The death toll for all the wars, the Holocaust, Pearl Harbor and the twin towers cannot and never will equal or compare to the total deaths of the unborn from abortion death. Read more about those figures here.

Abortion has become an eyes-wide-open secret holocaust, the womb a death chamber.

Auschwitz in a red biohazard tub that holds the remains of unborn aborted babies.
Auschwitz in a red biohazard tub that holds the remains of unborn aborted babies.

A recent program about Polish Jews persecuted and executed at Auschwitz showed the gas chamber walls that had long, deep fingernail scratch marks from the Jews trying to dig and scratch their way out of the chamber. Unborn children within the womb backs away from and opens their mouths in horror during an abortion, much like scratching to get out of the gas chamber. Abby Johnson, formally of Planned Parenthood, ‘assisted in an ultrasound-guided abortion and watched in horror as a 13 week baby FOUGHT, and ultimately lost, its life at the hand of the abortionist’. Please read her full testimony here.

Dr. Bernard Nathanson’s “The Silent Scream” depicts the unborn baby’s attempt to escape the abortionist’s tool that ultimately takes his/her life. The womb had become a gas chamber of sorts that takes the life of the child rather than protect and nourish him/her. In the film below, you will see the unborn child open his/her mouth in a ‘silent scream’ knowing that death is close. This precious baby will die at the hands of the abortionist and his/her mother.

Like the Jews at Auschwitz, these unborn children did nothing to deserve death. Every day the abortion facility is open, moms and their abortionists kill quietly by the thousands. Every day the abortion facility is open, the womb becomes the death chamber. And every day it’s accepted by an agenda to rid the world of an undesired human being.

Yes, the womb has become the chamber in which the child has a 1 in 4 chance of being aborted, a secret holocaust.