#TOLERANCE BYTES: Dayton’s Mayor #NanWhaley Threatens #Christian Daytonians & Religious Freedom

Here in Dayton, we do not want LGBT hate money spent here. But thanks to the NCAA and their outloud hatred of religious freedom and the Constitution, their wrath of anything decent has spilled over the state line to try and divide the rest of us in Ohio. No, we don’t want your tainted blood money, no matter how badly our pitiful ‘Mayor’ begs for it. Perhaps if she was a better servant than a hater of the rest of us?

We demand the Mayor of Dayton to protect ALL OF US, including Christians and their small businesses. Instead, she tries to create protected classes. That is NOT what our country was founded upon, but it is why people left Europe hundreds of years ago, to escape tyranny and persecution from those in political power. And she wonders why Montgomery County is LOSING RESIDENTS? Nan Whaley panders to the LGBT and importing muslim refugees and calls herself ‘diverse’. All that she has actually accomplished is building herself an ivory tower of inclusion and hate to everyone else.

The Dayton Daily News said this morning: “Dayton officials hope to capitalize on growing backlash against Indiana’s controversial religious freedom law by attracting companies and individuals who are looking to flee the Hoosier state because of their opposition to the new legislation.” Capitalize? Clearly, Mayor Nan Whaley is trying to capitalize on LGBT hate of Christians in Dayton, see the video here. Yes, she wants your money.

A local reporter said on the evening news: “Mayor Whaley stopped short of imposing a travel ban to Indiana. That is what Seattle’s Mayor and Connecticut’s Governor did for government workers who would be traveling on the tax payer dime.” Commerce and business is open to everyone in Ohio and Dayton; the new law in Indiana [and 19 other states, so far] will keep LGBT hate from targeting known Christian small businesses to exploit.

Clearly, Nan Whaley hates religious freedom, the Constitution and Dayton or she wouldn’t pimp out Dayton to take hate money. Certainly her refugee friends were supposed to fill in the downward economical abyss she helped Dayton to accomplish?

Remember, Ms. Whaley not only attended but was instrumental in getting Cecil Richards of Planned Parenthood in Cincinnati for a fund raiser last year for more abortion in Ohio. Mayor Nan Whaley is not a friend to ALL DAYTONIANS, especially to Christians [she claims to be a Catholic], the traditional family and marriage, and to the unborn.


My, isn’t that the quandary…Ol’ Nan supports so-called refugee children but not our own children in the womb who are here LEGALLY? Nan claims that the federal government contacted her which is very hard to believe. Congressman Mike Turner said that [Whaley should] “turn her issues not to federal issues but to the people in need in this community.” Read the rest here [VIDEO].

The Former East Fourth Street Church of God

Exactly right Rep. Turner, Ms. Whaley needs to tend to people that have made this city home for GENERATIONS…and can prove it. People here are sick, hungry and homeless but instead allows THOUSANDS of ‘refugees’ to come here on their dime? How is that fair to those that call this place ‘home’?

“We’ve received great response from the community,” she said. Interestingly, protests started immediately. Meanwhile in East Dayton, a Turkish ‘refugee’ said, “Like for me, government supported us,” he said. “Food stamps, medicaid, all that stuff and right now I have my own business.” Read the rest here [VIDEO].

[VIDEO] Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer agrees with Congressman Mike Turner that the city of Dayton is not the place for the federal government to place illiegal immigrants. [DDN] http://www.daytondailynews.com/videos/news/sheriff-plummer-addresses-concerns-of-illegal/vCkhT6/

Local Artist [?], East Third Street in Dayton
Local Artist [?], East Third Street in Dayton
“Congressman Turner, who represents Dayton and Wright-Patterson Air Force base and is the former mayor of Dayton, put out a release saying ‘Mayor Whaley does not have the authority, the resources or the support to speak on behalf of Dayton and the surrounding communities’.” Read the rest here.

Read the letter that Congressman Mike Turner, [also signed by the Mayor of Centerville, Greene County Commissioners, Montgomery County Sheriff, Mayor of Beavercreek] sent to the White House regarding Nan Whaley NOT having the authority to take the ‘refugee’ children here.

Dayton has dealt with ‘immigration’ and ‘refugees’ for a long time; actual citizens take issue with this because they need food stamps, they need medicaid, and their own business…but our Mayor seems to think that illegals and so-called ‘refugees’ make better Daytonians rather than those that have been here for generations.

Mayor Nan Whaley is a fraud and needs to step down before this city falls down in a heap. Seventy-two unborn Ohioans, here legally, die an abortion death every day in Ohio. Why doesn’t she ‘save’ them from dismemberment and disarticulation rather than support Planned Parenthood?

Please Nan…leave while we still have a city. Plugging up holes in Dayton’s economy with illegals and ‘refugees’ will  not make it float.


Buck up, Baby…Illegal ‘Buckeyes’ Gets Top Spot

Illegals – Democrats call ‘undocumented’ – are people here in the United States ILLEGALLY and is forcing every one of us to pony up the dough and look the other way. And for the record, all of my family were immigrants…and unless you are a Native American (and I’ve got a smidge of that, too), you are descendants of immigrants. And mine came here legally, without any entitlements or handouts.562035_10152192731525254_929532057_n

Aborting unborn Buckeye citizens is the path of least resistance in the immigration war?

As I sift through liberal garbage that is passed off as journalism, I find these bits and pieces of news blab and put the puzzle pieces together to form what is the actual BIG PICTURE, not the one they want us to see. Liberals want us to see teary-eyed ‘undocumented’ immigrants that insist (not need) on our help to force more tax strains on legal citizens of the United States of America. I have been taxed enough already, thank you very much. But that isn’t the ENTIRE picture: People feel the strain so much that they would rather focus on aborting what they see as ‘future strains on the system’…unborn LEGAL citizens.

A Letter to the Editor said, “…..the rest of us will end up paying for this child’s well-being through government aid.” Could’t have been said better by Nancy Pelosi herself….while she signs off our tax money, religious freedom and Constitutional rights to ILLEGALS and abortion.

Is immigration an issue of LIFE?

Ohio preborns are schedule to die today at tax funded abortion facilities in this state while ILLEGALS get college money, drivers licenses AND get to vote for more ILLEGALS to be ‘imported‘ into Ohio to get college money, drivers licenses and to vote. Yes, Ohio and other states are ‘importing’ immigrants AND caving to illegals. But we keep killing the unborn because it’s a burden on the system??? HUH??? Confusing? Not really, just your liberal agenda at work. 

“We are future nurses, teachers, attorneys, engineers and technicians who are being denied the fair educational access and affordability granted to our classmates,” says the letter from Dream Activist Ohio, a group formed by undocumented immigrants. Read the rest of the story here. ‘Fair educational access’…seriously? Since when is it okay to come to another country illegally and EXPECT to be treated BETTER than a citizen? 


Too far-fetched? NO….I assure you that this is happening in most states, thanks to Obama loving Democrats that have no problem spending YOUR MONEY on people that are here illegally. HOWEVER, there are people in this state (and others) that insist that aborting legal citizens is a better ‘choice’ than deporting people that are here illegally….the liberal agenda hard at work.

“If they first will make sure that the borders are secure then I think the American public will be open to hearing what their bureaucratic regulatory solutions are but first and foremost is securing the border.” Gov. Sarah Palin

Less babies born means more money for the government to spend on people sneaking into the country and your state. Can we secure our borders? Yes, but will we?


DECEIVED: Sleeping Dog Politics

Have you ever tried to step over your sleeping dog and it suddenly wakes with a vengeance and nearly knocks you down? Sleeping Dog Politics. That dog is just waiting for the right time to wake up and knock you down. Truly, one of our worst traits as Republicans is trusting that our elected Republicans are doing their job for us as promised, but that is so far from the truth. Too much is taking their attention away from true conservatism to get themselves reelected. The Gay Agenda is bullying the Right as well as the Reproductive Health and Abortion Agenda, Immigration ‘Reform’, and many other progressive agendas2013-05-19 16.41.19

2013-06-02 09.40.45-1 - CopyFor instance, in my city the ‘mayor’ [I use the term LOOSELY] is literally importing muslim Turkish ‘refugees’ to repopulate a dying city who are contributing to some of our crime, not building businesses as promised. Being so deceived, this mayor is not seeing that the agenda of these immigrants is to CHANGE us, not conform to our laws and Constitution that we follow. In this video regarding Californian Latinos, listen closely to what is said toward the end: The Agenda is to increase their ‘numbers’ and CIVIL WAR which is essentially what happened in Dearborn, Michigan….sharia law. Sleeping Dog Politics.

2013-05-24 09.44.47In a recent article, Mississippi Dems went “toe-to-toe with the state Republican Party in four key mayoral races and, for the first time in a very long while, defeated the red tide that has swept over Mississippi politics since the turn of this century.” Don’t ever believe for one minute that ‘all is well’. Anything good and decent is under attack in every town, city, county and statehouse. The Sleeping Dog was just resting awhile waiting to wake up:

“But the Democratic victories were notable. They showed the state party is getting its act together after years of disarray. It’s fielding better candidates and starting to raise money again, and it’s joining the modern century in technology and tactics. And, for the first time in many years, the party appears to be developing an overall strategy and formula to help campaigns. Plus, successful young Democratic mayors can be a ‘farm team’ for future, higher offices, something the party has lacked in recent years.”

“Democratic mayors can be a ‘farm team’ for future, higher offices” which concerns me for my town who only has two Democrats up for election for Mayor, one is a white woman I mentioned that is as progressive and liberal as Obama. Is she being ‘groomed’? Of course she is. And talk about racist….in all of her ads she’s hugging black children. She only wants your vote, not your agenda. Sleeping Dog Politics.

How much more proof does a person need? How can you dismiss the agendas of people that are trying to make a 51st state because of the Sleeping Dog Politics of Colorado? Colorado has turned to the point of going past LIBERAL to PROGRESSIVE. Read more about the progressive agenda here.

Mississippi and Oklahoma call themselves the reddest state, and while that is a great big PRAISE THE LORD, it is not a time to rest on ye laurels. The ’08 and ’12 elections should have taught us more than that. Yesterday, we drove past a new ‘church’ in the inner city. This church said out loud that they are a black church that embraces Obama and has endorsed [even though that is illegal if they have a 501(c)3 status] a woman for mayor that is bought and paid for by EMILY’s LIST. No CHRISTIAN can call themselves a CHRISTIAN if they vote for ANYONE that espouses a Progressive Liberal and/or abortion. This is no church; this is a front for the Progressive Liberal Agenda. Sleeping Dog Politics, even in the Church.

2013-05-20 18.54.25In Louisiana – New Orleans – a 4.2 MILLION DOLLAR PLANNED PARENTHOOD MEGA REGIONAL ABORTION FACILITY has somehow got under the radar in the most prolife state in the United States? Sleeping Dog Politics. Did you know that Planned Parenthood isn’t even allowed to give abortion referral in Louisiana? At least 5 elected Progressive Liberal Democrat women in Louisiana are backing that future abortion facility that will kill off unborn children, and in New Orleans, at least half of those unborn babies are black AND GIRLS. How can no one see the racist card being played? A commenter said, “Here’s something to ponder. If the Klan began handing out free abortion vouchers in the black community, how would it be perceived? Good or bad?” Math doesn’t lie, here are the numbers. And Mississippi needs to be aware that the new Planned Parenthood being built in NOLA is seeking the Mississippi customer because there is only one abortion facility left in Mississippi. Coincidence? I THINK NOT. This is happening thanks to Sleeping Dog Politics in both MS and LA. Do we have ourselves to thank for this? Probably, but if we don’t get off the couch of laziness, it will never change.

Sleeping Dog Politics are what’s taking over, that warm sense that all is well when in fact the opposite is true. We trust our elected officials to do what they said they would do….but do not. In my state, stories of prolife senators that have gone soft are just the tip of the iceberg. Anything conservative has been called racist and archaic. For the life of me, I’ll never understand how preventing abortions is ‘racist’ considering that black state reps and senators continually vote in pro-abortion legislation in all 50 states even though Planned Parenthood has targeted minorities, particularly blacks, since its inception. Abortion also kills unborn women-to-be that the deceived Left purports to protect with more abortion. The Left also protects the Gay Agenda who cannot procreate to continually reelect them in future generations. Your elected Progressive Liberal Democrats are deceived, they are accountable.

But don’t let this Sleeping Dog lie; it’s time to teach that dog some new tricks.