FABULOUS: Local Proaborts Give Their Endorsements, Not so Fabulous for the Unborn.

It’s pretty simple, if a proabort group endorses ANYONE, just go in the opposite direction. Actually, I’m glad they put their hit list out, makes it WAY easier for the rest of us.

Proaborts have nothing to do with any other liberal social justice agenda other than abortion with NO limits and so-called ‘reproductive justice’. Oh, and FREE FREE FREE. NOT FABULOUS for unborn Ohioans or real women in real crisis.

FREE, you say? Pretty sure someone is paying for it. Proaborts are under the impression that money for their abortion agenda just magically appears out of thin air. But dear conservative voter, it is YOU they want to take money from. NOT FABULOUS for Ohio voters.

Ohio’s abortion stats for the last reported year (2017) was over 22K, which means over 22,000 innocent people were killed. Proabort abortion agenda murdered unborn Ohioans, not so FABULOUS. Nothing but abortion. They eat and sleep baby killing. They have no answers to women who want to keep their babies, but call pregnancy centers ‘fake clinics’ simply because they offer a DIFFERENT CHOICE.

Then, what do we do? VOTE to stop the abortion agenda, VOTE to stop the liberal agenda, and VOTE to stop the socialist agenda. And TESTIFY on behalf of unborn people, hold legislators responsible, be accountable.

Never allow the term ‘pro-choice’ to confuse you, they are all pro abortion, period. If you call yourself pro-choice, your decision to allow just ONE abortion for any reason has made you a proponent FOR ABORTION – thus, proabort. Proabort groups NEVER want to identify as proaborts because that makes fence sitters very nervous, and they VOTE.

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Proaborts Debate the $$$ of Legally Defending Ohio’s New Prolife Laws? Let me send you a copy of the CONSTITUTION.

You know, there are times you have to call out what is STUPID. I mean, seriously. Whiny proaborts trying to stir up a fight, wage a battle. It’s just laughable, there is no truth to a single word of their opinion…because that’s all it is, an opinion that costs taxpayers money all the time. Proaborts should pony up the money to defend baby killing and baby killers. Use your own blood money. But isn’t that the usual way of the progressive liberal Democrat? Find it, whine about it, force it in court with our tax dollars.

KEEPLIFELEGALLaw makers cannot pass anything unless it can be upheld by the Constitution. NOT ONE TIME. Interestingly, the ONLY time a prolife law isn’t Constitutional is when a Democrat judge says it isn’t. I think I see a pattern here…

First, the Roe decision is unconstitutional, read more here and here. It always has been. And somehow it continues to slog along, killing MILLIONS in the process. All prolife legislation passed protects every person in the United States, including the unborn.

Second, appealing settled prolife law is what’s costing taxpayers money. They literally throw out the baby with the bathwater….as does their ideology defend.

Third, ALL state legislators should make new laws protecting themselves, as well as the state, from spending money on frivolous appeals. Proaborts should question their own motives and say what Dems and NARAL Proabort Ohio really want: UNLIMITED BABY KILLING, for any reason, paid for by the state, and just shut up about it.ariseandGO

And finally, the Hypocrite of the Month award goes to…….Rep. Nickie Antonio, “You know I’m not surprised that now the state is going to enter into litigation. I think it’s sad that dollars are now going to be dedicated to defending litigation when we could be taking those dollars and putting them toward everything from pre-K education to any kind of special services, child protection services, services for children. I think there’s a lot of things that we could do with the funds that the state of Ohio is now going to defend.” Read the rest here.

Antonio said that. Out loud. About helping children. You know, the born ones. Democrats love to be the social justice warriors….but not for everyone. She wants to help children???

Being born is a great start, Nickie. Do the right thing, for once.

Ohio ‘Handmaids’: The Coven Continues to Protect Abortion

The SB 145 will make illegal the late-term D&E abortion procedure which makes dismemberment look like a Disney ride. The procedure is ghoulish, at the very least. These procedures are reported as about 3000 yearly (that we know of) in Ohio, just three kill mills doing this ghastly deed. But it seems that’s just not enough death and dismemberment for NARAL Ohio or Women Have Options or Planned Parenthood OR the 16 so-called ‘handmaids’ that created a pitiful spectacle making a mockery of unborn babies. I suppose the blood red robes was quite the showstopper. handmaidcovencircle

Simply, absolutely no one cares about this pitiful grandstand of 16 identical thrift store looking red and white lamps protecting unborn child sacrifice. All that we will point out is their obvious stupidity and ignorance (video below calls Ohio’s governor a Senator). And the fact that they are emulating a coven…but quietly standing in a circle with their heads down in the middle of the Statehouse kind of gave it away.

An article shared by a friend pointed out that this Hulu series is based on a book which is NOT based on fact, is inspired by witchcraft; the author dedicated the book to a woman accused of being a witch.

But even all that aside, these women dressed either like thrift store lamps or a version of handmaidtweetthe KKK, are fiercely protecting unborn baby killing, much like the accused witches and midwives of the past. But don’t look so surprised, witches and midwives today also share the same mindset of the past. Historically, some midwifery was considered part of witchcraft, mixing certain herbs to create ‘miscarriage’. Just google herbal abortion – you can get this stuff anywhere, and even grow your own.

Anyway, the blatant disregard of unborn Ohioans by Women Have Options, NARAL Ohio and PP is so repugnant, so despicable, just plain nasty and typical. While they did their little show today, 60 unborn Ohioans were aborted. SIXTY.

So, my dear hagmaids, nice sideshow! And yes, we do know that this is evil and of the depths of Hell. These covens of baby killing women and ‘men’ circle and circle the statehouses of the United States seeking the blood of innocents, chanting chants releasing demons. But don’t be too discouraged…after all, if you’d just repent this debacle can be forgotten and even forgiven. But, that’s the Pastor in me. My ability to see your soul as a filthy bloody rag isn’t all that mystical or even magical. It’s called discernment and the love of a Savior that died for YOU. Working for the devil will get you exactly what you put into it.

Got Jesus? 



EXPOSING THE ABORTION AGENDA FROM THE PULPIT, ON THE SIDEWALK, THE MEDIA & IN THE STATEHOUSE: “Once I realized that my abortion was a tragedy and not an accomplishment, I was able to discern correctly that abortion is, indeed, MURDER.” ~ Rev. Kat, post-abortive minister, apologist, counselor, AMERICAN.

YOU can contribute to KeepLifeLegal by simply going to the sidewalk, praying, voting for and supporting prolife candidates & legislation.