ‘entitlement and privilege’.

Do I justify my abortion by saying I didn’t know? Of course not, I don’t justify sin but I will say that if someone had told me the TRUTH about abortion I would have made the better decision. But today people don’t think in those terms, they are still wallowing in ‘entitlement and privilege’ that the media and government provides at a cost to every conservative and Christian.