Tim Hortons & Planned Parenthood?

In Columbus, OPPTimHortons1hio, today Tim Hortons sponsored a Planned Parenthood/Ohio Democratic Women’s Caucus event called “When Women Succeed, America Succeeds” with Nancy Pelosi. This is a ‘bus tour’ for Democrat women up for election/re-election. If you have a Facebook account, you can see a photo here and here; you’ll notice a graphic aborted sign as well…they must have missed it.


If you knew your favorite restaurant, hotel, mall store or vacation spot supported Planned Parenthood and the abortion agenda, would you spend your money with them? Principled stewardship of your money is quite important and can change the minds of vendors, businesses and corporations.

I was as shocked as anyone when I heard Tim Hortons was a sponsor. It was heard from the podium, too. It was noted that a Tim Hortons food truck was there as well.

We spend a lot of money at our local Tim Hortons. However, in light of this, we will no longer spend our money with them. When they stop supporting abortion, abortion facilities and abortion purveyors we will come back.

You may tweet Tim Hortons at @TimHortons AND @TimHortonsUS, also email them here.

Their response to me via email said:

“Our Coffee Truck was at an event in Columbus that supported women in business. During this event there happened to be pro-life protestors on the site at the same time. I would like to stress that these two events are unrelated and that Tim Hortons has no direct involvement in this event.”

Tim Hortons is distancing themselves from Prolifers rather than Planned Parenthood?


The Abortion answer to the Abortion question.

Americans boomerang back and forth on the abortion agenda in the United States – from the scourge it is to being ‘flexible’ so no one gets offended particularly during an election year. What is the abortion answer?

Liberal Democrats and all other anti-lifers bullies the American people into thinking that they are doing us a great service by exterminating those babies wouldn’t have mattered anyway. Nancy Pelosi said time and time again how our system would be strained to the point of apocalyptic if all of the aborted babies were born, assuming of course that all babies that could have been born were on public assistance hungrily eating up every dime the government has set aside for a greener and more diverse world.

Moderate Republicans and Democrats lob disarticulated bombs at the abortion agenda calling it ‘exceptions’. Again, moderates on both sides believe that there are expendable unborn babies that might have been poor, sick or a burden.

But what is the real answer to the abortion question? Should abortion be an answer to a situation that is ALWAYS temporary?

Ask a young graduate that gave the final benediction and the Valedictorian’s address at her school:

“Only some of you know that when my Mom found out she was pregnant with me her senior year (of high school), she was going to abort me. She had an abortion planned and it was only by God’s Grace that she didn’t. I know it seems kind of odd in doing so, but I want to take this moment now and tell my Mother, ‘Thank You. Thank You Mama, for saving my life. Look at what I have become!”

Straight from what was once a blob of tissue, a product of conception, a mass of distorted cells, non-human….Thanks for choosing Life, Mom.

Read the rest of the young Valedictorians’s story here.

Who says – God or the government?

Is human-hood of an unborn child a ‘religious’ issue? Or is it political? None of the above:

Conception is a scientific fact of when life begins – when fertilization of a human ovum has taken place, AT THAT MOMENT a human has been created.

I have to say that I was horrified when I heard a Christian woman I know (used to know…) say that an unborn child is a ‘product of conception’. How do you combat God’s people when they don’t know or care when life begins? I can go in several directions here…is it the church’s fault, fault of the believer, their peers? Who dropped the ball? Interestingly, I went to the same church she does and Life has always been professed as beginning at conception because that is how God works. God does not do just part of a job. So in this instance, it is her own ignorance and stupidity.

The term ‘product of conception’ is widely used by the abortion industry to keep the pregnant woman from believing her unborn child is a baby, not a ‘blob of tissue’. This term was also used my Nancy Pelosi during the healthcare debate to defeat the view that Life begins at conception and to keep abortion in national healthcare.

Choice is a private decision? Abortion affects four people: the baby, the baby’s mother, the baby’s father and God, the Creator of LIFE. A private decision? No.

I recently read a Facebook post that said, “A rape victim that had gotten an abortion once said, I have nearly forgotten about the rape but the abortion will haunt me forever.” Yes, children conceived in rape are children, not a product of conception.

I also heard a prominent person in the Church say (with my own ears, mind you) that in the case of rape, THEN can abortion be a choice. Again, it is an effective caste system of who has more of a right to be born.

The government spoke loudly when Roe v Wade became law…and the truth that not one of the Supreme Court Justices that voted for Roe actually knew OR admitted when Life begins. The right to privacy superseded the right to Life.

It’s going to take a long, long time to unravel Roe and the mindset that it created. But unravel it, we will. The truth of Life will eventually make Roe a memory.

The bottom line and other isms.

Yet another week has ended without a conclusion to this pesky healthcare bill. Instead we get the drama that particular individuals portray as some kind of pseudo normal on the planet Democrat.

What about the babies?

What about the elderly?

What about ME?

As I have written in my last post, I have been shown what is going to happen to average individuals such as myself regarding healthcare. What is prevalent is that this has been going on for a long time. It’s as if we are getting somewhat indoctrinated with things to come so it won’t be such a big shock in the healthcare insurance biz.

Americans are in worse shape than ever regarding debt. It’s been said that 72% of Americans will go through bankruptcy because of government induced crises SUCH AS but not limited to the breakdown of the auto industry, banks and the mortgage business. This debt crisis was made by the government bullying Americans into a place that caused them to be either out of work or had to change jobs that then had to drop or lower their health insurance.

Getting back to the subject, in all of this rhetoric, our quality of having a healthy life is on the back burner. How quick women are to abort rather than have their babies because the government makes it easier and cheaper. Instead of helping our elderly, the government sticks them in a home and empties their bank account to pay for it. And just when you’ve saved a little money, you find out your ‘health insurance’ didn’t and won’t pay one dime.

What are we supposed to do? The bottom line is that there is no bottom line. Our tax money is paying for abortions. Our tax money is paying for IVF for gay and lesbian couples. Our tax money is paying for health insurance for Pelosi and Reid. Our tax money has turned its back on us – the American citizen.

Well, the government can’t have my money for this debacle.

So, this is what we have to do – move our hard earned money to community banks and credit unions, buy American cars and minister to pregnant women, the needy and the elderly.

With this administration going into some kind of hyper-mode to socialism, we need to get back to reality and the right way of doing things….one pregnant mom at a time, one homeless cancer patient at a time, one teen drug addict at a time, one senior at a time, one inmate at a time, one hungry child at a time.

Matthew 25:40 says, ‘…Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.’

‘…this entire process is essentially a charade.’

Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky had this recent post on his site today (12-17-09). You can read the entire post here.

Senator McConnell comments:  ‘The only conceivable justification for rushing this bill is the overwhelming opposition of the American people. Democrats know that the longer Americans see this bill the less they like it. Here’s the latest from Pew. It came out just yesterday….A majority (58 percent) of those who have heard a lot about the bills oppose them while only 32 percent favor them.’

…‘And here’s the most outrageous part: at the end of this rush, they want us to vote on a bill that no one outside the Majority Leader’s conference room has even seen. That’s right. The final bill we’ll vote on isn’t even the one we’ve had on the floor. It’s the deal Democrat leaders have been trying to work out in private…..at the end of this rush, they want us to vote on a bill that no one outside the Majority Leader’s conference room has even seen.’

‘But let’s just compare the process so far with previous legislation for some perspective. Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve done and where we stand:’

  • The Majority Leader intends to bring this debate to a close as early as this weekend — four days from now, on this $2.5 trillion dollar mistake
  • No American who hasn’t been invited into the Majority Leader’s conference room knows what will be in that bill
  • This bill has been the pending business of the Senate since the last week of November — less than four weeks ago.
  • We started the amendment process two weeks ago.
  • We’ve had 21 amendments and motions — less than two a day.

Now let’s look at how the Senate has dealt with previous legislation:

No Child Left Behind (2001):

  • 21 session days or 7 weeks.
  • Roll Call votes: 44
  • Number of Amendments offered: 157

9/11 Commission/Homeland Security Act (2002):

  • 19 session days over 7 weeks.
  • Roll Call votes: 20
  • Number of Amendments offered: 30

Energy Bill (2002):

  • 21 session days over 8 weeks
  • Number of Roll Call votes: 36
  • Number of Amendments offered: 158

Simply enough, this is a scam sham that the Democrats want to shove and push down our throats while there is a patsy president in office to get away with it. Kudos to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi for taking what little liberty we have left and flushing it down the toilet.