Abortion, the Church & a Diverse Agenda

Or, the fear and loathing of the Liberal Christian within the Post-Modern Church, part 2

More than 1100 clerics and religious professionals want U.S. Senators to provide women with access to abortion – why? Because the Religious Institute, STOP RIGHT THERE. Do you know about the Religious Institute? That name, Religious Institute, sounds so safe and…religious:

“Sexuality is God’s life-giving and life-fulfilling gift.  We come from diverse religious communities to recognize sexuality as central to our humanity and as integral to our spirituality.  We are speaking out against the pain, brokenness, oppression, and loss of meaning that many experience about their sexuality.”

No wonder the Post-Modern Church isn’t a church anymore. But read further:

“The courageous witness of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, along with a growing body of social and scientific research, inspire us to affirm sexual and gender diversity as a blessed part of life. Religious leaders must help to create a new understanding of sexual and gender diversity, and to promote full equality of LGBT persons in all areas of religious and public life.”

Christian Voice Magazine reports that there is a letter written by these fanatical zealots from the Religion Institute to push abortion to be included in the HR3200. Particular denoms that have sanctioned this letter include the American Baptist Churches, Church of the Brethren, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Presbyterian Church, United Church of Christ, and The United Methodist Church – and that’s the short list. Most of these so-called 1100 clerics are part of the Religious Institute, an army of NONE. These clerics are from the Liberal Post-Modern Church that supports ALL sexual diversity and nothing about God the Father, God the Son or God the Holy Spirit.

Getting back to the letter, it contains verbiage that simply says that the sanctity of life is not sanctified; it is in fact secondary to an active sexual diverse lifestyle:

“All persons have the right and responsibility to lead sexual lives that express love, justice, mutuality, commitment, consent, and pleasure….We support responsible procreation, the widespread availability of contraception, prenatal care, access to abortion services and intentional parenting.”

Intentional parenting is saying that the only children that are allowed to be brought to term are babies that were ‘intended’, or meaning that all other pregnancies that were allowed by God because of Sin should be aborted or avoided. This would also lean toward IVF and artificial insemination used by single women and lesbian couples because the resulting children are ‘intended’.

Responsible procreation is kind of like saying ‘intentional parenting’ a little differently but making the connotation of using birth control and abortion as a way to control the hand of God in procreation that was originally meant to be; i.e.: Husband and Wife ONLY.

“Already, federal policy unfairly prevents low-income women and federal employees from receiving subsidized reproductive health services, but the new proposals would mean that even more women and families would lose access to these vital services,” said the Rev. Debra W. Haffner, executive director of the Religious Institute.”

Subsidized means YOU PAY FOR IT. Already our tax dollars have been procured and detoured to help women get birth control and abortion. The HR3200 is a smoke screen – pundits beat on it having abortion in it when if you look at it a lot closer, you’ll see the real agenda – a Diverse Agenda.

School, hate crimes and the Gay Agenda

In a story dated 9/22/09 from the Pacific Justice Institute, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, a teacher with the public school system was forced to bend to the Gay Agenda that was mandated by the school district that he worked for:

A former special education teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District has filed a discrimination suit against LAUSD, saying he was forced to quit for not showing enough support for the pro-homosexual emphasis at his school. The teacher is represented by Pacific Justice Institute.

The conflict for Manuel Fernandez began in the spring of 2007, when he was chastised for not buying and wearing a red “Day of Silence” t-shirt. Administrators at the Miguel Contreras Learning Complex, where Fernandez taught in the Social Justice learning community, strongly encouraged teachers to participate in the pro-homosexual Day of Silence, even though the event bills itself as a student-led protest. Shortly after Fernandez declined to buy and wear the shirt, he received a written review that rebuked him, stating that he “sometimes had difficulty understanding his colleagues’ attempts at incorporating issues of social justice into the curriculum and, at times, he has not been supportive of those issues, such as LGBTQ rights..…Fernandez eventually sought medical treatment for stress and related medical problems and finally placed on medical leave by his physician after more than a year of harassment. Fernandez’ lawsuit, filed in state court and removed by LAUSD to federal court, alleges First Amendment violations and discrimination, harassment and retaliation under state employment laws.

The Gay Agenda is not something to be ignored because I assure you, it is not ignoring us. Particularly, the Hate Crimes Bill is being instituted to bring about ‘accountability’ with the way people speak or act upon people of definite lifestyles other than normal, or what is God-ordained. The bill will make sure that we cannot speak against homosexuality in churches, public school or any other forum that would constitute a negative opinion of being lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and ‘questioning’.

Even the Health Reform Bill (HR3200) has provisions for people of this lifestyle for gender reassignment that you and I will pay for through government funded healthcare.

In recent legislation in Ohio, it is now against the law to discriminate against homosexuals regarding employment and residence. The laws that were in place have always protected against discrimination but not in such a way to take the necessary legal step toward legalized homosexual marriage; the verbiage needed to be more succinct.  The same can be said for the Hate Crimes Bill; essential laws were already in place to protect anyone from all heinous acts against all Americans. But what the Hate Crimes Bill will do is make sure the homosexual will have more civil rights than ANYONE ELSE, even your children:

Liberty University law professor Shawn Akers writes that if H.R. 1913, the federal “Hate Crimes” bill, becomes law, “local and state law enforcement would have the incentive of federal funds to prosecute cases involving … preferred victims to the exclusion and neglect of less valuable victims.” Membership in the “preferred” category is “based not on immutable characteristics but on the class member’s choice of sexual conduct … and subjective gender self-identity.”  Read the rest here.

Public school is not the place for social agenda of any kind. If church and state are to be separate, so should sexual preference teaching and tolerance. No one tolerates prayer in school – so why tolerate a crime against nature?

Is the past really in the past?

Everyone has a past. Everyone has memories. But what happens when it just won’t go away? What happens when the past, the BAD past suddenly sneaks up and grabs you?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD, is an anxiety (chronic) disorder that can develop after exposure to a terrifying event or ordeal in which grave physical harm occurred or was threatened. Traumatic events that may trigger PTSD include violent personal assaults, natural or human-caused disasters, accidents, or military combat. –Nat’l Institute of Mental Health

This isn’t a military-only disorder. This happens to millions of men and women.

Severe traumatic acts in our past can take up to ten or more years to manifest:

  1. Death of a close loved one – usually a parent, child, spouse or Abortion
  2. Serious injury – car accident, or the like
  3. Sexual assault – rape
  4. Natural disaster – tornado, hurricane, etc.
  5. Loss – divorce and consequences regarding it; custody, finances
  6. Spousal abuse.

Symptoms are varied; they can include:

  1. Reliving the ordeal: Repeatedly reliving the ordeal through thoughts and memories of the trauma. These may include flashbacks, hallucinations, and nightmares; as well as the anniversary date of the event.
  2. Avoiding and isolating: May avoid people, places, thoughts, or situations that may remind him or her of the trauma. This can lead to feelings of detachment and isolation from family and friends, as well as a loss of interest in activities that the person once enjoyed.
  3. Increased arousal: Emotional problems like relating to others, including feeling or showing affection; difficulty falling or staying asleep; irritability; outbursts of anger; difficulty concentrating; and being jumpy or easily startled. The person may also suffer physical symptoms, such as increased blood pressure and heart rate, rapid breathing, muscle tension, nausea, and diarrhea. –WebMD

At least 19% and up to over 60% of women that terminate their pregnancy will have PTSD or PAS (Post Abortion Syndrome) as early as 30 days after the procedure to nearly ten years to manifest into symptoms; at least 85% of women did not get adequate counseling. Pro-choicers do not believe that this is a viable ‘sickness’ or ‘illness’. Anyone that has had this procedure knows that there is absolute truth to PTSD and PAS.

As a result of PTSD and PAS, other issues surface:

  1. Alcoholism
  2. Drug abuse
  3. Sexual promiscuity or sexual dysfunction
  4. Difficulty getting or staying married
  5. Difficulty having other children or getting close to the ones they have
  6. Keeping a job.

PTSD and PAS is NO JOKE. If someone has ever had a loss or traumatic event will tell you otherwise. Abortion is taken entirely too lightly in this country and the wake of it is getting worse and worse.

Will the HR3200 also pay for all of the counselling?

Be thankful that I am not in public office, part 3

What do we learn from politicians that fabricate and manipulate the system? We learn that liars will be found out and agendas will be made aware:

  • Abortion funding, moreover, would be in sync with Obama’s stated position that reproductive health constitutes “essential care.”
  • Despite what Obama said, the House bill would allow abortions to be covered by a federal plan and by federally subsidized private plans.
  • The truth is that bills now before Congress don’t require federal money to be used for supporting abortion coverage.
  • The Capps amendment states that some abortions ‘shall’ be covered by the ‘public option’ plan, specifically those types of abortions that Congress allows to be covered under Medicaid, under the Hyde Amendment.
  • “It will be a plan that will provide all essential services, including reproductive services, as well as mental health services and disease management services; because part of our interest is to make sure that we’re putting more money into preventive care.” –Barack Hussein Obama
  • As for the House bill as it stands now, it’s a matter of fact that it would allow both a “public plan” and newly subsidized private plans to cover all abortions.

Thanks FactCheck.org, Cincinnati Post & NRLC.org

This ‘one hand washes the other’ is a pitiful attempt to placate everyone in the abortion debate via HR3200. Giving just a little bit to get more only makes a huge mess. Stick to your guns!

Obama has either clearly LIED or is really so stupid to be that misinformed. I really don’t buy the misinformed thing.

The Senate and the House reconvenes today. I guess we’ll see.

What about Camelot?

Ted Kennedy dies of brain cancer at the age of 77. So…what about Camelot?

The Kennedy family initially made their money rum-running during prohibition. They were not ‘blue-blood’, they were nobodies….just Irish immigrants. And at that time, the Irish were considered dirty and only good for servitude. I for one do not like that about the Irish, because I am from Irish immigrants myself.

Anyway, the Kennedys bought their way into society; they were ‘new’ money. So how in the world did they get so famous? Scandal and marrying well.

Being Democrats and Catholic never changed the opinion of the Kennedy’s that abortion is a woman’s choice. Ted Kennedy fought and fought over healthcare reform that would include government paid abortion on demand to keep the ‘burden’ off the system, i.e. the government.

Here is some of his voting record on abortion:

  • Voted NO on defining unborn child as eligible for SCHIP. (Mar 2008)
  • Voted NO on prohibiting minors crossing state lines for abortion. (Mar 2008)
  • Voted YES on expanding research to more embryonic stem cell lines. (Apr 2007)
  • Voted NO on notifying parents of minors who get out-of-state abortions. (Jul 2006)
  • Voted YES on $100M to reduce teen pregnancy by education & contraceptives. (Mar 2005)
  • Voted NO on criminal penalty for harming unborn fetus during other crime. (Mar 2004)
  • Voted NO on banning partial birth abortions except for maternal life. (Mar 2003)
  • Voted NO on maintaining ban on Military Base Abortions. (Jun 2000)
  • Voted NO on banning partial birth abortions. (Oct 1999)
  • Voted NO on banning human cloning. (Feb 1998)
  • Rated 100% by NARAL, indicating a pro-choice voting record. (Dec 2003)
  • Expand embryonic stem cell research. (Jun 2004)
  • Sponsored bill for emergency contraception for rape victims. (Sep 2006)
  • Rated 0% by the NRLC, indicating a pro-choice stance. (Dec 2006)
  • Ensure access to and funding for contraception. (Feb 2007)

Getting back to Teddy…he was also riddled with scandal after scandal. Money can pretty much buy you anything but it can’t buy eternity in Heaven. Actually, let me rephrase that…money can buy an eternity in Hell but salvation is FREE.

I am of the opinion that most of the Kennedy clan did not know the Lord. They were staunch Roman Catholic as are a lot of the Irish. Most of my family is the same so I have some experience at this. Being RC is hard to overcome because the vanity of it is so strong.

It’s obvious what master Ted Kennedy served…but unfortunately for him, it wasn’t Jesus Christ. Right now, Mr. Kennedy is answering for what he has done. It’s too bad, though…he had the chance to repent and live.