Masks Enforced, Missing Ohio Children Ignored

Dear Governor Mike DeWine:

TODAY at least 52 unborn Ohioans will die.
TODAY, ]as of 2/19/20] there are 16K foster kids [19K projected] in Ohio with approx 7400 foster homes.
TODAY according to OH AG Dave Yost, there are 848 missing children in Ohio.
TODAY Ohio came in 37th in best states for children’s health. [links below]

YOU DID NOT shut down the state.
YOU DID NOT have daily pressers.
YOU DID NOT change the laws.

Instead, you made illegal medical decisions for all of us forcing us to wear a medical device we DO NOT NEED or you will shut down businesses and schools.

YOU protected Amy Acton, not our kids.
YOU protect abortionists, not our kids.
YOU protect faulty data, not our kids.
YOU protect the dark money trail, not kids.

We do not forget what you have so flippantly forgotten: OUR KIDS.







Five Things the Covid Panic Taught Us

This is NOT a drill…wait, yes it was. And you PASSED with flying colors.

Here in Ohio, where a ‘republican’ won governorship last major election cycle, this ‘pandemic’ was the perfect storm to test the waters of who he really is. Conservatives did NOT want Mike DeWine. AT ALL. But our candidate did not win the primary simply because SHE was very conservative. The Swamp hates that. Republican in name only, a lobbyist dream. But more on Mr. DeWine later in this article.

So then, let’s look at these last couple of months through the eyes of a ‘pandemic’ police state.

Covid19 taught us that it will establish the majority. And that majority was not as partisan as you would think. Most governors across the nation complied to a radical unnecessary economic shut down through fear, control, and censorship. It also kept people from congregating except at state approved sites. You WILL be arrested at a church service but not at WalMart.

SIDE NOTE: We are already socially distant from people because of the internet, it was physical distancing that took us even farther apart in society. Keep that in mind when they tell you sing louder.

Covid19 taught us that how to vote. In Ohio, we just had our pseudo primary that was mail-in only. If that alone doesn’t tell the tale…but think of it, our right to vote has been ransomed and the Dems LOVE that. How would anyone know if their mail-in ballot actually got there and counted and by the actual registered voter? You don’t. We have been watching local elections and the amount of dark money, BIG MONEY, funding fake conservatives is astounding. And people are lapping this up as if they just elected Reagan. We lost great conservatives to swamp dwellers because the ‘pandemic’ took our eyes off the prize of being the country our Constitution promised every American. Mandatory vaxxing is being considered because this fledgling nanny state will think for you…for your own good.

Covid19 taught us that this ‘pandemic’ was just an exercise. COME ON PEOPLE!!! Covid19 has a 98% survival rate! But it has been an exceptionally smart ‘pandemic’, hasn’t it? It has forced privately owned businesses to produce PPE’s and ventilators at warp speed. Think of it: A corporation that builds cars can suddenly build life saving ventilators? How can that happen without prior knowledge? How do you go from building a family sedan to hospital equipment in days? Is the government forcing these companies to build and produce so they can store up for the real pandemic coming?

Covid19 taught us that Democrats LOVE a suffering economy. You would think that’s like cutting off your nose to spite your face, but interestingly it is the ultra wealthy Democrats that can somehow protect their assets during recessions and pandemics while we are told to suck it up and watch our retirement disappear. Take one for the team, they say. While we have taken a financial hit from this fake ‘pandemic’, it is those who root around in trash dumpsters in the middle of the night to feed their families who have suffered greatly and may never financially recover.

Covid19 taught us to pay attention. Empty hospitals, coast to coast. Laid off and furloughed healthcare workers. Hospitals shutting down. Universities closed permanently. No public schools. Small businesses closed forever. Quarantining well people. No families allowed at nursing homes. Forcing the public to wear face coverings that have absolutely no medical value. The government, deep state, whatever you want to call it, just taught you a lesson to open your eyes, pay attention, and put your Constitution to good use or enjoy your new normal AND the tip of the socialist iceberg.

And, for extra credit….

Covid19 taught us that the Abortion Lobby is untouchable. Non-essential healthcare was told to stand down; NO surgeries, NO in-person doctor appointments, NO dental care, NO veterinarian care, NOTHING…except unborn human killing. How does that happen AFTER the governors and state attorney generals told them to shutter until the ‘pandemic’ is over? Well, the abortion lobby, of course. And a feckless government that will not padlock the abortion mill doors when they continue to kill after being ordered not to. However, your local beauty shop or barber will be arrested for not complying. Baby killing, okie dokie; hair cut, you are ARRESTED and FINED. Abortion is NOT essential healthcare, it is the most flagrant of elective procedures, but definitely NOT essential.

This proved to be ‘essential’ with Mr. DeWine of Ohio. He was promising his prolife pen would move us closer to a abortion free state. But while all that promising was going on, he would not answer a questionaire for one of our state prolife groups from whom he was seeking an endorsement. But at the last minute he did fill that out, making himself out to be 100% prolife, NO exceptions. Really. By the way, conservatives knew better than that, but we were hopeful. People can change, right? It was time to appoint a state health director, one that DeWine promised was prolife. PROMISED. Instead, DeWine appoints Amy Acton, a known proabort:

The Columbus Foundation is a philanthropic organization that helps donors connect with organizations for giving purposes. Among the approximately 1,000 non-profit organizations for which the Columbus Foundation solicits donations in Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio and the NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Foundation. These fell under the purvue of Amy Acton.” Read the rest here.

“Ohio’s never mattered in the primaries, and we never expected it to drag out this far,” says Amy Beech [Acton], an Obama volunteer in the Columbus, Ohio, suburb of Bexley. “There really was no infrastructure, and now it’s all over the place – within three weeks we have this million-[person] door-knocking campaign.” Read the rest here.

Acton sidestepped a question about her personal view on abortion. “I don’t have a stance on abortion. I definitely am here to follow the law of the state of Ohio,” she said. Read the rest here.

And there you have it. There is NO WAY that Mike DeWine did not know any of this. This is proof that the swamp is a real and evil organism that has no boundaries or soul. DeWine appointed a known proabort to keep abortion alive and well in the state of Ohio.

This is NOT a drill…wait, yes it was. And every true republican and conservative was hoodwinked by DeWine who is now LOVED and ADMIRED by extreme liberals. This is how scheduled ‘pandemics’ works; sorts out the pond scum and recruits it. Take a look at your governor, Ohio was not the exception to the fake ‘pandemic’ rule.

The drill is real. Be vigilant. Don’t let your silence scream so loudly.

Proaborts Against Proper Burial for Aborted & Miscarried Ohioans

This isKEEPLIFELEGAL one more instance where Texas got it right and Ohio is trying to catch up. With the recent issues of where dead aborted babies go in Ohio, the State of Texas [HB 635] addressed this regarding children miscarried before 20 weeks. It used to be determined by the hospital policy, not law, where miscarried children go. But with proper legislation, parents can now take their child, name him or her, and have a burial according to their wishes and/or faith. Texas saw the humanity of the child, gave dignity back, and subsequently helped in the grieving process of a family who just lost a treasured member.

In Ohio, it is not only miscarried children that will KEEPLIFELEGALbe dignified, but also aborted children will be given the same tact and respect given to wanted children regardless of how their life ended. KEEPLIFELEGAL and The LIFE House Outreach thanks Attorney General Mike DeWine for his stance and heart toward ALL Ohioans.

Everyone believes a life deserves love and respect in death as well as life; then it should make perfect sense to do the same for those that cannot speak for themselves. Certainly proaborts wouldn’t put Grandma in the cooker and dump her in a landfill filled KEEPLIFELEGALwith common trash, but that is exactly what proaborts want for aborted children – total anonymity of a life they sacrificed to make their own better.

A Michigan abortionist wanted to have a bonfire fueled by aborted children, saying after losing Stericycle they had at least 5 MONTHS of aborted children to ‘dispose of’ and mentioned the use of a garbage disposal, also said ‘fetuses should be used for energy‘. See the video below, about halfway through, the entire video will be quite eye opening.

Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and the rest of the Abortion Cartel whine about the cost of burial or cremation of aborted children but will give their family pets a fine funeral.

DO NOT BE DECEIVED: The Abortion Cartel wants to dehumanize your baby to continue their abortion agenda. All humans deserve better, women should expect better.

EXPOSING THE ABORTION AGENDA FROM THE PULPIT, ON THE SIDEWALK & IN THE STATEHOUSE. KeepLifeLegal advocates for unborn life on the sidewalks of abortion facilities, the steps of the Statehouse, and the Church with prayer, community outreach, and real LIFE supporting options. 

BREAKING: #Ohio Bill Will Require Burial or Cremation of Aborted Children

People treat their dead pets better than this, not cooked and dumped in landfills. Aborted children are not treated with the dignity and respect he/she deserved. What abortionists do to unborn children is not one bit different than anyKEEPLIFELEGAL other terrorist.

“The idea of respectfully treating the remains of an infant who has been aborted, I think is critical. And I think that you can see how we treat our own childhood pets when we are disposing of them in a respectful way, you know I think that people are shocked. And I don’t think that it matters whether you are Republican or Democrat or Independent or oblivious to politics all together.” ~ Ohio Representative Barbara Sears 

The Statehouse News Bureau reports, “State lawmakers are introducing new legislation that would require women who have abortions or miscarriages to designate arrangements for burial or cremation of fetuses.” Read the rest here.

The question is 1) Does the public know how dead babies are handled after abortion, 2) Does the public know where dead babies go, 3) Are women told where their aborted child will go or handled, 4) Are they given the same rights and privileges as our pets?

Stephanie Kight of PPAO knows her abortion boat is getting rocked and she also knows this boat may sink. AG DeWine addressed what happens to aborted babies ONLY; DeWine told the public what Planned Parenthood WON’T. What a pathetic agenda to do nothing but attack and persecute our tiniest Ohioans like a trained, tactical domestic terrorist. Read PPAO ‘statement’ here.

Dear Planned Parenthood: Aborted Ohioans are not a SORT OF MEDICAL MATERIAL. They deserve the proper burial that you would give to your own family member or family pets. What you do to aborted Ohioans is disrespectful, unsafe, motivated by politics and an agenda to continue to kill at the cheapest rate possible. Just like any other ‘contractor’, you chose Accu Medical because they were cheap and quiet. Again, your argument is INVALID.

If Planned Parenthood wouldn’t do this to their dogs or cats, then why is this okay to violate aborted Ohioans?

EXPOSING THE ABORTION AGENDA FROM THE PULPIT, ON THE SIDEWALK & IN THE STATEHOUSE. KeepLifeLegal advocates for unborn life on the sidewalks of abortion facilities, the steps of the Statehouse, and the Church with prayer, community outreach, and real LIFE supporting options. 


Planned Parenthood Defiantely ‘sues’ Ohio ‘Cooked Fetuses’

The absurdity of this so-called ‘lawsuit’ from Planned Parenthood is insanity; they COOK aborted children before putting them in a landfill in Kentucky. Stephanie Kight of PPAO sees nothing wrong with the inhumanity these murdered souls have to endure AFTER they die in their facilities. Even so, Planned Parenthood is not a stranger to public failure, and this just KEEPLIFELEGALpiles on an already very public bloody face skid they call ‘choice’. AG DeWine made this public to remind all of us just how shoddy and uncaring PP truly is. They have no regard or concern for ANY woman; abortion kills unborn children in their facilities while PP stands behind them like a human shield.

KEEPLIFELEGAL applauds AG DeWine’s decision to go directly to the public with the indignities that Planned Parenthood forces all women and unborn children suffer for their profit margin. If PP is offended by this, they should have considered it before dumping unusable aborted children into landfills. It is a slap in the face to every woman who has been violated by abortion, Planned Parenthood in Ohio, and all across the United States.

KEEPLIFELEGALThe waste company in question with at least two Ohio Planned Parenthood facilities is Accu Medical, the very same one that picks up aborted, sometimes late term babies (up to 22 wks) from Women’s Med in Dayton. This facility is owned and operated by Martin Haskell, pioneer of the partial birth abortion. Also note that Roslyn Kade, late term abortionist at Women’s Med in Dayton, is the ‘Medical Director’ of Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio.

Addressing the Center for Medical Progress’s videos of the reality of Planned Parenthood is not rocket science; they’ve been proven to be original and authentic. Planned Parenthood says they are ‘heavily edited’. Gone With the Wind was heavily edited, miles of film on the editing floor. Star Wars was heavily edited. CNN uses heavily edited news bytes. Planned Parenthood’s statements were heavily edited before they were publicized. The CMP videos outing what Planned Parenthood does to unborn children were edited for time. Click here to see all of Center for Medical Progress videos IN THERE ENTIRETY. 

KEEPLIFELEGAL‘s statement regarding Ohio’s Planned Parenthood ‘suit’:

Planned Parenthood has made it abundantly clear they do not intend to admit what the Public already knows: Abortion is a business, not healthcare. Planned Parenthood is reaping what it has sown and has to answer for the indignity it has shown to women and their aborted children. Being post-abortive for 37 years, I want to know if my child was sold to the highest bidder or dumped in a landfill. Post-abortive women all over the great State of Ohio are forced to go through the tragedy of their abortion over and over again with the new knowledge of their dead children ‘cooked’ before being dumped with common garbage in a common landfill. Planned Parenthood’s ‘statement’ called aborted children ‘medical material’ – is that “care, no matter what”? We look forward to exposing, yet again, the indignities that Planned Parenthood has groomed poor women to suffer, without apology.

EXPOSING THE ABORTION AGENDA FROM THE PULPIT, ON THE SIDEWALK & IN THE STATEHOUSE. KeepLifeLegal advocates for unborn life on the sidewalks of abortion facilities, the steps of the Statehouse, and the Church with prayer, community outreach, and real LIFE supporting options.