When smoke gets in your eyes.

Or, Where’s the fire? 

The smoke screen that the Progressive Left has made is truly mammoth this administration. It’s a cover-up of organized mass destruction of real ‘change’.

Rep. Tom Price (R., Ga.), a conservative leader in the House, concedes that, in some cases, Republicans are being outflanked. “The administration is pushing so many things so rapidly it’s difficult to concentrate on all of them,” he said.

And while we were all busy getting reasonably upset at another ridiculous healthcare bill –THAT INCLUDES ABORTION, page 110 – that has nearly 2k pages and wondering how we were going to read it and understand it….suddenly the Hate Crimes Bill was pushed through without a bit of fan fare and giving the gay community more carte blanche to accelerate now legal hate against the straight and/or Christian community:

The Wall Street Journal notes:   The legislation gives the Justice Department the power to investigate and prosecute an expanded definition of hate crimes and to pre-empt local police when Washington decides too little is being done about a crime. The legislation has long been controversial. In fact, it took 14 votes in Congress to pass it. Opponents believe the measure is an unwarranted expansion of federal power. They also say it creates a new category of violent crime that isn’t necessary because the acts it addresses would be crimes regardless of motivation. Mr. Price, the congressman, called it an “unconstitutional thought-crimes law.”

The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act (HR1256) gives the FDA power to regulate tobacco products. Regarding the new tobacco law, the Food and Drug Administration and allies in Congress have been seeking regulatory authority over tobacco since the early ‘90’s; tobacco is neither food nor drug. And since tobacco isn’t ‘safe’, it can become illegal. Does the new administration realize what this will do to tobacco farmers? Is the administration willing to allow these farmers to sell their business at a reasonable profit to the government? But even that being said, it is not up to the government to regulate what we eat, drink or ingest. This bill is another step toward socializing America.

The Omnibus Public Lands Management Act designates millions of acres of federal land as wilderness – which sounds like a nice idea until they deemed over 1 million acres of Wyoming land to be off-limits to natural gas and oil development. However when the land was surveyed, it was clear that the land held large oil deposits and natural gas deposits that could help with our energy independence from foreign oil. Interestingly, this is land made by God to support us that live on His earth and the Government will make sure we can look at it from a distance.

Be aware, be prepared…while this president is in office and doing the bidding of the Progressive Left while they have a chance, we will see more junk get passed and signed than ever before. The Liberals found their perfect patsy, President Barack HUSSEIN Obama. In the end, trees will have more rights than we do.

School, hate crimes and the Gay Agenda

In a story dated 9/22/09 from the Pacific Justice Institute, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, a teacher with the public school system was forced to bend to the Gay Agenda that was mandated by the school district that he worked for:

A former special education teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District has filed a discrimination suit against LAUSD, saying he was forced to quit for not showing enough support for the pro-homosexual emphasis at his school. The teacher is represented by Pacific Justice Institute.

The conflict for Manuel Fernandez began in the spring of 2007, when he was chastised for not buying and wearing a red “Day of Silence” t-shirt. Administrators at the Miguel Contreras Learning Complex, where Fernandez taught in the Social Justice learning community, strongly encouraged teachers to participate in the pro-homosexual Day of Silence, even though the event bills itself as a student-led protest. Shortly after Fernandez declined to buy and wear the shirt, he received a written review that rebuked him, stating that he “sometimes had difficulty understanding his colleagues’ attempts at incorporating issues of social justice into the curriculum and, at times, he has not been supportive of those issues, such as LGBTQ rights..…Fernandez eventually sought medical treatment for stress and related medical problems and finally placed on medical leave by his physician after more than a year of harassment. Fernandez’ lawsuit, filed in state court and removed by LAUSD to federal court, alleges First Amendment violations and discrimination, harassment and retaliation under state employment laws.

The Gay Agenda is not something to be ignored because I assure you, it is not ignoring us. Particularly, the Hate Crimes Bill is being instituted to bring about ‘accountability’ with the way people speak or act upon people of definite lifestyles other than normal, or what is God-ordained. The bill will make sure that we cannot speak against homosexuality in churches, public school or any other forum that would constitute a negative opinion of being lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and ‘questioning’.

Even the Health Reform Bill (HR3200) has provisions for people of this lifestyle for gender reassignment that you and I will pay for through government funded healthcare.

In recent legislation in Ohio, it is now against the law to discriminate against homosexuals regarding employment and residence. The laws that were in place have always protected against discrimination but not in such a way to take the necessary legal step toward legalized homosexual marriage; the verbiage needed to be more succinct.  The same can be said for the Hate Crimes Bill; essential laws were already in place to protect anyone from all heinous acts against all Americans. But what the Hate Crimes Bill will do is make sure the homosexual will have more civil rights than ANYONE ELSE, even your children:

Liberty University law professor Shawn Akers writes that if H.R. 1913, the federal “Hate Crimes” bill, becomes law, “local and state law enforcement would have the incentive of federal funds to prosecute cases involving … preferred victims to the exclusion and neglect of less valuable victims.” Membership in the “preferred” category is “based not on immutable characteristics but on the class member’s choice of sexual conduct … and subjective gender self-identity.”  Read the rest here.

Public school is not the place for social agenda of any kind. If church and state are to be separate, so should sexual preference teaching and tolerance. No one tolerates prayer in school – so why tolerate a crime against nature?

Are YOU covered?

Who isn’t covered in the Hate Crimes Bill? Straight Christian Caucasians. Who is covered? EVERYONE ELSE.

Preaching the Truth of the Bible will be considered HATE.

If you get into a car accident and the other driver is a lesbian – Hate Crime.

When a husband beats his wife, is it Hate? What if he’s white and she’s hispanic? Then is it Hate?

When a child is assaulted by a pedophile, is it Hate? Under the new Hate Crime Bill, the pedophile will be protected, not the child.

It is the belief of the Attorney General that Caucasians target all other ethnic groups all the time for no particular reason.

See what your Attorney General, Eric Holder, a black man, has to say. His agenda is to protect his own, not the entire community. He says ‘they’ are being targeted. Who’s they? Looks like he’s targeting the white christian community.

Crime = Hate, Hate = Crime. Or, it used to.

Your right to Free Speech

This video is from the Church Law Group. Anyone that has a church, ministry or is going to start one, I URGE you to view this video. Soon our God-given rights will be curbed due to the Gay Agenda and thus, the Hate Crimes Bill. You can be forced to conduct a wedding or funeral for homosexuals, according to the new administration, UNLESS you build your by-laws NOW.

This can help you with your workers, members, volunteers, website and the community at large to keep to the Biblical principles you adhere to. Do not let the goverment or the ACLU make your decisions for you!

A fork in the road

It’s Sunday, I’m at work and I’m looking at some news sites I typically scan every day. Of course I come across some articles and opinion pieces that are disturbing and interesting at the same time. Whenever I see pieces that have to do with a homosexual lifestyle, I stop and read. The reason I find it disturbing that the gay agenda is not just jamming their garbage down our throats, but putting a bit of sugar on it. I guess sugar makes the garbage taste a bit better. For example, regarding the 39th annual Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Parade and Celebration:no_gay_marriage

“Funnel cakes, classic cars, snow cones, square dancing, even straight people. Is it San Francisco’s gay pride festival, or a county fair in Nebraska?”

“Just because you’re out of the closet, doesn’t mean you have to be a Twinkie disco bunny who sits in a bar all day.”

“It’s definitely toned down…It’s become much less radicalized. We’re not such a stereotype any more. We’re just one more facet of life in San Francisco.”

“People here today seem so full of love and friendship.”

What all of these people are saying is exactly what’s happened in the United States…being gay has become conventional. Where was the fork in the road?

Then I came across an article about ‘gayby boomers’. That’s right…gayby boomers, exactly like it sounds. Now you know the word for a child made in a petri dish for a lesbian couple or an adopted child to a gay couple…forcing a family for a people that cannot procreate.

How selfish does someone have to be; you make children just because you want to? Manipulating God? The Lord showed his displeasure at Sodom and Gomorrah. And He’ll not apologize for that, I assure you.

Well, now it’s Monday morning and coffee is tasting particularly good today. Look at this bit I found in a major newspaper:

“I recently attended an interfaith Gay Pride Celebration in held in a Roman Catholic Church. One of the speakers was a former Catholic nun who left her order many years ago and is currently an Interfaith minister. She spoke of her work as a person of the cloth, her life as a lesbian, her 25 years with her beloved.”

I may not be a Catholic anymore, but are you kidding me? It used to be that the Catholic Church as a whole abhorred anything immoral. Glad I’m outta there. NOT in my church. I’ll shut it down first. By-laws, people….by-laws.

Where was the fork in the road?In this country, we see it when a democrat becomes president. Little by little this has become a pseudo-normal, so much so that the Hate Crimes Bill is about to shake this country’s core. If this law is passed, anyone with a spoken opinion against homosexuality can be prosecuted, and can be sued in civil court. The LGB&T Pride Parade I wrote about is a perfect example of what will be pseudo-normal at work, next door, at school and at church…OR ELSE.

I get the ‘free speech’ thing. But I get free speech, too. I live in the United States founded on Christian principles, not ObamaLand. I refuse to live in Obama’s fantasy land.