The audacity of a life less worthy

A life worthy is in the eye of the beholder…who’s the ‘beholder’? Clearly not the preborn child.

It’s the opinion of MILLIONS that children that have resulted in rape and incest should not be born. How could a child ever be loved that was conceived in a way that they had nothing to do with?

It is the opinion of MILLIONS that children that have Down syndrome should be aborted because they would have to be cared for by someone else and/or the government anyway.

It is the opinion of MILLIONS that surplus children conceived in petri dishes by greedy self absorbed ‘parents’, sometimes frozen for years, should be used for heinous science experiments instead of just thrown away as trash.

I knew a woman that had an adulterous affair with a policeman. She got pregnant and it was the decision of the woman AND her husband to abort the innocent child. After all, what would their neighbors and friends think?

The reason why we don’t see as many Down syndrome children as there used to be is because of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (if IVF is used)and amniocentesis. This does not just pick on Down syndrome; if you’ve ever known a pregnant woman over 35, they will tell you that their doctor offered testing for all abnormalities to the unborn fetus (I hate that word). I was pregnant at 36 and declined the test. It wasn’t for me to know, it was for God to determine.

I have seen strands and strands of comments on embryonic stem cell research from the University of Michigan Facebook page that would horrify anyone that is slightly prolife. Incredibly, at least 90% of the commenters (and there were hundreds) were decidedly for the chance that one adult may live or be able to walk while it might have taken thousands of preborn children’s lives to pay for it.

A life less worthy is a life easier to murder and the audacity of it is in the hands of the world.

Designer parents, designer babies, designer problems

The latest news from the United Kingdom – scientists have created designer embryos containing DNA from a man and TWO women – to make ‘healthier’ babies without presumed genetic disorders. I wonder who would be the identifiable mother.

Here’s the problem with designer embryos…first, playing God is not a good idea. Second, quit playing God. Third – let’s say your designer embryo becomes a baby! Wonderful! You’ve removed the chance for most abnormalities that can come with having children! Do you actually think God is pleased with you mocking his most precious creation? ‘For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.’*

That being said, what part of the gene pool is going to keep your child from becoming a drug addict…or a prostitute…or a high school dropout…on welfare…pregnant at 15…atheist or Christian?? ‘So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.’**

Or, where in the DNA can you splice an All American into the family? How much farther can this absolute madness go?

Embryos are created and destroyed as if it being nothing but medical waste to satisfy a persnickety parent.

Transhumanism is an intellectual and cultural movement supporting the use of science and technology to improve human mental and physical characteristics and capacities***. Essentially, transhumanism is part of the plan to make a ‘super race’. You know, kind of like Adolf Hitler.

“If nobody gets hurt and everybody has access,” says John Hughes (proclaimed transhumanist), “then genetic modification is perfectly fine, and restricting it is an assault on reproductive freedom. It’s in the same category as abortion. If you think women have the right to control their own bodies, then they should be able to make this choice,” he said. “There should be no law restricting the kind of kids people have, unless there’s gross evidence that they’re going to harm that kid, or harm society.” Read the entire aritcle here.

Perhaps they should get a puppy instead – maybe not. You know how the ASPCA and PETA are…they’re so particular.

*Jeremiah 29:11 (ESV), **Genesis 1:27 (ESV), ***Wikipedia

As THEY like it

As I have reported over and over again, the new administration wants to kill your babies and make you accept an abomination called homosexuality…in schools, government, the work place, where you live and in your church. For instance, in the headlines today:

CNN reports – “Courtroom showdown set to begin over same-sex marriage.”

The Miami Herald reports – “South Florida holds first gay wedding expo.”

And then the Boston Globe reports – “Consensus on gay rights eludes GOP,” because the Republican candidate has selected an openly gay running mate.

Anymore, newscasts are all about abortion and homosexuality. These are clear abominations in the eyes of God. How much longer before child pornography is legal?

Is nothing sacred?

Well, as a Minister, I know the answer to that – NO. Nothing that has ever been spiritually or morally correct is protected by this world any longer. Even the Church will be forced to make adjustments in the not so distant future because of the saturation of the homosexual lifestyle.

You know, if these people and their supporters used the same exuberance and gusto to feed and house the homeless, there wouldn’t be a homeless problem. I wonder how many people had no place to sleep last night. Do they care? No, they’d rather spend their money on attorneys, a house to rehab together in the city and IVF.

I am so sick of this being romanticized by the media.

So, let me help ya out Bob & Tom and Jane & Linda: We, as Christians and Americans do not care about your ‘suffering’. You are in obvious sin and think this world owes you for your lousy lifestyle CHOICE. I will not pay taxes to a government that pays you to thumb your nose at God and do the unthinkable. You do not have the right to make my child or grandchild accept about your same-sex predicament.

Let me go here again: As a Minister of the GOSPEL I will not tell my church, family or friends to accept your deviant behaviour. However, I will tell them that you were made by God and that God does love YOU – not your lifestyle.

Too bad…it would have been nice to see you in Heaven.

A new balancing act

Or, No girls allowed!

In this fast food world where we can get anything instantly for a nominal fee, we are faced with a truly evil undermining of our sensibilities and moral ethic….family balancing.

This particular technique in reproductive choice is called pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD).

This technology can help the tentative parents choose gender of their child. Through in vitro fertilization (IVF), embryos can be chosen regarding gender and free of disease or disability. The others not chosen are simply discarded, adopted or donated to science to be dissected.

From CNN:  Using PGD for gender selection is banned in most countries, but it is legal in the U.S., where the procedure costs around $18,000, including in-vitro fertilization. Los Angeles fertility expert Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg uses PGD for gender selection. He told CNN’s Vital Signs program that many of his American clients already have children of one gender and are trying to achieve “family balancing.” He added that 70 percent of his patients are from countries where the procedure is banned.

Critics are questioning the ethics of gender selection, and some argue that it could lead to gender imbalance particularly in societies with a traditional preference for boys, like China for example. The imbalance is so great in China that there are now not enough women for all the boys that were allowed to live outside the womb.

Other countries see the folly of such technology and have made it illegal, as it should be.

Taking life lightly does not please God.

Leonard Fleck (Ph.D.) of Michigan State University would argue that ‘We have entered (and cannot exit) the age of genetic responsibility’. Fleck further says:  ‘Morally speaking, choosing PGD should be thought of as a matter of procreative liberty’:

  • Parents are not violating the rights of anyone (from a secular perspective)
  • Parents intent is to act in the best interests of a future possible child
  • No obvious social harm in permitting parents to make such choices

How does one wrap their mind around such frivolousness of human life?

Fleck also says ‘I would argue that it would be morally wrong for a physician to fail to inform a couple concerned about the conception of a child with a serious genetic disorder of the option of PGD’.

People like Fleck and many, many others fail to realize that trying to eradicate disease and disability with PGD is not failsafe. We have disease and disability because of the Fall of Man; it is the result of Sin, plain and simple. We are made perfect in the eyes of God regardless if the world thinks not.

And lastly, Fleck says ‘Physicians will be critical to protecting the liberal foundations of our society, most especially the patterns of mutual respect needed for maintaining just policies and social practices in these matters’.

The future of such science goes hand in hand with the Progressive Left in keeping their options open regarding life issues. As long as Americans vote in Democrats, we will make ourselves obsolete as a people to the hands of scientists. Further, if will not regard God in these matters and society as a whole, we will bring the hand of God sooner rather than later.

Playing God without a net, part 2

Or, How to recycle your conscience. 

Now that they’re done playing God, what do they do with the leftovers? Sounds a bit (ya think?) cynical, I know, but that is exactly what people think that use IVF for making a family instead of waiting on God, as He meant it to be.

In their own mind, they believe this is some kind of spiritual quest to make a decision on the lives of their children that are frozen awaiting life outside the petri dish and the womb. But then again, these people really don’t understand Life and who created it. The job of creating Life is up to the Creator, not us.

From the Chicago Tribune:  ‘The sheer volume of embryos in storage has spurred fertility centers to form new partnerships with research institutions that have only recently received federal funds and adoption agencies that want to match embryos with potential parents. Such decisions, doctors say, are often informed and framed by faith.’

Faith? If one has made the most hideous decision to create lives outside the womb, one should stand up and do the correct thing (because they didn’t do the right thing in the first place) and have their own children implanted for themselves and deal with the responsibility of it. Being of a Faith does not necessarily make your decisions correct – check the doctrine of your Faith against your conscience and see the condemnation…justifying lousy decision making on your denomination is just plain cowardice.

‘In the minds of many fertility doctors and patients, Obama’s decision to lift the ban on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research also lifted a stigma, inspiring some IVF patients to give research – stem cell and other kinds – more serious consideration…..They could place the embryos in the womb for gestation when they are ready to have more children. Another couple could adopt the embryos. They could donate to science. Or they could thaw the embryos and discard them.’

I suppose I can’t expect much more than what the world shows people that shun what God wants. The purposeful intent is pure selfishness.

Isaiah 28:13 says, ‘But the word of the LORD was unto them precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little; that they might go, and fall backward, and be broken, and snared, and taken.’

The Bible is the final Word; one doctrine, one Faith, one Saviour.