BREAKING: Making Abortion Illegal Will Save Lives. History proves this to be completely TRUE.

This same old stupid, ignorant, naive, oblivious, sanctimonious feminist garbage just keeps rising to the top, much like it does in a toilet. It is still fascinating to me the writer does not accept a simple scientific FACT,  the unborn human is a LIFE which is lost to abortion. Read her ‘article’ here.

Making abortion illegal WILL SAVE LIVES, in fact MILLIONS of lives. However, those who are criminals will seek all the illegal ways to kill their children in secret. BUT HERE’S THE THING: DRUGS are illegal, but there’s an opioid crisis. PROSTITUTION is illegal, still there is human trafficking. GRAND THEFT is illegal, still people steal. DISCRIMINATION is illegal, still there is ‘protected classes’.

Then, if I follow this inane rhetoric correctly, and somehow making drugs legal makes it SAFER, does it stop people from being addicted and dying and killing others simply because the government is involved? 

For every law, there is a criminal waiting to break it. And when abortion becomes illegal, it will be criminals who will break that law and kill. Will making abortion illegal stop all abortions? Most of them. And that’s a GREAT place to start. The next step is to make abortion UNTHINKABLE. Killing unborn children is evil and unnatural.

What VP Pence said is exactly right, your antiquated 70’s feminist way of thinking is NOT. Unborn humans are HUMANS, essentially ALL people are ‘clumps of cells’, and there is NO such thing as a safe abortion because someone always DIES.handmaid

“Pence’s dream of returning America to a pre-Roe dystopia, in which forced pregnancy and birth is the law of the land, comes as no surprise.” So you watch one FICTIONAL show that’s so bad it’s on HULU and suddenly you base your abortion agenda on it? Here in the real world, we call that a CULT.

But, to better understand what ‘dystopian’ actually means, I would suggest seeing the filthy interior of an abortion mill or find out how many women died as a result of legal abortion…and of course the 60+ MILLION dead as a result of this dark, evil LAW. Dystopian? Absolutely. The word ‘dsytopia‘ means ‘a society characterized by human misery, squalor, oppression, disease and over crowding‘ which is exactly where 75% OF ALL ABORTION MILLS ARE. Isn’t that an interesting FACT. Proabort feminists have no understanding of what dsytopia actually is.

SIDE NOTE: The author of the original piece also ‘writes’ for Teen Vogue; writers of this rag that tell teens and preteens how to have sex, use contraception, and get illegal abortions are PIMPS. Sex sells? So do abortionists and panderers.

The video below [turn up the volume] is actual footage of a closed abortion mill. Note the blood stains on the floor, the garbage disposal used for grinding up dead babies…not that it’s ‘dystopian’ or anything.

ODH Abortion Report, Voting the #SCOTUS, Being Anti-Abortion & Prolife

Yes friends, you can be anti-abortion AND prolife. There is a line KEEPLIFELEGALbetween being fundamentally prolife and boots on the ground soldier for life. We walk that walk, no more talk. The frontline of the war on LIFE is clear and not subjective, and WINNING! Proaborts are scrambling, ‘choice’ is being outed as the lie that it actually is, voting is CRUCIAL, life is worth protecting.

Here in Ohio, the Ohio Department of Health releases the abortion report in the third quarter of the following year. While there was a very slight decrease in REPORTED abortions, there were many more in this county where Martin Haskell kills. We have not seen anodh2015 upswing in aborting mothers on this sidewalk but our local Right to Life is aware of the abortion pill being prescribed at Planned Parenthood in downtown Dayton. In Montgomery County, we see a reported 40% more abortions and more black women aborting while there is a slight decrease in white abortions. The numbers may not seem like much, but when the black population is at 15% of the total state population and are making up 43.7% of ALL reported abortions, we have a failure in mentoring our young women, and particularly young black women who are either forced or coerced to abort their children because they have no support system in their families or know that there are hundreds of clinics that will help at little or NO cost to them.

KEEPLIFELEGALTim Kaine and Chelsea Clinton both made it to Dayton last month and had a life-minded welcoming committee to show them the sanctity of life using our Constitutional rights and freedoms. They, and the public, need to be reassured that Hillary does support abortion through all nine months and wants Planned Parenthood to be another government arm that will funnel our tax money to pay for unborn child killing.

And to those that won’t vote, write in someone else, vote third party: STOP. Just STOP. If you are so principled and prideful that you just cannot vote for the Republican candidate, just consider the Supreme Court. Think of who Hillary will appoint. Think of who Johnson will appoint. Now, think of who Trump will appoint, life-minded conservatives who will PROTECT our Constitution and our rights and freedoms it affords each and every one of us. The only way Trump can’t win is if the principled and prideful show up and the church does not.

Lives are in the balance, life is NOT protected, the SCOTUS is the most important thing you’ll ever vote for.

EXPOSING THE ABORTION AGENDA FROM THE PULPIT, ON THE SIDEWALK, THE MEDIA & IN THE STATEHOUSE: “Once I realized that my abortion was a tragedy and not an accomplishment, I was able to discern correctly that abortion is, indeed, MURDER.” ~ Rev. Katherine, post-abortive minister, counselor, AMERICAN.

YOU can contribute to KeepLifeLegal by simply going to the sidewalk, praying, voting for and supporting prolife candidates.

#TOLERATION BYTES: Bringing True American Freedom Back to Indiana

Dear Governor Mike Pence: THANK YOU! You have done more of what you promised than most other lawmakers in these United States ever attempt. No empty promises, no closed doors. And even though the usual suspects hate you and your pro-American agenda, WE APPLAUD YOU!

You have said a resounding NO to protecting certain social classes knowing that every American is protected equally under the current Federal law. You are keenly aware, as all lawmakers should be, of our fought for Constitution and its actual contents. Considering recent events, I have to wonder if anyone who believes themselves above the law has actual read what thousands of our forefathers died for. Certainly the Supreme Court and the current administration has decided themselves to be as God rather than the public servants they were elected for or appointed to be.

As your neighbor, we see what true prolife leadership can do to protect the absolute least of these. Thank you Governor Pence for doing what you can under the unconstitutional federal law of Roe v. Wade. It is clear that you value life more than the average Governor. As your neighbor, we see real trailblazing in the state to our West. Our own Governor promises to protect life and succumbs to ‘business as usual’ to protect his own personal agenda; he’s already been politely and openly saying he will not sign the Heartbeat Bill into law if it has the chance to cross his desk.

Nationally, I am so proud of your stance against an agenda meant to force our businesses, family, schools and private lives into a bed of vipers. As pilgrims who escaped tyranny, our beloved United States of American has turned into exactly what we escaped hundreds of years ago. Every drop of blood spilled on every battle field, every life lost to protect our personal freedoms means nothing to those who believe themselves more evolved than true blue Bible believing Americans. Their personal evolution is jammed down the throat of every person living and breathing FREEDOM already fought for.

Governor Pence, there is nothing more detestable than the unthankfulness of one who spits on our Constitutional rights as free PRIVATE Americans to do business as we see fit, worship as we are led to, teach our own children, support our troops, own/operate/carry firearms, support unborn and born life, and to fly Old Glory over every bit of it.

As your neighbor, we thank you and we support you, especially through the NCAA-made debacle and their one-sided, lopsided, far-reaching attempt to shame you and your glorious state of Indiana. And as a Christian, we humbly accept our friends but do not hate them. After all, most of us were the ‘least of these’ before coming to Christ. The opposing agendas hate Christians, Christianity and Jesus Christ because they hate us. The LGBT has essentially made it their priority to shame Christians first then legislate their way to fully taking our rights AS Christians away. This is truly troubling to Christians and the Church who love, and do not hate, the sinner.

In closing, our agenda is laid clear: we are committed to support all life – born, unborn, regardless of their stage of life or waywardness – and defend each and every one. All that we ask is that they do not impede on our protected  Constitutional rights as American citizens, Hoosiers, Buckeyes, and the like.

In His Service,
Reverend Katherine Marple

Intrusion or Intervention?

Before you read this from the NYT, understand that they whole-heartedly monetarily support Planned Parenthood; being a public company the New York Times Company’s yearly report can be found online.

A New York Times editorial says in part:

“…With no local doctors willing to perform abortions, the sole provider of nonemergency abortions in the state, a Planned Parenthood clinic in Sioux Falls, flies in doctors from Minnesota once a week. The new law will further compound the hardship for low-income women who must travel long distances to reach the clinic and who will be forced to make several trips or arrange to stay away from home between appointments…….All women seeking abortions, including victims of rape and incest, will be forced first to attend a counseling session at one of the state’s crisis pregnancy centers. These are unregulated facilities run by private groups with the aim of discouraging abortions, typically by displaying graphic photos or with ideological or religious messages or medical misinformation about psychological or physical risks” NYT 3/31/11

Certainly the writer has their finger on the pulse of the pro-choice world and is trying to infuse our sensibilities with their rhetoric of how they interpret what we are better off knowing.

First, let me say that knowing Planned Parenthood is paying for out of state abortionists to ‘fly in’ really makes me mad; as a tax payer, this is on my dime. This is what our taxes pay for…..I mean continue to pay for since for whatever reason our government would rather pay for abortions than give seniors a raise in their Social Security payment – usually their ONLY income – that they haven’t gotten in 2 years.

“Advocates for the abortion industry have sought to portray efforts to defund Planned Parenthood as a ‘War on Women,’ but the issue is big business, and that business is abortion……the organization raked in $1.1 billion in total revenue. Of that amount, $363.2 million came from taxpayers in the form of government grants and contracts. While current law prohibits Planned Parenthood from directly using tax dollars on abortions, taxpayers subsidize its overall operation, freeing up funds that can be diverted to direct spending on abortion.” NRO/Mike Pence 3/31/11

Second, Informed Consent laws are favored by the American public by at least 85%. That means WE THE PEOPLE believes that we are smart enough to understand the implications of abortion on the onset as well as in the future and how we will be ultimately affected by it. Simply, the abortion industry wants women in the dark so that they can be talked into making one of the most detrimental decisions of our lives while enjoying a BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY.

Third, calling a crisis pregnancy center ‘unregulated’ while the abortion industry continues to skirt the law NOT having required inspections if any at all, much less have the necessary staff, equipment and hospital privileges, is absurd. These ‘clinics’ are the modern back alley and the abortion industry created it.

Fourth, if a woman chooses to think that abortion is the answer, she needs to hear what the ramifications of what her decision would be for herself and her unborn child. Being informed, if nothing else is the fair thing to do for both mother and child.

I’ll bet when you want to buy a car, you test drive several, talk to friends and family, research the choices and then make an INFORMED DECISION. What the writer of the editorial in the NYT is saying is that there should be no other choice but abortion. Making an informed decision would be bad? It is for the INDUSTRY of abortion.

Democratic reasoning of a mad woman, part 3

“This amendment has nothing to do with the deficit. It is an attack by one congressman on one organization.” — Rep. Rosa DeLauro, Connecticut Democrat.

While watching the debate last week, I saw how this ‘woman’ continued to badger modest speaking Republicans with her back handed comments. I also noted how when Democrats spoke, their peers behind them were texting and snickering; the Republican side stated their case while an expressionless Mike Pence listened respectfully. Democrats, particularly women, are loud – not outspoken – with their dogma and rhetorical dirges.

Throw the American people a bone…have an original thought: “Now, I have been and will always be a strong and unyielding believer in a woman’s fundamental right to choose. This is a belief I share with a majority of the American people, who continue to support Roe v. Wade and who oppose making it harder for women to get an abortion.” So, in stating her case, it is a BELIEF, not truth. It is her own personal agenda to further abortion and the right to kill on demand.

Regarding the Pence Amendment, DeLauro said, “This is part of a Republican agenda to force women back into traditional roles with limited opportunities.” About half of all babies that die from abortion are girls; destined to become women THUS had limited opportunities that were forced upon them, as a fundamental right of someone else, while being aborted.

DeLauro, who is a lifelong Catholic, has spoken out against the Catholic Church when it threatened in 2004 to deny communion to lawmakers who favor abortion rights.

I don’t agree with the Catholic doctrine, but rules are rules…if you believe that abortion is truly a RIGHT to the American public, you may NOT partake of communion and should have been excommunicated. But this is one of my fundamental differences with the Catholic Church; they’re getting wishy-washy with basic doctrine. Women like DeLauro and Pelosi need to turn in their rosaries and missals.