The New Roe of Texas

Well great. The illegal MINOR was ‘allowed’ to kill her baby in America. Sounds a bit off, eh? Yeah, you betcha.

Great test case, you say, and it is. I say we need proof this actually happened. Now, don’t go all ‘copy and paste what the crazy Christian said and post it everywhere’ garbage. Think about it…we are given NO information other than this new Roe is underage and illegally in the United States and AMERICANS got to pay for it. Fake news? Well, who would know with literally NO real information?

The procedure was carried out after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled Tuesday that Jane Doe, as she is identified in court filings, could immediately have the abortion she requested, and before the federal government could appeal the decision to the U.S. Supreme Court.” NICE way to circumvent the law. No harm, no foul? Oh, not so fast. Whoever allowed this undisclosed abortion to happen better go down in a blaze of liberal democrat glory since it only seems okay for proaborts to use the appeals PROCESS.

And, by the way, this abortion was NOT Illegal Roe’s Constitutional right, because this person, if there truly is one at all, is not a citizen and is STILL ILLEGAL AND A MINOR.

TEXAS: YOU HAD ONE JOB. And now with an abortion minded illegal minor’s foot in the door, America will now be the abortion destination of the freaking WORLD. After all, not even the LAW can stop this runaway freight train: “This ruling not only cost a life, it could pave the way for anyone outside the United States to unlawfully enter and obtain an abortion,”AG Ken Paxton said.”

Won’t be unlawful anymore, at least in the skewed lying eyes of the ACLU. But I digress. This abortion sideshow is not truly what this article is about.

Here’s to all the proaborts out there that high-fived OUT LOUD that this little girl is now a mother of a dead baby. Each and every one of you are despicable and responsible for this young girl now being post abortive. But that is what you all wanted! KILL THE BABY!!! After all, this is for women’s rights? HA! NOT EVEN CLOSE. This slight of proabort hand was to continue to promote your baby killing agenda, and now for every illegal ‘immigrant’ who never has the money to buy her own abortion.

Nice going! Another one in the bag, eh? Actually, in a red tub marked BIO HAZARD getting ready for a ride to the landfill. And the photo below kinda let the proabort cat out of the bag.


Buck up, Baby…Illegal ‘Buckeyes’ Gets Top Spot

Illegals – Democrats call ‘undocumented’ – are people here in the United States ILLEGALLY and is forcing every one of us to pony up the dough and look the other way. And for the record, all of my family were immigrants…and unless you are a Native American (and I’ve got a smidge of that, too), you are descendants of immigrants. And mine came here legally, without any entitlements or handouts.562035_10152192731525254_929532057_n

Aborting unborn Buckeye citizens is the path of least resistance in the immigration war?

As I sift through liberal garbage that is passed off as journalism, I find these bits and pieces of news blab and put the puzzle pieces together to form what is the actual BIG PICTURE, not the one they want us to see. Liberals want us to see teary-eyed ‘undocumented’ immigrants that insist (not need) on our help to force more tax strains on legal citizens of the United States of America. I have been taxed enough already, thank you very much. But that isn’t the ENTIRE picture: People feel the strain so much that they would rather focus on aborting what they see as ‘future strains on the system’…unborn LEGAL citizens.

A Letter to the Editor said, “…..the rest of us will end up paying for this child’s well-being through government aid.” Could’t have been said better by Nancy Pelosi herself….while she signs off our tax money, religious freedom and Constitutional rights to ILLEGALS and abortion.

Is immigration an issue of LIFE?

Ohio preborns are schedule to die today at tax funded abortion facilities in this state while ILLEGALS get college money, drivers licenses AND get to vote for more ILLEGALS to be ‘imported‘ into Ohio to get college money, drivers licenses and to vote. Yes, Ohio and other states are ‘importing’ immigrants AND caving to illegals. But we keep killing the unborn because it’s a burden on the system??? HUH??? Confusing? Not really, just your liberal agenda at work. 

“We are future nurses, teachers, attorneys, engineers and technicians who are being denied the fair educational access and affordability granted to our classmates,” says the letter from Dream Activist Ohio, a group formed by undocumented immigrants. Read the rest of the story here. ‘Fair educational access’…seriously? Since when is it okay to come to another country illegally and EXPECT to be treated BETTER than a citizen? 


Too far-fetched? NO….I assure you that this is happening in most states, thanks to Obama loving Democrats that have no problem spending YOUR MONEY on people that are here illegally. HOWEVER, there are people in this state (and others) that insist that aborting legal citizens is a better ‘choice’ than deporting people that are here illegally….the liberal agenda hard at work.

“If they first will make sure that the borders are secure then I think the American public will be open to hearing what their bureaucratic regulatory solutions are but first and foremost is securing the border.” Gov. Sarah Palin

Less babies born means more money for the government to spend on people sneaking into the country and your state. Can we secure our borders? Yes, but will we?