The Myth of Abortion Rights by an abortion rights guy, part 4 of 10.

 4. “Even first-trimester fetuses can feel pain.”

He said False. “Fetal nerve cells can react to trauma, but pain reception requires a neocortex–which is not formed until early in the third trimester.”

MYTH BUSTED: This excuse to abort unborn children that might not feel pain is ludicrous to INSANE. The abortion rights guy says ‘fetal nerve cells can REACT to trauma…’ – react, he says. Reacting to a trauma is knowing that the trauma rendered is or will be PAINFUL. Going on to his next comment about the neocortex, says, “[The neocortex] is involved in higher functions such as sensory perception, generation of motor commands, spatial reasoning, conscious thought, and in humans, language.” Not one word was said about pain. Not one.

Essentially, the pro-aborts say that unborn babies react with a reflex not actual pain to the intrusion of the abortion procedure. This is perhaps one of the biggest lies that pro-aborts and pro-choicers lean on for keeping and expanding abortion rights for ‘women’. Reacting to a trauma is knowing that the trauma rendered will be PAINFUL. Considering that the brain isn’t set up for feeling pain that young but has the capacity to react to an impending painful scenario deepens the mindset of KNOWING that pain may ensue, even in the first trimester.

Also consider this: Hereditary Sensory and Autonomic Neuropathy* (HSAN) or Hereditary Sensory Neuropathy (HSN) is a condition used to describe any of the types of this disease(s) which inhibit sensation [see below]. About 1 in 25,000 has this issue of not being able to feel PAIN. Then, would the abortions rights guy be okay with killing these folks because of their inability to feel the pain of being killed?

Or, imagine that Grandma is lying in hospice, in a coma, maybe even brain-dead in the physician’s opinion. Can Grandma feel pain if she were euthanized? According to the abortion rights guy, if that person has a neocortex, yes she can. And since Grandma is post 20 weeks gestation, it would be considered that she would in fact feel PAIN.

So the summary is this: If someone, born or unborn, cannot feel pain, is it okay to murder them through abortion or euthanasia? This is the dividing line between so-called women’s rights and the rights of the not yet born. Our desensitation of human life and liberty started well before 1973 when poor women wanted what rich women had – the money and means to abort their unborn children conceived in either an unnatural manner, extra-marital, interracial, or class standing issues.

Once again, and probably for EVER since pro-aborts keep leaning on the pain switch, watch ‘Silent Scream’. It’ll change your life.


*HSAN & HSN:  Type 1, Common, Type 2, Congenital sensory neuropathy, Type 3, Familial dysautonomia, Type 4, Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis, Type 5, Congenital insensitivity to pain with partial anhidrosis.

The Myth of Abortion Rights by an abortion rights guy, part 1 of 10.

1. “You can’t be pro-choice and be anti-death penalty/anti-war at the same time.”

He said False. “The victims of the death penalty and war are fully conscious persons rather than presentient entities in a woman’s womb, so the moral questions involved are entirely different.”

MYTH BUSTED: IF an unborn child is not yet alive while in the womb, it would then make sense that the unborn child has died, thus to be miscarried. Abortion rights folks choose when life begins to soothe their conscience on the impending premeditated murder of an unborn child.

Now, if you want to expound on that being conscious is being alive, be very careful. People on life support in hospitals, hospice and/or nursing homes are either in or out of consciousness at any given time. Is the abortion rights guy saying that we have the right to kill anyone that is not conscious? I sure hope no one passes out or falls asleep at one of his parties.

The abortion rights guy regards the right to abort as a civil rights issue. For who, exactly? Would not the personhood of the said unborn child consider their civil rights to be nonexistent if they have no say in the matter of being exterminated?

Not so long ago, a man named Dred Scott, being quite alive and FULLY CONSCIOUS determined that he should have the right to personhood just like Caucasians of that time. It took a period of years to make the judgment of personhood even though he was standing right there where everyone could see him, that he was an actual person.

Can you get that mental picture? Can you argue in a court of law that you are alive and deserving of civil rights? Now, can you do that in an unconscious state? Of course not. But that does not give anyone the right to murder you while you are incapacitated or perhaps too young to comprehend. I would imagine that if Terry Schiavo could speak today, she’d let you know that murdering her by taking away food and water WHILE CONSCIOUS was inhumane and abominable.

The irony of the abortion rights guy thinking that the death penalty and war is wrong is showing his stupidity. The abortion rights guy will say that abortion is not against the law thus is legal, BUT:

  • The death penalty is not against the law in most states thus it is LEGAL in those states. The abortion rights guy is for equal treatment of all people, except unborn children.
  • War is determined by the federal government and not voted for or against, thus LEGAL when enacted. Again, the abortion rights guy is not quite getting that you can’t choose to ignore some laws of the land to determine your own agenda.

The answer to the abortion rights guy is this: Unborn children are still human beings not yet born. They deserve to be alive just as much as anyone else, including you.

Is your Life a matter of opinion?

Much of the American public believes that the issue of Life is a matter of opinion, not fact. Too many people see Life as a choice to be born or not, whether because of health reasons, financial circumstances, etc. The fact remains that Life is not by accident or circumstance, but ordained by One mightier than you or me.

We cannot change the color of the sky to suit us, then how is it we think we have the audacity to assign Life to those we think are more worthy and death to those who are not?

The humanistic world does not believe in God, but knows that there is a god-like ethereal being that they can call on when they need a new house or car; they suppose that because they do not worship or ‘believe’ in God or a god out loud that their deeds done in secret are not being remembered, accounted or even considered. How great is the chasm between the truth and an assumed belief to benefit yourself.

God is Lord of all, whether you believe in him or not.

All this being said, Life and death are haphazardly thought of because there is no outward sign of belief in God – an abortion is a blessing to an out of work single woman; euthanasia is prescribed because the quality of Life is dictated by well meaning family members that don’t want their loved one to suffer. I would say that the Life decisions they make are an advantage to themselves, not the person in need. In any event, someone dies.

Let me be the first to let you know that no one needs or wants your God-less opinion or assumption of what you think others need to have value and quality of Life.

To summarize: We don’t need a bunch of well meaning God haters to make laws that govern when we can and cannot have Life. The fact is that abortion and euthanasia is murder, not quality control.

The question is, “…If God is for us, who can be against us?” Turns out just about everyone who does not believe that Life has been and is foreordained before the foundations of this world.

Each one of us has a separate purpose and function; no one is left out, “For there is no partiality with God”, AND, “Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in Your book they all were written, the days fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them.”

What about the end of LIFE?

Do you know anyone that has been stricken with Alzheimer’s? I have. It’ll break your heart.

Pat Robertson has an opinion that someone with Alzheimer’s is already dead and that a spouse can go ahead and divorce their afflicted loved one and move on with their life. He perceives that death is not a physical thing, but a mental one as well. If that is the case Mr. Robertson, who else is dead to you? Those with Down Syndrome? Maybe the unborn? Those in comas?

My grandpa Hadley married a lady about a year before I was born. She had three children, two girls and a boy. As a kid I loved visiting them. My [step] grandma Lou made the best biscuits EVER. She even made fried baloney taste like heaven. They lived in a tiny town in southern Missouri only known to those that are from there. I remember one of their houses had an outhouse with a water pump outside.

After a while they bought a tiny little house in Houston, Missouri that a later owner would one day paint pink. When we would visit, somehow my grandparents would find the room for the five of us to spend the night. I think their Plymouth Fury was bigger than that house! Grandma Lou had a Hoosier cabinet that she would crank out flour to make her famous biscuits and let us eat hard candy in the dish by the couch. It was worth the drive from St. Louis.

By the time I was in my twenty’s, I was busy being a wife and mom and making enough of a paycheck to survive. I hadn’t visited my grandparents in many years and I hated that. But one day we were able to afford to make the drive down to my uncle’s farm to see everyone and to my surprise, my grandparents were in a nursing home. My grandma Lou had Alzheimer’s. My grandfather loved my grandma Lou so much that he decided to bunk with her at the nursing home.

I had never been to a nursing home before. I had my young son with me and all the ladies wanted to pinch his cheeks. We made our way to my grandparent’s room and to this day I still tear up when I think about it…Grandma Lou was lying in bed softly babbling something only she could understand. My grandpa would lovingly put his hand on her arm and talk with her as if she was speaking perfect English. I was stunned by the whole scene. I had no idea how sick she was and I had no idea how much he loved her to stay by her side as if she was perfectly well.

Ironically, Grandpa Hadley died from an aneurism before she passed. He lovingly took care of his wife until it was his time to go. He never left her side. Glory to God!

So Mr. Robertson, you are wrong. A man or woman with Alzheimer’s is just as alive as they were they day they conceived.

HR 3200 at a glance

This has been compiled by Robert Moon, Macon County Conservative Examiner – 7/24/09. This is a brief synopsis of the current legislation wanna-be; HR 3200.

This is per These are just the highlights.

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