Just to the Left of center

I belong to a church that is a worldwide ministry. I also work and volunteer at this ministry, proudly. My church believes in the Holy Word of God, no exceptions. So, when the presidential election was looming over us as a nation, I had to wonder if the evangelical world that I belong to was going to go a bit left of center.

I’d say so.

A whole lot of the African-American evangelical world jumped at the chance to support Barack Hussein Obama, even though he supports abortion on demand and the gay agenda. Shirley Caesar, a so called woman of God, personally blew the rams horn in her church when Obama won the presidency. How can anyone one that believes in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit support a man that does not believe in the sanctity of human life or God ordained marriage?

Shirley, and MANY like you, now I have to question your salvation. But there are glimmers of hope out there…

Pastor Ken
Pastor Ken

Meet Ken Hutcherson, the senior pastor of Antioch Bible Church in Kirkland, Washington.

From OneNewsNow.com:  Hutcherson expresses disgust with evangelicals who still support President Obama, despite his promotion of policies that are at odds with scripture. He says such individuals are part of the “evangellyfish” movement in America:  “A person can be as black as a piece of coal, [but] if he goes against God’s biblical views, I would not support him, I would not endorse him, I would not even give a smile in his direction so people could even think that I endorse him,” he states, “because God is my God, the Bible is my playbook, and I run it the way it is written.”

Thanks for saying that out loud, Ken. If I had said the same thing, this white woman would have caught the wrath.

I watched people leave in the middle of the church service today because the name of Obama was used in ‘vain’. Funny, though. I bet if it weren’t a white guy preaching they would have stayed.